VirgoZodiac Sign

Sanskrit or Vedic Name : Kanya

Key Traits : Perfectionists, Sensitive, Cheerful, Modest, Emotional, Precise

Deepest Desire : To Love And To Be Loved

Noteworthy Qualities : Appealing, Reliable, Dominating, Intense, Analytical, Creative, Observant, Altruistic, Logical

The motto for Life : Anything worth doing, is worth it!

The sixth sign of the 12 constellations, Virgo is known as the Perfectionist or the Efficient One! Life can get better with a Virgo around. Since they ride high on emotional parameters, they get quite passionate in love! Binoculars! Yes, you guessed it right! They kinda hold a microscopic view of everything. No wonder they are nicknamed ‘Masters of Sarcasm!’

Precision is what makes them perfect in all their endeavors. Reading is their forte, and to the extent that they extract more than needed information to work on a particular subject! Needless to say, analysts at desk work! Virgos zodiac sign invent their world only to shut doors when their tempers flare! Independent and sensitive are what define their core personality.

Smart and diligent, if you throw a curve to a Virgo sign, they will turn on a dime, coming up with solutions faster than one can bat an eye! As resourceful as they can be these individuals hold the capacity of making much from little. Amazing buddies that prove true to the proverb- ‘A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed!’ But mind it, they may spill the beans only if you have earned their trust! Virgos thrive when everything looks Pinterest perfect and keep working towards-’ My Best Can Always Be Better!’

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Dates of Virgo Zodiac Sign : August 23 - September 22

The Sun transits the constellation Virgo between August 23 and September 22. If your birthday falls in this date range, you belong to the Virgo zodiac sign. Each sign is divided by Decans. A Decan is a 10-day slot that adds just a little extra flavor to the signs.

1st Decan (Aug 24- Sep 3) 2nd Decan (Sep 4-13) 3rd Decan (Sep 14-22)
Planet Mercury Saturn/Venus Venus
Traits Excellent communicating skills, Adaptable, Focused, Mental Insistence, Knowledgeable Gentle, Sympathetic, Thoughtful, Sarcastic, Active, Outgoing Soft disposition, Versatile, Refined, Sensitive, Reserved, Conscientious, Artistic

Quick Insight Into Virgo Zodiac Sign

Virgo Symbol : The Virgin

Virgo Symbol : The Virgin

The mascot or symbol of Virgo is a Virgin. The symbol is designed to exhibit a maiden carrying a wheat shaft. Ancient Greek culture associates it with Astraea the daughter of God Demeter and Goddess Persephone. She is also called the ‘Queen of the Sky’ or ‘Virgo Intacta’ and is portrayed as a Goddess associated with purity, fertility, virginity, and agriculture.
Virgo Ruling Planet : Mercury

Virgo Ruling Planet : Mercury

The ruling planet of Virgo is Mercury. According to a Roman legend, Mercury is a winged messenger of God who played a mediator between God and the people of the Earth. It signifies adaptability and the maximum use of resources in the best possible way! Mercury, the planet of wisdom and communication amplifies Virgo to use their intellect more than their instincts.
Virgo Lucky Gemstone

Virgo Lucky Gemstone

Elemented with earth, Virgos can easily overcome their overthinking nature with their lucky stone American Diamond. Embellished with a lot of beautiful cuts, the diamond stone amplifies your positive energies. Your lucky gemstone American Diamond helps in overcoming nightmares and fearful thoughts. Know more about American Diamond »
Virgo Ruling House : Sixth

Virgo Ruling House : Sixth

The sixth house corresponds to Virgo’s energy. As per Vedic Astrology, the sixth house is a cadent house that represents fitness and physiological issues. Also known as the ‘house of health’ it is the domain of wellbeing and service. It governs the realms of work, discipline, and resilience to overcome hurdles of life. Learn more about the Sixth House »
Virgo Element : Earth

