Happy Christmas Day

Christmas is synonyms of fun, food, and celebration but beneath all that it also about the
sacrifice, God, and goodwill.

On this day family and friends get together to enjoy good food and praise the Lord. Houses and trees are decorated with confetti, wreaths, and lights.

Gifts are exchanged, trees are decorated. People dress up, click pictures and spend a gala time. Christmas is also the time when vacations are planned as it marks the end of the year and gives high hopes for the coming year.

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Christmas Festival Story

The exact birthday of Jesus Christ is not known. There are various theories and understanding differing from varied cultures that decided to celebrate Christmas on 25th December.

According to the Christian tradition, Mother Mary had announced on March 25, that she would have a very special baby. 9 months post March 25 is December 25. Hence, this day is considered as the birthday of Jesus Christ.

Astrology of Christmas

In an astrological sense, 25th December is considered as the birth date because Christmas festival happens at the same time as the return of Sun in the winter solstice and on this day Sun seems to stop over the Capricorn tropic resuming his journey towards the North. Getting back the light to the winter darkness on the Northern Hemisphere.

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Connection of Astrology with Christmas

It was with the help of astrology that the birth year of Jesus Christ was tracked as there was no evidence as such. However, it was with astrology the year was determined to be between 5 and 7 BC dating back with the help of the crucifixion date.

Astrology also plays a pivotal role in helping the wise men find Jesus Christ. As we all know, it was the Star who guided the wise men, and this star was the part of the cluster which had Jupiter in the centre.

Jesus Christ is also often associated with Lord Sun because as per one of the beliefs the conception or birth of Jesus on March 28, as mentioned above, was also the day of creation of the Sun!

Christmas Day Horoscope

During the birth of Jesus Christ, Uranus, Jupiter, and Neptune were in the star sign Pisces. Therefore, the salient traits of Pisces zodiac sign, i.e. compassion and forgiveness were found in Jesus Christ too. Also, at that time, the grand trine links Venus, Neptune, and the Moon with the most benevolent planet Jupiter and a strict teacher Saturn. This combination makes the period of enlightenment and high spirituality all over the world.

Also, the symbol of the Virgo zodiac sign represents the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. So on the first hour of December 25, Virgo ascends above the horizon.

Christmas Celebration in Church

The Christmas celebration in the Church differs from various faiths in Christianity. In Roman Catholic churches there are midnight masses that are held during the Christmas Day. As it is believed that the birth occurred at midnight. Whereas Protestants celebrate differently. Some come early to the Church and in the evening, celebrate with family and friends!

Christmas Day Zodiac Sign

The day of Christmas falls under Capricorn Star Sign. It serves as a double bonanza for the ones born on the 25th December as it calls for double celebrations. Not only it involves celebration and festivities but also involves spirituality and righteousness. It is also looking forward to the year that is approaching. As new year’s approaches just 5 days after Christmas.

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The ones celebrating their Birthday on the 25th December. We would like to wish you a Happy Christmas Day and a Happy Birthday

Christmas Significance

Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ and the birth of Christianity. It reminds us that God gave his Son to us. A gift as an eternal love to us and also about the sacrifices for us. We have followed up the tradition by giving the merry Christmas gifts, as they represent love, kindness about the Saviour Lord.
The birth of Jesus Christ was not just a gift but also our biggest merry Christmas blessing!

Christmas Tree Importance

One of the main highlights about Christmas apart from the delicious meals is the decoration of the Christmas tree. The Christmas tree is the evergreen fig tree that has been used. It is decorated with fairy lights, baubles and various ornaments. The fig tree is used as the Christmas tree because it is in the shape of a triangle which is in the shape of Triangle, the symbol of Christ life and signifying new life.

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We wish you a Merry Christmas and also a happy new year!

May you get a lot of happy Christmas gifts, merry Christmas cards and Greetings!


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