2022 Uttarakhand Election Date, Top Candidates And Predictions

2022 Uttarakhand Election Date, Top Candidates And Predictions

Uttarakhand Legislative assembly elections are due in early 2022. And therefore, two political parties are doing their best to come into power. The BJP-led government may find it difficult to repair the damage caused by the previous CM. On the other hand, Harish Rawat, Congress party chief, urged the citizens to defeat the ruling party by the large margin of votes.

Congress party workers have already started exploring new strategies, but BJP is yet to find out the missing piece of the puzzle. This is because questions loom over CM Pushkar Singh Dhami and his cabinet ministry over their development works. Moreover, BJP leaders involving in the internal conflicts may hamper its hope of winning the Uttarakhand Legislative Assembly elections.

So, the question remains, is who will be able to rule the northern Indian state? And for that, we called on our best astrologers to get their suggestions. Below are the latest predictions for the top two contenders.

Dates For Upcoming Uttarakhand Election 2022

The current term will be ending on March 23, 2022, and therefore, the elections are likely to commence from Feb in the northern state. The exact Uttarakhand Election Date is yet to be announced by the election commission.

Expert’s Predictions For Pushkar Singh Dhami

Referring to the birth chart of Pushkar Singh Dhami, he was born with the Leo Ascendant. Also, the combination of two planets Venus and Sun, is formed in the Leo sign. The shadow planet Rahu is occupying Scorpio and Moon in the Capricorn sign. Along with that, Jupiter is in the Pisces sign. The red planet Mars is in conjunction with Ketu in the Taurus sign. These planetary placements suggest that Uttarakhand CM, Dhami would be leading the poll results.

Surya kundali of Pushkar Singh Dhami explains that auspicious Jupiter is in the seventh house of Aquarius. This Jupiter of Aquarius fully aspects ascendant lord Sun and Venus. Therefore, the BJP leader may have a chance to register his victory against any opponents. Adding to that, Rahu will be transiting over the natal Mars, which means that Pushkar Singh Dhami may retain his position in the poll-bound Uttarakhand next year.

Kundali Analysis Of Harish Rawat

As per Surya kundali of congressman Harish Rawat, Sun-Mercury-Rahu is forming the conjunction in the Aries sign. Venus is placed in the Taurus sign, while Saturn and Mars are sitting in the Cancer sign. Besides, malefic Ketu is placed in the Libra sign. Moon is in the Scorpio sign, whereas Jupiter is holding the Sagittarius sign. These planets combinedly suggest that the Congress chief would be moving on the path full of potholes.

The former Uttarakhand CM Rawat will be challenging the BJP candidate to come into action, but it won’t be the cakewalk for him. Being an Aries ascendant, he may get fewer votes than his opponents. In regards to the current transition of planets, Rahu will be passing over Venus, and Ketu will transit over Moon, leaving slim chances for the congressman.

On the other hand, Saturn is placed in the Ketu sign, whereas Ketu is aspected by benevolent Jupiter. It means that Harish Rawat may earn positive outcomes with the help of Jupiter. But again, he would be negatively influenced by Rahu, Ketu, Saturn and Sun. These planetary positions further indicate that Rawat may struggle to clinch victory in the upcoming Uttarakhand election.

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Who Is More Likely To Win Uttarakhand Elections?

Following the horoscope analysis from experts, it seems like CM Dhami may get re-elected for consecutive terms. In the next 2022 Uttarakhand Legislative Assembly election, Dhami may give much-needed triumph for BJP to form its government in the Uttarakhand. On the other hand, veteran leader Rawat may find obstacles in his way.


In early 2022, the fate of contenders will be decided by the citizens of Uttarakhand. But, from the astrological point of view, BJP is likely to advance with positive outcomes. To sum it up, we have reached the conclusion that Pushkar Singh Dhami may lead the BJP to the victory mark with a huge number of votes. Whereas Harish Rawat may need to cope up with challenges in the upcoming elections.

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