Vastu Tulsi Plant – Right Direction To Put Tulsi Plant At Home

Vastu Tulsi Plant – Right Direction To Put Tulsi Plant At Home

Vastu Tulsi Plant – Right Direction To Put Tulsi Plant At Home

According to Indian mythology, the Tulsi plant is auspicious and has a specific meaning in Hinduism; it is not just a plant but also a religious component. Planting Tulsi in your home will help to reduce negative energy while also enhancing good energy and harmony.

Tulsi is not just a sacred plant, but it also has various medicinal properties that are beneficial for your health. As per Ayurveda, Tulsi is the best herb for curing various diseases. The Tulsi plant can help you gain more energy, wellness, and prosperity. Kalpesh Shah, founder and CEO of MyPandit, shared a few Vastu tips for growing tulsi at home to bring prosperity and positive energy into your life. 

It should be placed in a good direction: It grows well in the north, east, or even a combination of the two — North-East Directions. Make sure the basil plant has enough sunlight and air. You may also plant it inside your home if you like, but make sure enough sunshine is available. Always maintain the surroundings clean wherever this plant is kept.

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Planting Tulsi according to Vastu rules:  As per Vastu, you must avoid placing dustbins, shoes, or broomsticks near the Tulsi plant. You can keep the flowering plant near the tulsi. Additionally, avoid placing the Tulsi plants near cactus or thorny plants since this will attract negative energy and bad luck.

Avoid Planting Tulsi Plant In-Ground: To receive the maximum benefits from your Tulsi plant at home, you should always grow it in a pot placed in the North, East, or North-East direction.

An ideal number of tulsi basil: For best results, always plant Tulsi basil in odd numbers, such as one, three, five, etc.

A higher platform is beneficial: You should always maintain your Tulsi herb at home on a considerably higher platform than your home’s original base. 

That’s it! These are some of the simple Vastu tips for the Tulsi plant, which you can follow to bring prosperity and happiness to your life. 

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