All hail planet Jupiter! The largest and the biggest benefactor of success, knowledge, prosperity, accomplishment, fortune and spirituality, Jupiter will be making a transit in November 2020.

Jupiter will transit from Sagittarius Sign on 20th November 2020 ( 13:23) and will remain there until 6th April 2021 (00:33) in the Capricorn zodiac sign. Jupiter being a prominent planet in Vedic Astrology may put a huge impact on zodiac signs. Let’s see Jupiter’s transit predictions for all the 12 zodiac signs.

(Kindly note: Predictions are in accordance with the Moon sign)


Jupiter is the Lord of the ninth and twelfth houses for the zodiac sign Aries. As a result, Jupiter’s transit through the tenth house for Aries may bring favourable outcomes.

  • Profession: You may be entrusted with new and additional responsibilities at the workplace. There may be chances of a rise in your professional status. Seniors may get supportive. You may come across better job options. New opportunities or even a promotion may come as a pleasant surprise!
  • Business: Those in business may progressive crack deals. You may successfully implement plans to expand or buy new office places and godowns.
  • Finance: There may be opportunities for additional investments. Despite gradual progress, you may expect a better inflow of cash. Past investments may bring rewarding returns. Overall the period may remain positive for long term investments.
  • Health: Excessive work indulgence may bring health hazards. You may receive good news related to the health of your mother.
  • Relationship: Married couples may remain happy and pleasant. There may be harmony in the family. Past domestic issues may keep at bay as matters may get resolved amicably.


Jupiter is the Lord of the eighth and eleventh houses for the zodiac sign Taurus. As Jupiter will be passing through the ninth house for Taurus it is expected to bring you excellent results.

  • Career/ Profession: The period may bring favourable job opportunities for Taurus. If you have been eyeing an overseas job the phase may bless you with great career options. You may be rewarded with a promotion for your hard work and efficiency.
  • Business: The transiting Jupiter may boost your overall fortune and destiny. Entrepreneurs may do well in business. They may be able to crack lucrative deals.
  • Finance: A satisfactory flow of income may put you in a good financial state. You may develop new sources for earnings.
  • Health: The period may keep you away from health hazards.
  • Relationship: Relationships with loved ones may improve. Those in marriage may enjoy conjugal bliss. Some natives are likely to enter into a new relationship. It may be the best time to embark on a spiritual journey or pilgrimage. You may get enriched with religious knowledge as you travel to various divine destinations.


Jupiter, Lord of the seventh and tenth houses for Gemini will be passing through the zodiac’s eighth house. The transit may bring some disruptive changes in the lives of Gemini natives.

  • Career/ Profession: Gemini natives may experience a slow progression in their professional lives. You may require sincere efforts to achieve targets. Lack of support from colleagues and superiors may cause discomfort at the workplace. Constant ego clashes with senior officials and HOD may bring stressful moments.
  • Business: Those in the family business may seem dissatisfied as professional growth may seem stagnated. New start-ups or business expansion plans may need to get postponed for the period.
  • Property/ Finance: Make sure you remain vigilant while investing in massive projects. Property related issues may get sorted out with ease. There may be unexpected gains and profits from past investments. However, soaring expenses may imbalance your financial planning.
  • Health: Health issues and delayed recovery may hamper your progress. Make sure you don’t neglect health issues.
  • Relationship: Domestic issues may adversely affect your overall focus and concentration. Married couples may have strained relationships with their spouses. It may not be a suitable time for love and romance.


Jupiter is the Lord of the sixth and ninth houses for the zodiac sign Cancer. Jupiter transiting through the seventh house for Cancer may bring good times in their life.

  • Career/ Profession: You may be able to maintain cordial relations with colleagues and subordinates. There may be chances of better and higher paying job opportunities during the phase. The period may enable you to accomplish major career goals and attain targets easily.
  • Business: Business expansion may remain beneficial. Ensure you execute a systematic plan before starting any partnership deals. Disputes with business partners may resolve peacefully.
  • Property/ Finance: Major investment-related decisions may remain in your favour. The period may bring good fortune and wealth as there may be an improvement in your overall financial and social status.
  • Health: You may maintain good health during the transition phase. Those suffering from past ailments may expect improvement in overall health parameters.
  • Relationship: Your relations with family and spouse may improve. It may be the best time to plan a vacation with your beloved one. Marital issues may find a peaceful resolution. Love and romance may bloom. Those in committed relationships may successfully enter the marriage bond.


