Chitra Nakshatra Characteristics, Padas and More…

Chitra Nakshatra Characteristics, Padas and More…

Overview of Chitra Nakshatra in Astrology

The deity of this Nakshatra is Vishwakarma, or Tvashtar, who was the divine architect. He has the power to beautify, to cause illusion or Maya, almost like creating magic. This Nakshatra is a very fertile Nakshatra for growth or success. It is the star of opportunity.

Vishwakarma created the city of Dwarka, Sudarshan Chakra of Lord Krishna, Trishul of Lord Shiva and Indraprastha city for Pandavas. He also created the vehicle of Kubera called Pushpaka Vimana. He is said to have a twin brother who is opposite Indra. His brother is the negative energy side of the natives in this Nakshatra.

There is a mythological story that to defeat a demon, Lord Vishnu took the avatar of a woman and had a child, Hariharasudan, with Lord Shiva. Harisudan was supposed to kill that demon. A king and queen found this baby Hariharsudan in a forest and raised him. 

When he grew up, the queen didn’t want him to be the heir to the throne. So, she pretended to have an illness and sent him to fetch milk from a tigress, saying it was the cure. The queen thought that he would be eaten by the tigress and die in the forest. He goes to the forest and returns, riding on a tigress. The queen then realises that he is not an ordinary human being but divine. So it is believed that the natives under this Nakshatra have the power to defeat the negativity in them with Harihara Shakti.

The symbol of this Nakshatra is pearl. In the zodiac wheel, Chitra Nakshatra is connected to the Virgo & Libra signs.

Chitra Nakshatra Padas

1LeoSunGlamour, perfection, Keeper of secrets
2VirgoMercuryDisciplined, stable, puritinical
3 Libra VenusFlaunt, social, harmonious, Self centric
4ScorpioMarsMagical, mysterious, passionate, spiritual

Chitra Nakshatra 1st pada

The 1st pada falls on the Leo Navamsa and is governed by Sun. Natives born under this pada are very beautiful and attractive. They accomplish their goals, defeat their competitors, and live their life happily. They are very ambitious and work overtime to finish their assignments.

Chitra Nakshatra 2nd pada

As natives born under the 2nd pada of Chitra Nakshatra are governed by Mercury, they are very good in intellectual activities. They are perfectionists, dedicated to their work, aware of their duties and responsibilities, and are well-organised.

Chitra Nakshatra 3rd pada

Natives born under the 3rd pada of Chitra Nakshatra are bold,  adventurous, successful in their careers, and are very famous. They achieve success in business via their dedication to work. They are gentle, calm, and are socially engaged. They are also interested in relationships.

Chitra Nakshatra 4th pada

Those born in Chitra Nakshatra’s 4th pada are confusing, have a hidden side, and are very enthusiastic. Here natives are courageous and adventurous, but they are unhappy. They are unable to carry out good deeds. They are selfish and are likely to suffer from mental issues.

Chitra Nakshatra Facts:

ZodiacVirgo and Libra
Degree rangeVirgo 23.20’ to Libra 6.40’
DeityVishwakarma or Tvashtar
SymbolShining Jewel
BodyNeck and chest
AnimalFemale tiger
TreeBael tree or Bilva

Chitra Nakshatra Characteristics Male

  • Chitra males are the charming ones. They are considered to be lucky in terms of money and wealth. 
  • They love technical knowledge behind anything and are very innovative as well. They have a tinge of arrogance and pride on their face.
  • They have good bonds with their siblings. Their relationship with their family is also cordial. Constant arguments usually keep them away from home and busy with their work.
  • They are said to have discipline and manifest what they want in life. They tend to become self-centred if they fall in 1st pada. However, they are optimistic individuals and action-oriented.
  • They become good architects, designers, authors, artists, models, politicians, military officers, engineers, innovators, sculptors and other creative work.

Chitra Nakshatra Characteristics Female

  • Chitra females look very attractive. They are glamorous and love to dress up nicely. 
  • They are the kind of women who don’t limit themselves to please others. They live on their own whims.
  • These are high spirited women who dream big such as being famous and living a glamorous life. It doesn’t matter whether they get it or not; at least they have the courage to pursue it despite innumerable obstacles.
  • Chitra females have hidden talent. Often they work in different fields to sustain themselves till their real talent gets noticed.
  • Usually, they face a lot of issues in relationships. Their relationship has more chances to last if they marry someone from a similar career field.
  • Unsupportive family and emotional pain may make them prone to addiction or loneliness.

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Chitra Nakshatra Compatibility in Astrology

Chitra and Hasta Nakshatra: You are attracted to Hasta Nakshatra natives due to their intelligence and care for you. They are down to earth and have a friendly nature. They are unaffected by their mood swings and prefer to enjoy the various aspects that make up their personality. You and Hasta Nakshatra natives are 79% compatible.

Chitra and Ashlesha Nakshatra: You and Ashlesha Nakshatra natives are 67% compatible. You are drawn to Ashlesha’s charm, but you also appreciate their intelligence and deep knowledge. You’re attracted to their cool personality and like the way their mind works. Ashlesha individuals will try to go in-depth into the relationship as if there are some deep secrets. They remain interested because you can always surprise them with your depth. 

Chitra and Satabhisha Nakshatra: Shatabhishak natives are impossible to understand, so you consider them as a challenge. They may be attracted to you and break their own rules to get to know you better. They share their secrets and feelings with you. It may take a long time to understand each other, but the results are awesome. You and Shatabhisha Nakshatra natives are 69% compatible.

Chitra and Ardra Nakshatra: You and Ardra natives are totally different from one another. But as said, people who are very different from each other are often attracted to each other. You are likely to appreciate their love because they love you selflessly. Their look is inspiring, and living with them is even more fascinating. You and Ardra Nakshatra natives are 65% compatible.

Chitra and Shravana Nakshatra: You and Shravana Nakshatra natives are 58% compatible. Even if your relationship does not last, you are likely to remain friends with Shravana natives. You like to spend quality time with them, and Shravana natives know how to keep you interested.

Chitra Nakshatra Strength

Chitra Nakshatra natives have strong personalities and stunning appearances. They are a well-read personality who frequently impresses people with their intelligence. 

They are also capable of achieving great rewards. They are ambitious, and they go all out to achieve their objectives. They are not someone who should be taken for granted. They possess the strength and courage to stand up for what they believe in.

Chitra Nakshatra Weakness

Their aspirations might become more essential than anything else in their life, causing them to break regulations and act immorally in order to accomplish them. As a result, they may not always be trustworthy and may be impossible to trust. 

Chitra natives also had to deal with arrogance. When they are appreciated, it can be difficult to remain honest, but failing to do so can bring difficulties in their personal relationships.

Chitra Nakshatra Professions

Architects, photographers, designers, builders, interior designers, composers, fashion designers, and inventors are some of the professions for Chitra Nakshatra.

Chitra Nakshatra Famous Chitras

Marie Antoinette, George Bush, Richard Chamberlain, Sidney Poitier, and Wilt Chamberlain are just a few famous Chitras.

Chitra Nakshatra Favourable Activities

Mechanical activities, buying new clothes, arts and crafts, spiritual practices, and home repairs are just a few favourite activities for Chitra Nakshatra.

Chitra Nakshatra Unfavourable Activities

The investigation, marriage and confrontation are some of the unfavourable activities for Chitra Nakshatra.

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