The Suitability Of A diamond Ring According To Astrology

Diamond is a lavish, sparkly gem, which attracts everyone who lays their eyes on it. It is considered the hardest material on earth found naturally. Because of its hardness, the surface finish and polish takes a lot of time and effort to make diamonds. Diamonds are used in jewellery, watches, cutting work, etc. Nowadays, when someone is buying a ring, their first choice would be to put a diamond on it. Anyways, below are a few things you should keep in mind before buying a diamond ring.

Diamond Ring According To Astrology

In terms of astrology, diamond is ruled by the planet Venus. The planet Venus represents love, affections, creativity and luxurious comforts in life. This feminine planet is also responsible for your marriage, sensuality, material wealth, artistic abilities. It shines very brightly in the night sky. Thus, it helps you to choose the perfect diamond ring for you or your dating partner. So, hang on with us and read carefully what astrology says about the diamond ring.

Who Should Wear Diamond Ring?

In astrology, debilitated Venus may not help you with positive results. But in case you have strong Venus, it may help you bring optimism, graciousness, wealth, and love from your partner as well. So it is recommended that a person associated with arts, acting, film industries, dancing and modelling should wear the diamond ring to bring the charm. It is also advisable to consult an astrologer before wearing the ring so that you get benefits from the diamond ring.

Diamonds and Zodiac Sign

Those who have strong and dominant Venus in their Kundali may not have any harmful impacts on their lives. Natives associated with Aries, Scorpio or Pisces sign should not wear the diamond ring, while those who are born with Libra and Taurus sign should wear a diamond ring to get blessed with good fortune and wealth. Other natives should opt for diamond rings only after consulting experienced astrologers as it should be worn under certain circumstances.

Some zodiac signs can wear diamonds with other gemstones good for their signs or can wear them in a particular material. Anyone with their Venus ascending in their Kundali can also wear diamond after discussing with an astrologer. Otherwise, it can make the person poor, lazy and you may deal with relationships issues. If you’re planning to buy a diamond ring for a wedding partner, it is better to analyse your kundali before placing the ring on his/her finger.

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Benefits Of Wearing A Diamond Ring

Diamond is considered to remove inferiority complexes as of its higher status. It improves your thinking process and may help you develop a positive mindset. Since Venus is the god of love, wearing diamond may also assist you in receiving attraction, charm and beauty. You may get desired love and response from your dating partner. Wearing a ring of diamond may save you from health troubles. It is beneficial for those who are dealing with eye problems, gastric, bowel system problems, urinary problems, organ problems, uterus problems, diabetes or lack of sensuality in relationships. Moreover, the ring of diamond may also help you remove the skin disease.

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When And How To Wear A Diamind Ring According To Astrology Sign?

Diamonds are beneficial only when it is worn after having a word with astrologers. Those natives who are serving the major or minor period of Venus are suggested to wear a diamond ring on their finger.

  • As per astrological theories, it should be put on the finger on Friday as this day belongs to Venus.
  • Rings around the jewel should be made from a white metal like silver, white gold or platinum.
  • Before wearing the ring, one must check that diamond should not have any internal cracks in it.
  • One must check that diamonds should weigh at least 0.30 carats in the ring.
  • Diamond put on the ring should not have colours such as grey, red or brown in it.
  • Experts suggest one should not wear Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) or Coral (Moonga) with this diamond ring.
  • Astronomy theories say that diamonds should weigh between 0.30 to 1.00 carats. Lesser than that may not give you any desired results.

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