Abhijit Muhurat 2023 : Auspicious Dates and Timings For 2023

Abhijit Muhurat 2023 : Auspicious Dates and Timings For 2023

Significance of Abhijit Muhurat You Must Know

Expert astrologers know the benefits of muhurta and the disadvantages of not finding a muhurat to perform a ceremony. This is one of the reasons they have chosen Abhijit muhurat to start any auspicious task if someone is not able to choose the accurate muhurat for their ceremonies. Abhijit muhurat commences around noon daily.

A similar period during the night that is considered good is the Brahma muhurta. The majority of the important tasks can be started during this time. Lord Shiva wiped out the evil presence of Tripurasura during Abhijit muhurta. As per Hindu culture, Abhijit muhurta has the gifts of Lord Vishnu who with the assistance of Sudarshan Chakra eliminated numerous doshas during the Abhijit muhurta. Ruler Rama, the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu took birth in Abhijit muhurta. However, Abhijit muhurta isn’t good on Wednesdays. Travel to the south is also not good on Wednesday.

As mentioned earlier, nowadays people are extremely busy. They get rare chances to spend time with their family members. Every family member may not be available on all dates. Not having a good muhurat for a significant event can truly cause issues. In this situation, Abhijit muhurat, which happens every day plays a major role.

Astrology works on the principles of life by showing an easy way to the general public. That is the reason individuals think about spiritual standards to stay away from the negative impacts in their life. It’s undeniably true that success in any work altogether relies on the promising second or the accurate muhurat at which it is initiated. Muhurat is that good time wherein the energy flows, freed from the planets at that specific second, will work in the personalities of others and make them assist the individual with success and achievement.

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Abhijit Muhurta in Vedic Astrology

As per Vedic Astrology, the muhurta is the main minute for carrying out a significant occasion during a specific day. Expert astrologers give guidance on possibilities and negativities in the time of choosing the muhurat properly. We call such favourable minutes or hours of the day as shubh lagna and unfavourable minutes as ashubh lagna.

Abhijit muhurta is the muhurta dependent on the situation of the Sun. It shifts from one place to another. It is determined based on the dawn and sunset in that specific location. The Abhijit word itself implies success. So Abhijit muhurta is the situation in which the occasion started will be a complete success.

The Abhijit muhurat turns out to be more sacred and incredible in case it is during Shukla paksha and the day that has other valuable yogas. This muhurta has no dependence on Tithi, Nakshatra, Rasi or month. This muhurta is available regularly and its length is around 48 minutes.

The analysis of the Abhijit muhurat should be possible even by a normal man. He simply needs to know the hour of sunrise and sunset of where the occasion needs to happen. Regularly it is 24 minutes after lunar time. For instance, assume the sunrise on a specific day is at 6 am and the sunset is at 6 pm, then the equation for computing the length of Abhijit muhurta is [(sunset-sunrise)/12 ]X 48. Thus, [(18-6)/12]X48 = 12/12X48 = 48 mins. Presently, the lunar noontime is the mid-time of the sunrise and sunset. Subsequently, for this situation, the mid-time is 12 early afternoon so the 48 minutes of Abhijit Muhurat is 24 minutes before 12, for example, 11:36 am to 24 minutes after 12 is 12:24. Thus if you see aaj ka Abhijit muhurat, it will be from 11:36 am to 12:24 pm for that specific day and specific place.

The astrological viewpoint behind the Abhijit muhurta is when the sun is in the tenth house from the lagna during that time and the tenth addresses the place of karmas, and the position of the sun implies achievement.

Wrapping up

Individuals, who can’t go into the complexities of the panchang can start their significant occasions or activities during the Abhijit Muhurat. So, do you want to conduct any important events in 2023? If you are busy and don’t have time to check the accurate muhurat, calculate the Abhijit muhurta we have provided in the table and go ahead with that. You can also reach out to expert astrologers in case you need assistance in finding out apt muhurat for you.

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Abhijit Muhurat 2023 : Auspicious Dates and Timings For 2023