Zodiac Signs: Explore Each Sign Meanings and Characteristics

Do you know your real strengths, weaknesses, abilities, and talents? Yaas, most of you do. And why not? By just knowing your zodiac sign dates, you can uncover the personality and key traits of your zodiac sign.

Each zodiac sign covers a time frame that lasts for around a month. So every zodiac has a different meaning depending on the date range and possesses interesting information about the person belonging to that sign. The day you were born puts you into one zodiac sign, and it can tell you a lot about your ideologies, attitudes, and general approach towards everything in life.

How do you find your zodiac sign? Here, you can find your sign from 12 zodiac signs and dates. Pick your sun sign from 12 zodiac signs and explore your complete astrology profile, the element to which you belong, the planet governing your zodiac sign, and a lot more!

More About Zodiac Signs


"All twelve zodiac sign represent something different, and they are also ruled by different planets. Moreover, their elements are also different. These differences between the zodiac signs affect their natives differently, and has a great impact on how their lives are shaped. Which zodiac sign do you belong to? Based on that sign, you are very much likely to carry some unique characteristics and traits, compared to others. Here are your Zodiac sign traits..."Read More


Women of different Zodiac signs will always have some different, distinguishable personality traits that you cannot miss! Strong, vulnerable, unpredictable, and just our right amazing! Who knew the women of a zodiac sign would be different than the men of the same zodiac sign? Let's understand which traits and characteristics you carry as a woman, based on your zodiac sign.Read More


Just like women, Men also carry their personality traits based on their zodiac signs. They can be positive, negative, the best thing about them, or outright deal breakers. It all depends on the sign they were born in! Based on their traits, you can also gauge your compatibility with men of each zodiac signs. Introverts, extroverts, empaths, or the indifferent ones, there is a lot to unpack, with the zodiac sign and man.Read More


If you have ever thought if one particular career is not for you, or have found you natural calling in the other one, it may have happened because of your zodiac sign. Like every aspect of our lives, our careers are also influenced by the sign we were born in. Many a time, the planets in our charts decide which path is the path of success for us! Not only that, your zodiac sign also determines which kind of employee you will be, what makes you a team player, team leader, or a lone ranger, and which are some of the careers that suit you perfectly. Let's see what your sign has to say about your career. Read More


Emotional, stoic, hyper, calm, or everything at once? How would you define your nature? Turns out, your zodiac sign has a lot to do with how your personality and nature pans out. At every given situation in life, the decisions you take, the goals you aim for, all of them are affected by your nature. Find out all the nuances of your nature, and how your zodiac sign defines it.Read More


Your zodiac sign has a significant role to play when it comes to your relationships. Not only the placement of the planets tell you how your relationships will fare in life, it can also tell a lot about your roles in the relationships. How does your zodiac sign affect your relationships and what are your traits as a partner? find out now.Read More


How do you express yourself to your loved ones? How does your zodiac sign affect your expression and actions in love? Let's find out how your sign romances, based on the date of your birth.Read More


Along with your moon sign and sun sign, your Ascendant or Rising Sign is also an important factor that shapes your personality. It is the sign on the Eastern Horizon at the time of your birth. It is believed that what you are inside is defined by the moon sign. However, how people look at you and perceive you has a lot to do with your ascendant or rising sign. You may have behaved according to your ascendant if you sometimes think that you are not behaving like your sun sign or moon sign. Read More


Birthstones are gemstones for you represented by your zodiac sign and, to be precise, the Gregorian calendar month of the birth. As we know, one planet rules each zodiac sign. Therefore, twelve zodiac signs will have their birthstones. So which one is perfect for you? Well, it depends on your date of birth. Your date of birth decides your birthstone. However, you should not wear any gemstones without consulting an expert, as they carry powerful energies. Read More


Unbeknownst to you, you share a lot with your favourite celebrities. Their personality traits, their preferences, their positives and negatives, all of it. How? Turns out, our zodiac signs defines our personalities and preferences, and there would be many celebrities out there who share the same sign with you! Find out which that celebrity is, and you will start seeing the similarities instantly. Do you talk the way they talk? Connect with their views in life and their philosophies? Or straight out look like them? Here are famous celebrities for each zodiac signs.Read More