Virgo Element : Earth

Virgo emanates the receptivity of the Earth element with fellow signs Taurus and Capricorn. The energy of Virgo natives seems to be organized and in sync with their biological system that hardly misses a beat! Virgo’s nature is highly influenced by the Earthy element that makes it possible for them to adopt logical and practical methods to get over catastrophic situations and challenges of life.
Virgo Quality : Mutable

Virgo Quality : Mutable

Virgo the sixth sign of the zodiac marks a change of seasons. Thus, Virgo natives possess mutable quality linked to adaptability and flexibility. They tend to mediate change and alter their modes of expression to meet ends. Virgos are prescribed diplomats who are known to help others through transition.
Virgo Birthstone : Sapphire

Virgo Birthstone : Sapphire

The Virgo birthstone that is most beneficial for Virgos is Blue Sapphire. It aids in spinning out the striking characteristics and features of Virgo natives. The stone penetrates and emits rays of genuine commitment that efficiently transforms Virgo’s ability into cosmic infinity and infinite reality. Other gemstones that work positively for Virgos are Pearls, Carnelian, yellow topaz, and malachite. Learn more about the Virgo Birthstone»
Virgo Color : Green

Virgo Color : Green

The best color that suits a Virgo personality is green. Since Mercury is the ruling planet the power color of the zodiac is green. Green color represents regeneration, renewal, and rebirth. A carrier of luck, fame, fortune, and the power to surpass evil , green gels well with Virgo’s earthy element. Once green takes center stage these natives are sure to a booster dose in their pursuits.
Virgo Pendant

Virgo Pendant

How about a vibrant gemstone - Emerald, placed right in the middle of Virgo’s emblem. This pendant will help the natives enhance their communication & creative skills while adding charm and elegance. Along with that the ruling planet Mercury will shower the one with a great number of presentation skills: be it physical or mental. Know more about Virgo Pendant »

Virgo Compatibility

Incompatible Matches : Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius

Neutral Matches : Aries, Leo, Aquarius

Virgo zodiac often meshes best with either fellow Earth signs or complement Water signs. One can witness a wonderful astrological match when it comes to Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn. These pairs combine to make a tuneful union of consideration and compassion. On the contrary, Virgo’s rigidity, stubbornness, and criticism pose a threat to their relationship with Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius. Things begin to sour making these matches fail to endure over time. There seems to be a flip-flop relationship with Pisces and the success predictability may completely depend on the pair to negotiate or meet up halfway! Learn more about the Virgo Compatibility »

Virgo Tarot Card: The Hermit

Virgo Tarot Card : Virgo Tarot Card: The Hermit

The tarot card of the Hermit coincides with Virgo sign. The Hermit is a wise card that radiates peace, patience, and solitude. It is a leader card that helps Virgo to decide the best path to follow, reassess goals and come up with a solid plan in affinity with their ideas. A lantern-lit by a glowing star in the left hand of the Hermit’s hand signifies wisdom gained during seclusion. Doesn’t that sound familiar to Virgo traits!!? Yeah, this represents guidance in lessons learned, a quality Virgos truly cherish!

Virgo Lucky Charms
Lucky Colors: Green and Brown
Lucky Stone: Blue Sapphire, Emerald
Lucky Numbers: 5, 6, 2
Lucky Metal: Bronze, Mercury

Virgo Planetary Governor

  • Domicile: Mercury

    Mercury, the ruling planet of Virgo is a domicile of the zodiac sign. It feels comfortable and at home in this positioning. As an earth sign, Virgo harnesses Mercury’s power in practical, decisive, and physical ways to move ahead successfully.

  • Exaltation: Mercury

    Mercury is exalted in Virgo that makes the natives extremely clever, wise, and knowledgeable.

  • Detriment: Neptune

    As Neptune is placed in the opposite or detriment sign of Virgo, natives may need to strive harder to integrate the energy of planets in their chart.

  • Fall: Venus

    Venus is in the fall of Virgo and feels weak to operate well. This makes the natives critical of others as well as exhibit outward emotions despite being sensitive.

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