Aashiqui 2. Superstar Shraddha Kapoor Horoscope Predictions For 2021

Aashiqui 2. Superstar Shraddha Kapoor Horoscope Predictions For 2021

Shraddha Kapoor’s birthday is coming on 3rd March. The lady has featured in one of the most popular and highest paid list of actresses in India. Her blockbuster hits such as Aashiqui 2, Haider, Ek Villain, Baghi, Stree and Sahoo inspired millions. After opening her own line of clothing, she has been a successful businesswomen. The well-known actress and daughter of the popular actor Shakti Kapoor lives in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Accoladed by PETA India as the hottest vegetarian in India, Shraddha also owns many more accolades. Surprisingly, Shraddha is the third most followed Indian celeb on Instagram with a huge fan base. Not just limited to having a magnamious fan club, the Sahoo lady is also the highest paid Bollywood actress with net earnings of 50 million per film. No doubt, Shraddha is a REAL World Winner.

Discovering her Bollywood journey, don’t you wish to know what fortune the ‘Ek Stree’ carries for 2021. The following sections of the article unravels the future predictions of the personal and professional life of the

Kundali Of Bollywood Superstar Shraddha Kapoor

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About Shraddha Kapoor

Date Of Birth: 3/3/1987

Birth Time: 6:00 PM

Place Of Birth: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Astrological Predictions For Bollywood Star Shraddha Kapoor 2021

Throwing light on Shraddha Kapoor horoscope, her Lagna House is Aquarius. So the lord of ascendant will be Saturn. In her Surya Kundli, the taskmaster Saturn is present in the 10th house in Nakshatra of Mercury. Here, Mars, lord of the 3rd house aspect Saturn which indicates that she may have to work hard to achieve success in life.

The conjunction of Mercury and Sun in Satabhisha Nakshatra helps her to boost self-confidence. Also, it assists in improving both social behaviours of the actress, earning great respect. However, Saturn in the 10th house aspects Venus. According to her Surya Kundli, Venus is placed in the 11th house from the position of Moon, which may help Shraddha Kapoor to get favourable results in her acting career. Also, it helps her to form an image as a successful artist.

The conjunction of Moon and Rahu may help the Bollywood actress to become more ambitious. As per Kundli, the conjunction of Moon and Jupiter will form Gaj Kesari Yoga, one of the most auspicious yoga in Vedic astrology. This yoga may strengthen her economic position.

Mars influence in the 3rd house represents that Shraddha may remain active in her work and may achieve success in career. Also, Mars will help her to maintain fitness. Ketu placement in the 8th house in Hasta Nakshatra may provide intuitive power to Shraddha. Due to the influence of Ketu, it is imminent that she may discover spirituality in life. Following the analysis of planetary placements and combinations, her hard work helps to create name and fame in the male-dominated industry.

Now we have hands on the influence of planetary placements, let us have insights into what the current planetary transits have to gift Shraddha Kapoor on her birthday.

Transit of Planets

From February 21, Venus will transit through the Aquarius sign. The Sun is already in Aquarius from February 12, 2021. The conjunction of Venus and Sun will remain until March 14, 2021. According to the birth chart of Shraddha Kapoor, the dual transit of Venus and Sun in Aquarius zodiac sign is passing over natal Sun and Mercury. Shraddha Kapoor horoscope reveals that the conjunction Rahu and Mars in the Taurus sign is passing through the 4th house. Also on Shraddha Kapoor’s birthday, Moon transits to Libra in the 9th house, Ketu is passing over Lord of 1st House, Saturn in the 10th house. Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn are passing over the natal Venus present in the 12th house of the Superstar’s horoscope.

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How May Shraddha’s First Act With Ranbir Kapoor In Luv Rajan’s Next Flick?

Following Shraddha’s birth chart analysis, the planets are likely to favourable results in her first collaboration with Ranbir Kapoor. Until 6th April 2021 and from 14th September to 20th November, Jupiter transiting in Capricorn is passing over Venus in the 12th house. This may help in attaining success in a Luv Ranjan’s movie. However, Jupiter will shift to Aquarius from 6th April to 14th April and from 20th November 2020 to 14th April 2021. During this remarkable shift, the benevolent planet will pass over the lord of 7th house, Sun placed in the ascendant house. Most importantly, the transiting Jupiter in the first house will aspect the 7th house, which indicates a favourable outcome for Aarohi (Aashiqui 2 actress). Although she may face minor issues due to transiting Ketu over natal Saturn in the 10th house, the House of Career and Profession. However, the strong influences of other planetary transits may help Shraddha to overcome all troubles.

Health Prospects For Shraddha Kapoor In 2021

The actress can rest easy on the health front as she may continue to maintain good health in the year 2021. Transiting Ketu passes over the lord of the 1st house, Saturn, which indicates that the actress may face minor issues due to seasonal changes. According to Shraddha’s birth horoscope, the 6th and the 8th house is aspected by transiting Jupiter in Capricorn till 6/4/2021 and from 14/9/2021 to 20/11/2021. While in the rest period, i.e. from 6th April to 14th September and from 20th November 2020 to 14th April 2021, Jupiter will remain in Aquarius sign, which is passing over the lord of the 7th house, Sun. Sun is the provider of health together with Mercury which is the lord of 8th house. Thus with the blessings of Jupiter transit in Aquarius and Capricorn, the Bollywood star may maintain good health.

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Hit or Flop? Predictions For Shraddha Kapoor Starrer Nagin Trilogy

Considering the positions of planets in the natal chart as well as transit, Shraddha may gain a lot of popularity due to her Naagin trilogy. This flick may raise her celebrity status. Currently, Jupiter is present in Capricorn, passing over the natal Venus. Very soon, Jupiter will move to Aquarius, which is the first house of Shraddha’s Kundli. Here, the lord of 7th house or the governor of Leo zodiac sign is present. During Jupiter transit in Aquarius, Jupiter will pass over the Sun and aspects the 7th and 9th house. This combination will help the actress to attain success in the upcoming flick. Wow! The planets are blessing her with the most suitable time for marriage too in 2021. Yeah, the period from 6/4/2021 to 14/4/2021 is auspicious for ringing wedding bells. Also, there are chances that she may tie up the knot.

Happy Birthday, Shraddha! May God fulfil all the wishes of Shraddha Kapoor in 2021.