Future Prediction Of Tennis Player Andy Murray

Future Prediction Of Tennis Player Andy Murray

The former tennis player, Andy Murray, reached his first ATP quarterfinal in two years with a straight-set victory over Vasek Pospisil of Canada at the Moselle Open. After earning his 46th career title in Antwerp in Oct 2019, this will be his first participation in the final eight. Let us know how Surya Kundli thinks his career will plan out.

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Andy Murray - May Face Some Challenges Ahead!

Andy Murray was born on May 15, 1987. In his birth chart, he has a self-occupied Guru in his Kundli. It always inspires him to learn something new in the game and to innovate his own game. He always tries to use new techniques in the game. However, there is a conjunction of Saturn and Moon in the horoscope. Although this combination results in unfavourable events, it has always been helpful for people to move ahead with patience and make new strategies. 

Now let’s talk about how the upcoming time will be for Andy Murray. The upcoming time may be a bit difficult for him because the unfavourable transit of Rahu and Ketu is taking place from the positive planets of his horoscope. Hence, he needs to stay cautious as some challenges are foreseen in his birth chart.

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Started Career At An Early Age

Andy Murray started his career in 1999, playing his first match at the age of 12. In 2005, he started playing professional tennis after the junior game. His dedication and hard work, followed by planetary support, helped him to climb the ladder of success.