Karnavedha Sanskar Dates and Muhurta for December 2024

Karnavedha Sanskar Dates and Muhurta for December 2024

Every auspicious occasion in Hinduism is planned according to the muhurat provided by professional astrologers. Such fortunate occasions for children include the 28th day following childbirth, annaprasan, ear piercings, and so forth. In Hinduism, the first ear piercing of a baby is performed during Karnavedha Sanskar. The two words “karna” and “vedha” refer to ear piercing and “ear” respectively. Karnavedha thus establishes the procedure for piercing a newborn’s ears. For all Hindu families have ear piercings performed on their newborns at a set time. Karnavedha is performed in order to get rid of all bad energy. In order to wear the earrings with gorgeous earrings, a tiny hole must be made in the bottom portion of the ear.The occasion is regarded as extremely fortunate.

Why is Karnavedha Sanskar necessary?

The Karnavedha ceremony is very different now. Unlike in the past, the parents now choose to handle things in a way that suits them. When choosing the proper muhurat, some parents disregard the advice of professional astrologers. However, it is best to wait until Karnavedha muhurat 2024 to arrange your child’s ear piercing. Karnavedh sanskar can be performed on the twelfth or sixteenth day following the day of birth, or in the sixth, seventh, or eighth month following the month of birth, or in even years following the year of birth. Within three to five years after the child’s birth, the ceremony must actually be carried out.  The child will experience more pain after this, but if you handle it properly, it will also benefit the kids in the long run.

There are several ear-piercing muhurat available on Karnavedha Muhurat 2024 to conduct the ceremony for your child. We will provide you with all the information regarding the most favourable day for an ear piercing, including the date, tithi, nakshatra, and timing. Karnavedha is regarded as one of the sixteen most excellent Hindu holidays. This ceremony guarantees a happy and peaceful life for your child in the future. Now let’s discuss the specifics of each month’s Karnavedha dates.

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Find Out Why Karnavedha Muhurat Is Important in Hinduism

Hindus observe 16 sacraments, all of which are very significant to their faith. Among them is Karnaved Sanskar, as was previously mentioned.

  • During Karnavedha muhurat 2024, the child’s physical and mental health are enhanced by the ear-piercing ceremony.
  • The child may also experience relief from a variety of ear-related conditions, deafness, or mental illness following this ceremony. The elderly hold this belief.
  • It is believed that a child will be deprived of rituals such as Pitru shradh if Karnavedha is not performed on them.
  • Hindus consider Karnavedha sanskar to be very significant, and it is imperative that it be performed at the appropriate age and time by consulting with professional astrologers to determine the Karnavedha Muhurat 2024 Dates & Timings.
  • It is said that Karnavedha Sanskar improves both men’s and women’s abilities and beauty.

Astrological Karnavedha 2024 Shubh Muhurat

  • As Hinduism suggests, to perform the Karnavedha 2024 Ceremony for a child, keep in mind to do so at a favourable Lagna, Day, Date, Month, and Nakshatra.
  • According to Vedic astrology, the best time to perform the Karnavedha Sanskar ceremonies is when Guru (Jupiter) is in the signs of Taurus, Libra, Sagittarius, and Pisces.
  • Kartik, Chaitra, Paush, and Phalgun are the most auspicious months in Hindu calendar terms for the Karnavedha 2024 celebration.
  • Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are the Var or Days that should be favourable for this custom.
  • In terms of Nakshatras, the following are thought to be auspicious for carrying out Karnavedha rituals: Mrigashira, Revati, Chitra, Anuradha, Hasta, Ashwini, Pushya, Abhijit, Shravan, Dhanishta, Punavasu.
  • With the exception of Chaturthi, Navami, Chaturdashi, and Amavasya, it can be done on any date.
  • It is important to note that the Karnavedha Sanskar Ceremony should not be conducted when there is an eclipse.

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Let's look at the Karnavedha Sanskar 2024 December Month dates and times.

Date Timing
Wednesday, 4 December 2024 12.30 to 15.00
Friday, 6 December 2024 08.00 to 12.00
Saturday, 7 December 2024 15.00 to 18.00
Wednesday, 11 December 2024 10.15 to 16.00
Thursday, 12 December 2024 07.40 to 09.50
Sunday, 15 December 2024 07.50 to 11.25
Monday, 23 December 2024 12.30 to 17.00
Wednesday, 25 December 2024 07.50 TO 10.30
Saturday, 28 December 2024 03.15 to 19.00

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Wrapping up

Finding the ideal day and time for your baby’s Karnavedha sanskar is advised. Get knowledgeable guidance on the Karnavedha Muhurat 2024 based on the baby’s horoscope from qualified astrologers.

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