Jupiter is the Lord of the fifth and eighth houses for the zodiac sign Leo. Its transition through the sixth house for Leo may bring a bag of mixed results for these natives.

  • Career/ Profession: Professionals may not expect desired opportunities in their path. You may face average results at the workplace. Hidden enemies may cause you harm. Be careful while being in a conversation with colleagues and seniors. Your performance may face a setback despite your hard work. Nevertheless, your position at the workplace may not jeopardize.
  • Business: Loans for professional or business purposes may get an easy sanction. The time frame may be average for new business start-ups.
  • Property/ Finance: Your financial commitments may face a blow despite sufficient inflow of finances.
  • Health: You may need to remain watchful about your health.
  • Relationship: Leo couples may require sincere efforts to keep the flame burning in their relationship. Those in committed relationships may need to get more attentive. The period may not be favourable for entering a new love relationship.


Jupiter is the Lord of the fourth and seventh houses for the zodiac sign Virgo. As the transit will have Jupiter passing through the fifth house for Virgo it is expected to bring a favourable time ahead.

  • Career/ Profession: You may be surrounded by a positive aura. Your hard efforts may help you to establish new professional contacts. Those looking for new job opportunities may come across better options during this period. You may be able to improve your relations with subordinates, colleagues and senior officials. However, your team may not give you the expected response. Despite it, rewards and recognition may brighten chances for prosperity in professional matters.
  • Business: Business related travelling may yield favourable results.
  • Education: Students aspiring for higher studies or professional courses may take a giant leap! You may get admissions in desired colleges, universities or institutions.
  • Property/ Finance: You may invest in property, vehicle or valuable gadgets. Past investments may bear fruitful results.
  • Health: Health may remain satisfactory.
  • Relationship: This may be the perfect time to initiate your love life. Relations with your spouse may be harmonious. You may widen and improve your social or friend circle.


Jupiter is the Lord of the third and sixth houses for the zodiac sign Libra. With the planet’s transition through its fourth house, Libra natives may face mixed results.

    • Career/ Profession: You may expect slow but steady growth in your professional life. Your sincere efforts may help you to attain professional targets. Avoid making important decisions related to your career. Refrain from arguments and controversies with senior officials. A slow but steady progression on the professional front may frustrate you.
    • Business: Postpone any plans related to new business start-ups.
    • Property/ Finance: Long term investment plans may need execution. There may be a sharp rise in expenses. However, your income sources may parallelly increase. Avoid speculation in any form, especially gambling. A loan for property purchase may get approved.
    • Health: Past ailments may take a back seat as health may gradually improve.
    • Relationship: Libra natives may not expect the desired response from their partner. It may not be the right time to move ahead in a romantic relationship. Married couples may need to avoid conflicts and arguments with their spouses. Family matters may need attention.

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Jupiter is the Lord of the second and fifth houses for the zodiac sign Scorpio and will be passing through the sign’s third house. This is expected to bring mixed results for Scorpio natives.

  • Career/ Profession: Those looking out for overseas opportunities may need to exert more efforts as there may be chances of relocation for good career prospects. At the office, there may be excessive workload along with more job responsibilities. Exercise caution while interacting with senior officials. You may require sincere efforts to build up new professional ties. There may be chances of internal transfer or department changes.
  • Business: Make sure you avoid major financial decisions related to business expansion. There may be a gradual rise in your social circle.
  • Education: Students may need to get focused for higher studies to get desired success in their mid-exams.
  • Property/ Finance: You may need to control extravagant tendencies at the financial front. Avoid unnecessary expenses. There may be indications of heated arguments for inheritance related matters.
  • Health: Ensure you take good care of your health as seasonal or viral changes may affect your progression and growth.
  • Relationship: The transit is likely to bring emotional and physical distance between you and your spouse. It may be an average period for love and romance. Stars indicate a change in current residence or a location change.


