Pisces Horoscope 2021

For piscences, the year is likely to be mixed. At the starting of the year, the lord Jupiter is well placed on 11th house, albeit in a weakening position. Both Saturn and Jupiter are likely to bring steady growth. Fulfillment of desire may make you confident.

On the financial front, the house of gain is robust due to which you may witness a rise in income and tapering of flow of money. Some money you may save for hay day which would give you some relief to deal with the future. At the end of April, the flow of money may stabilize. The only advice is just guard yourself from the money spike.
In fact, taking part in social gatherings may be beneficial. New friends and associations may forge between January and April. Taking a cue from such an association may help in planning monetary and financial matters very well. Your new investment may give better returns and gains. However, a contrast producing investment may help stabilize your return. The time after May, there may be a need to relook at your investment portfolio and avenues of income flow.

On the academic front, the support of Jupiter may be encouraging till mid April. So, it is advised to take the benefit of luck if preparing for any exam. Thereafter, the students are advised to plan their academic journey for better performance and success.

Regarding business and professional front, the journey would be a roller coaster ride. Gains may be steady at the initial year, and returns would be flat and steady in the mid year. New assignet may hardly come, so it is advised to double your effort. Working abroad may become possible in the second half.

Regarding health, you need to be a little careful this year. Due to the weakening position of Jupter in Capricorn, you may experience immunity related problems. Lack of sleep may add woes and reduction in stamina. So, some precaution is needed in this.

As health, wealth is also important. In the initial year, you may see a spike in income. You are advised to channelize it into saving. This will improve your bank balance. Towards the middle, you may succumb to taking credit at the very high rate, which can disturb the money flow.

On the marriage front, you are advised to be a little cautious. For dating couples, you are advised to refrain from personality clashes. For marriage, the second half is better than first. For married people, you are also advised the same.