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I was facing many problems in my marriage. After recommendations from relatives, I approached My Pandit for the solution to my marital problems. Then his astrological guidance accompanied by certain remedies to be followed at home helped solve my marriage problems.

Kavitha Shekar
- 13 Dec 2019

Thank you for helping me solve my financial problems and showing me the path ahead. After consulting you I am feeling positive. Your predictions are very accurate which helped me to grab upcoming opportunities and face challenges.

Makwana Manibhai
- 5 Jan 2020

Even though having a good source of income I was not able to save money. Due to unnecessary and unexpected expenses I could not save much money and was just meeting my day to day expenses. I consulted astrologer at My Pandit and his advice was really effective.

Arvind chaudhari
- 17 Mar 2020

Best Astrologers of India

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