Jupiter is the Lord of the zodiac sign, Sagittarius, that is the First or Ascendant house and fourth house. The transiting Jupiter passing through the second house for Sagittarius natives may bring favourable outcomes.

  • Career/ Profession: Your communication and presentation skills may improve. High levels of confidence and enthusiasm may positively affect your overall productivity. You may receive respect, appreciation and recognition at the workplace. Diplomacy may help you to win opponents in your field of specialization.
  • Business: Businessmen may increase their profit margins by cracking huge lucrative deals. Your innovative ideas and techniques may take your business to new heights. Official trips may turn profitable.
  • Property/ Finance: Past investments may bring immense financial rewards.
  • Health: No major health concerns may be foreseen for the period.
  • Relationship: Domestic issues may get resolved amicably. Married couples may experience positivity and harmony in their marital life. There may be compatibility between partners that may strengthen their bonding. A trip to a romantic destination may bridge distances between you and your partner. It may be the best time to enter a relationship as love life may flourish.

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Jupiter is the Lord of the twelfth and third houses for the zodiac sign Capricorn. The transiting planet in the first house of Capricorn is likely to bring average results for the natives.

  • Career/ Profession: At the job front your HOD or seniors may ignore your performance despite your hard efforts. However, Jupiter’s placement may bring positivity to work. New professional responsibilities may keep you on your toes.
  • Business: The period indicates strong chances of clashes with partners that may hamper your business. There may be no desired profits in business deals, despite better professional opportunities. Slow progress in business may leave you worried.
  • Property/ Finance: It may not be the right time for new startups or joint ventures. If necessary, do it after thorough analysis. Proper monetary planning may bring beneficial results for long term investments. Your financial status may gradually improve.
  • Health: You may face some minor ailments. The period is likely to remain moderate for health and fitness.
  • Relationship: You may expect the desired support from friends. Spending quality time with a loved one may be your priority. Couples planning for conception or childbirth, are likely to see progress during the phase.


Jupiter is the lord of the eleventh and second houses for the zodiac sign Aquarius. With the planet’s transit through the twelfth house for Aquarius these natives are likely to get mixed results.

  • Career/ Profession: The period may enhance chances for natives awaiting opportunities to travel abroad. A change in location or transfer may be indicated at the career front. You may need to change your thought patterns for better future prospects.
  • Business: Those in the import-export business may get a boost. Be careful with your relations with business partners, vendors and customers as they are likely to get strained during the period.
  • Property/ Finance: Untimely and unexpected expenses may imbalance your financial planning. Ensure you keep a tight grip on them as a budget deficit may compel you to borrow money. Past efforts to purchase property or vehicles may materialize. Make sure you opt for long term investments.
  • Health: Your health will remain moderate.
  • Relationship: Domestic peace may get disturbed. Lack of response from a loved one may cause discomfort. Differences of opinions in major issues of life with a partner may widen the gap in your relationship.


  • During the transit, Jupiter will rule over the first and tenth house for Pisces. The transiting planet will impact the eleventh house of this zodiac sign that may bestow immense blessings on these natives.
  • Career/ Profession: In careers, you may sincerely dedicate yourself towards work. Diligence may pay off and strengthen your path towards professional success. Confidence and positivity may reflect in your routine tasks. The period may bring immense work satisfaction. Besides, you may stand chances of a promotion and an increment at work.
  • Business: Your associates and business partners may help you in your progression. Major professional and business deals are likely to remain profitable. You may go for business expansion plans and enhance ways to improve your productivity.
  • Property/ Finance: The period indicates a rise in expenses on luxurious things. Although, there may be chances of improvement in your income sources. Overall you may have a stable and secure financial status during the phase.
  • Health: You may be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout the period. Past ailments may seem to disappear as the transit progresses.
  • Relationship: Romance and intimacy may bring sweetness to your relationship. Friends may get supportive. Spending quality time with your beloved one may be your priority. The transit may improve prospects for couples planning to extend their family.

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