Can Your Date Of Birth Predict Your Marriage?

Many of us are concerned about our marriage plans. Will I marry on time, or will it get delayed? To whom am I going to marry? Will it be a love marriage or an arranged one? Which is the most favourable time for marriage? Am I dating a soul mate, or is it just a passing affair? Is it going to be a successful marriage? These questions keep humming in our minds. People also face certain issues in their life after marriage. And like always, astrology can help us with everything marriage-related! Marriage predictions by date of birth are the way to go.

Marriage predictions act as a turning point in your life. As you know, Love can happen anytime, but marriage is different. Marriage is an essential part of life that has a great meaning in our traditions and customs. So, paying attention to what planets have to say is essential when it comes to marriage predictions. And this is how marriage prediction by date of birth comes into the picture.

When Will You Get Married?

The 7th house of your birth horoscope is the House of Marriage. It goes without saying that every Kundli has a set of auspicious and inauspicious planets. The placement and aspect of auspicious planets in the 7th house would lead to early marriage. In contrast, the inauspicious planetary placements and aspects would result in marriage struggles or may hit a pause in your marital life. Also, whether your Kundli is free from Manglik dosh, Shani Dosh, or other marriage yoga or not, it is indeed essential to point out. Know the dosha present in your natal chart and its influence on your life with your Free Janampatri Analysis!

Moreover, Venus is the planet of Love that facilitates marriage. So, the strong placement of Venus in your horoscope is required for a happy and successful marriage. However, there are other planets too that have an influence on your marriage that certainly you can’t ignore when predicting married life astrology by date of birth. Also, these planets can foretell whether you would go for a love marriage or an arranged marriage.

However, the 5th house should be taken into consideration for Love marriage. If Mars and Venus are placed favourably in your horoscope, there are chances of having a love marriage.


You can’t deny what’s written in your destiny, but certainly, you can get clarity about when you will get married, how you will get married, and the right time to get married. So, go for marriage astrology prediction by date of birth and enjoy the smooth sailing relationship with your soulmate. Consult our Expert Astrologer and share your birth details to unveil marriage predictions by date of birth.