Zodiac Sign constellations are the birth stars that you were born in. You must have heard the word ‘Nakshatra’ in Vedic astrology, which is nothing but your constellation. When we talk about the zodiac signs, the zodiac ecliptic is divided into 12 equal parts. Constellations are 27 equal parts of the zodiac ecliptic. Since they form an even smaller part of the zodiac ecliptic, astrologers believe them to be even more accurate than zodiac signs at times when making predictions about your life. Find out what your zodiac sign constellation is, and see what it says about you.Read More


Decans are the smaller fractions of your zodiac signs. If the zodiac ecliptic is made up of 360 degrees, dividing it into 12 zodiac signs would provide each sign with 30 degrees. Now, when we divide these 12 zodiac signs into further parts, we get decans. Each zodiac sign decan is made of 10 degrees, and each sign will have three decans, therefore. Being even smaller than zodiac signs, they are believed to be more accurate indicators of your life at times.Read More


Believe it or not, there is a flower that was attached to your fate on the day that you were born. They say a lot about your personality, and their journey in the wild will somehow match your life, even. Every zodiac sign flower represents the signs and tells us a ton about the native’s personality. Find out now which flower is represented by your zodiac sign, and what it tells about you.Read More


Confused about your birthday and anniversary gifts? Choosing a gift for someone is a tiresome and confusing process in itself. And then there are a lot of preferences involved for the person you are buying the gift for. But what if we tell you there is an ancient science that is there to help? Astrology can tell you a lot about the things a native will like, based on their zodiac signs. Here is a list of zodiac sign gifts, to make your moments memorable!Read More


In today’s time, old sayings like ‘health is wealth’ sound extremely accurate. Vedic astrology, just like every aspect of our life, can tell us a lot about our health, too. Yes, your zodiac sign holds many important indicators about your health in general, and then by analysing the upcoming event, the astrologers can even pinpoint your pain points! Let’s see what you sign needs to be careful about.Read More


Jupiter is considered one of the most powerful planets in Vedic astrology. In a true sense, it is the ‘Guru’ among the planets, a perfect teacher who guides us to the light of knowledge. It is often connected with spirituality and higher intellect. It is the planet that can take you to enlightenment. But is this gentle giant placed in your zodiac sign? Well, based on your sign, Jupiter can bring you some interesting events and twists to your life. Let’s find out.Read More


Considered the god of wars, Mars, the red planet oozes fierceness and anger. It also gives you the confidence to stand for yourself, and in some cases, even the aggression. It is also considered to be the planet of masculinity. But how will it behave when it is placed in your sign? Does it leave its fiery traits and gets tamed in your zodiac? Time to find out!Read More


Known as the ‘messenger’, Mercury stands for intelligence and communication. In the fields related to speech and communication, the planet can do wonders for your career. It also gives you the intelligence to take those roads less travelled. However, the planet will behave a little differently with each sign. Do you have Mercury in your Zodiac sign, and how does it affect your life? Let’s find out.Read More

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All About Zodiac Signs

The Zodiac sign is the division of the ecliptic circle into 12 equal parts, which means each zodiac sign is made of 30 degrees. The projection of the Sun and Moon in these signs at the time of your birth is the deciding factor for your zodiac sign.

For example, if you were born between March 21 and April 20, you belong to the Aries Sun Sign. People born with specific zodiac signs possess different characteristic traits, strengths, weaknesses, and talents. Moreover, each sign also exhibits the personality of its element, which are as follows: Air, Water, Fire, and Earth. Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are Air Signs. Water Signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Fire element signs consist of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Earth signs are made of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

Zodiac Signs, Their Ruling Planets, & Predictions

Every sign is ruled by a planet, which bestows that particular sign with its own characteristics. Mars rules Aries and Scorpio. Venus rules Taurus and Libra. Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo, and Cancer is the only sign ruled by the Moon. Sun rules Leo, and Jupiter is the planet lord of Sagittarius and Pisces. Finally, Capricorn and Aquarius are ruled by Saturn. In a Janampatri or Kundali, each sign is host to different planets based on the date and time of birth. These combinations and the relation of the planets with each other and zodiac signs helps astrologers predict a lot about the native, along with the important events of his/her life.

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