How Important is Birth Time in Astrology For Accurate Kundli Analysis?

Whether you believe it or not, your date of birth and time plays a very crucial role in your personality development. Many researchers have proven this with the help of facts as well. A minute difference can also create a huge difference in personality and career as well. The sun rises on one side and sets on the opposite side. These modifications can make a significant difference in the preparation of your birth chart.

Many of us don’t consider time as a significant factor as we feel nothing changes with it. But according to Vedic astrology, birth time plays a crucial role in forming a birth chart as it gives highly detailed information and has an equally important role along with a birth date. Here we will discuss the significance of the birth date, time, and place in astrology.

Significance Of Birth Time in Astrology For Kundli Making

Our destiny is written before we are born only. We just follow all the things as human souls. As you know, a birth chart is a blueprint that shows personality traits. There are 12 houses in your birth chart representing all the crucial events of human life from birth to death. It is a 360-degree circle divided into 30 degrees, which gives 12 houses. Also, it is represented by 12 astrological signs.

Your correct birth time helps in determining the rising sign, known as Ascendant. Ascendant is very important as it is the structure and operations of your chart from where all the things get started. To calculate your Ascendant, you require an exact birth time. Similarly, the 10th house represents midheaven, and it tells about your career and social status. So, an exact date of birth and time is needed for accurate future predictions related to the ascendant and all areas of your life.

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Importance Of Birthplace When You Don't Have Exact Birth Time

With the wrong time, you can’t get an accurate rising sign and midheaven as both these houses move very quickly, completing all 12 signs in a day. So, if the time is not correct, you can’t predict things and get the right map of your journey.

If you are unaware of your birth time, then Kundli can be created with the help of birthplace and date. Your birthplace, too, can affect the rising sign and the 10th house. Of course, these are crucial factors in humans’ lives. If there is a one-degree mistake in latitude, an error of about a half degree in the rising sign calculation is affected. This is why the significance of birthplace is indeed in Vedic astrology.

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Connection of Birth Time and Birthplace in Astrology

An error in the birthplace (longitude) will create an error of 4 minutes in the birth time. Hence, your whole birth chart completely changes. So, accurate predictions are not possible.

There are other things also essential for accurate birth horoscope prediction. Your rising signs, planets with degrees, and houses play a crucial role in detailed studies of your natal chart. So, kindly consider them too during your Kundli analysis.

Wrapping Up

We hope you might have got an idea about the significance of the birth date, time and place in astrology. Our expert astrologers can give you more accurate predictions about your upcoming life with the help of your birth date, time and place. As it is mentioned before, astrology is a science that works on calculations and principles. So, missing a single detail or taking things casually would not let you get accurate astrological forecasts and affect your desired results. So, without wasting your precious time, just Talk To Our Astrologers and get solutions to your problems.