2023 Ring Ceremony Dates with Muhurat for December Month

2023 Ring Ceremony Dates with Muhurat for December Month

Getting married and being settled is one of the biggest events in every individual’s life. Families spend so much on the ceremonies that take place not only during the marriage but also before the wedding. One such pre-wedding ceremony is the Ring ceremony.

We have got the Ring Ceremony Muhurat in 2023 for all those who plan to exchange the rings in the coming year. The given sagai muhurat 2024 in the article are as per the engagement dates in 2023 Hindu calendar. Before noting the shubh muhurat for engagement in 2023, let’s see what happens during the sagai ceremony in India.

The Essence of Engagement Muhurat 2023

The engagement ceremony is performed to validate the bond between the two souls before getting married. If the engagement takes place as per the shubh muhurat for sagai, the to-be bride and groom are likely to have a blissful and golden period.

During the process of sagai in the auspicious sagai muhurat, the pandit chants mantras and does the pooja to seek blessings of Gods for the happy and healthy life of the couple. So, for all those who are preparing to get engaged in the year 2023, we have prepared a list of auspicious date for engagement 2023. Find the engagement muhurat in 2023 that suits you the most.

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Ring Ceremony In December 2023

DateMuhurat Time
December 6, 2023, Wednesday 07:07 AM to 07:08 AM, Dec 07
December 7, 2023, Thursday 07:08 AM to 04:09 PM
December 9, 2023, Saturday 10:43 AM to 11:37 PM
December 15, 2023, Friday 08:10 AM to 06:24 AM, Dec 16


Though exchanging rings before marriage is not a part of Hindu culture, yet no wedding is considered complete without the ring ceremony. Hence, people ought to ask for the auspicious engagement dates, because we Indians will never do anything or start anything new without knowing the shubh muhurat for it.