What’s Next After HDFC Takes Complete Hold Of Exide Life?

What’s Next After HDFC Takes Complete Hold Of Exide Life?

India’s Business sector recently made head turns when HDFC insurance finalized the deal of acquiring Exide life. It will buy 100% shares from the Exide life insurance company, widely popular as battery makers in India. The senior authorities of HDFC said “The deal confirmed between HDFC life insurance and Exide life. And it will be completed at a whopping 6,687 crore.” Astrologers predict that HDFC-Exide life may take at least one year to conclude. Moreover, the existing and new customers of Exide life may take longer than usual to believe in HDFC-led Exide Life.

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Deal May Pose New Challenges For HDFC Ltd.

Firstly, HDFC may have to regain the trust of its customers by giving serious efforts, explains Kundali, made at the time of its launch (Aug. 14, 2000). Furthermore, astrologers identified the combination of Mars and Sun in the same house. Therefore, it uses aggressive marketing strategies to attract more customers. It may take longer than usual for customers to believe in the HDFC-owned Exide Life company. Current transits of planets signifies that HDFC may go beyond the limits as this would be a very expensive deal.

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HDFC Ltd Is Likely To Expand Its Network

HDFC life insurance may slowly tighten its grip in the southern region of India. This may give rewards to their loyal customers as well. Soon, after the merger of HDFC insurance and Exide Life, shares leapt sharply. Moreover, Astro experts suggest that HDFC may continue to expand its network at a very fast pace.

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