Shatbhisha Nakshatra 2022 Predictions and Muhurat

Shatbhisha Nakshatra 2022: Relationship Prospects

This year brings relief to you from all the tension. The stress and tension which was holding you too tightly for some time and due to which your family environment was also deteriorating, may soon start to subside gradually. Especially, the starting months of the year would help you to overcome this. Nevertheless, the tension may once again gain momentum. Therefore, give your full attention and do not interrupt anyone during conversation as far as it is not necessary. The last months of the year may be the end of your problems. Seek blessings from the elderly members of your family and pay heed to their needs. Also, understand and contribute to household expenses and responsibilities.

Married couples may enjoy their married life fully. You may also make some plans to go on a trip with your life partner. You may also gain a huge advantage through the help of your life partner. When it comes to children, you may be all happy and proud of them.

For couples in love, this year seems to be normal. With the middle and the beginning of the year to be highly favourable, the last months of the year may throw up some challenges. You may need to face these troubles and challenges bravely for your love life. The troubles may be due to some facts you may be hiding from your lover, which can make him/her pissed off on you. So, don’t do anything foolish which may bring trouble to your love life. Acting wisely and taking care of your lover, your relationship may be in full bloom.  The wisdom of the stars is here to let you discover the fate of your relationship. Read Love And Relationship Horoscope 2022

Tip: When in love, do not hide the truth from your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Shatbhisha Nakshatra 2022: Health Prospects

From a health perspective, this year may not come up with any major health problems for you. But, health problems may just pour in from all sides during the mid part of the year. Also, you may have to overcome the conflict juggling in your mind.

Excessive mental stress may pave the way to abdominal diseases. Hair fall can also be bothersome and moreover, pain in your eyes or dark circles under the eyes may make you look sick. Hence, to avoid all these conditions, it is better that you take plenty of rest. Get enough sleep and take more veggie and fruit juices so that you can stay fit. And, if necessary, ensure to contact your family doctor as soon as required. Health is wealth and you sure don’t want to waste that. Read Health and fitness horoscope 2022 for some useful tips.

Tip: Do not take too much mental stress, rather take rest and drink juices more.

Shatbhisha Nakshatra Career and Business Prospects in 2022

If you talk about your career, then you can get a good perk because of showing your efficiency at the beginning of the year. The appreciation can be in the form of a reward or money. You are likely to stick to your work and show your talent. Also, strive hard so that you may remain in the eyes of your seniors and this may surely benefit you throughout the year. The middle of the year would also be beneficial in terms of your career. And, in the last months of the year, you are more likely to gain the benefits of a prestigious position. Also, you may even receive an increment and you may also gain a promotion.

If you are into any business, then you have to start something innovative or creative again to take your business forward. Only after upgrading from the old working style to new things you may be able to move forward in your business. Get a detailed resume of your professional life. Read Career and Business Horoscope 2022.

Tip: Bring innovativeness and creativity to your business to grow your business.

Shatbhisha Nakshatra 2022: Finance Prospects

Talking about the financial situation, from the beginning of the year you may have a good influx of monetary gains. This may definitely prove to be good for your balance sheet and you can gain profit this year. There are chances of earning profit from the business. Additionally, if you are having a hustle, a side business or doing a part-time job, then you may receive some good profit by the end of this year. If you have a property, then selling it may also give you money this year and if you are investing money in some stocks, then you may get good interest this year, which would improve your financial condition. Having a Financial Dilemma? Don’t worry, we are here to help. Explore Finance Horoscope 2022

Tip: Take time to enjoy the fruits of your side hustle or part-time job.

Shatbhisha Nakshatra 2022 Dates and Time:

2022 Dates and Time:Begins:Ends:
January 06, 202207:11 AM, Jan 0606:21 AM, Jan 07
February 02, 202205:53 PM, Feb 0204:35 PM, Feb 03
March 02, 202203:48 AM, Mar 0202:37 AM, Mar 03
March 29, 202211:28 AM, Mar 2910:49 AM, Mar 30
April 25, 202205:13 PM, Apr 2504:56 PM, Apr 26
May 22, 202210:47 PM, May 2210:22 PM, May 23
June 19, 202205:56 AM, Jun 1904:53 AM, Jun 20
July 16, 202203:10 PM, Jul 1601:25 PM, Jul 17
August 13, 202201:36 AM, Aug 1311:28 PM, Aug 13
September 09, 202211:35 AM, Sep 0909:37 AM, Sep 10
October 06, 202207:42 PM, Oct 0606:17 PM, Oct 07
November 03, 202201:43 AM, Nov 0312:49 AM, Nov 04
November 30, 202207:11 AM, Nov 3006:12 AM, Dec 01
December 27, 202202:27 PM, Dec 2712:46 PM, Dec 28