Astrological Remedies For Sun Enters Virgo 2023

Astrological Remedies For Sun Enters Virgo 2023

In our cosmic world, the Sun is the celestial father and the brightest star, which resides in the centre of our universe. In Vedic astrology, it is the planet associated with soul, ego, energy and father of the natives. As per theories of Vedic astrology, the Sun takes nearly a month to pass through one zodiac sign.

Currently, Sun is transiting in its own-ruled sign, Leo. In the coming month, on August 23 , we will observe Sun transit in Virgo. Sun enters Virgo meaning that Sun enters Hasta Nakshatra as well. That’s right. The Sun will be in the Hasta Nakshatra from 23 September 2023.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, which is neutral to the Sun. And therefore, this transit may have good or bad effects according to the planetary position in an individual’s kundali. Virgo sign has two and a half Nakshatras, i.e. two Uttara Phalguni and Hasta Nakshatra and half of Chitra nakshatra. Sun’s transit in Hasta nakshatra may assist those who are seeking jobs in government departments.

Sun is the ruling deity of Hasta nakshatra, which is governed by its friend, Moon. Hence, astrologers believe that there would be positive results. But on the other hand, Sun entry in the Virgo sign may create hurdles for you. Let us understand what astrologers have to say on Sun enters Virgo impact on area of life.

Effects Of Sun Enters Virgo On Zodiac Signs

Sun transit in the Virgo sign also indicates that there will be the conjunction of Sun and Mercury. This union would display ‘caution signs’ for its natives. Below is what experts predict regarding the upcoming Sun transit in Virgo. Also, check out the remedies of Sun enters Virgo 2023.

Sun Enters Virgo 2023: Effects On Aries Moon Sign

Aries-bound professional workers may discover hidden enemies at their workplace. Due to this Sun transit, you may win against them. Plus, you may achieve your challenging task with the support of your colleagues. Students should continue to pay attention to their studies. Business owners may plan to expand their business by taking money loans. Lovers may have ego fights between them, and therefore, you may walk on a tightrope in your relationship. Elders health may improve in the coming phase.

Solution: It is advisable to give water to the rising sun every day. 

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Sun Enters Virgo 2023: Effects On Taurus Moon Sign

Sun will be transiting into your 5th house, and therefore, you may create unnecessary issues with your spouse. This would be a difficult time to be in love with someone. Also, those who are connected with the corporate world may hamper relations with their seniors or colleagues. In short, you may need to be careful while dealing with office work. Married couples may spend money on children’s health troubles. Sun transit in Virgo may harm your reputation and self-image in society. In terms of health, you may fall prey to viral infections.

Solution: You should read Aditya Hriday Stotram on a daily basis.

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Sun Enters Virgo 2023: Effects On Gemini Moon Sign

Sun transit in the 4th house for the twins suggests that you may spend more time with your family. You would have casual talks with family members and might get rid of previous misunderstandings. Students doing hard work are likely to reap the rewards. Lovers or married couples may have a chance of getting into arguments with their spouses. Those who are willing to buy their own property should stay careful of the fraudster. Healthwise, you are likely to enjoy pink health. You may increase your fitness level too.

Solution: Organise Vishnu Puja and read Vishnu Sahasranama.

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Sun Enters Virgo 2023: Effects On Cancer Moon Sign

Cancer individuals may boost their self-confidence to overcome any work challenges in their professional life. The conjunction of Mercury and Sun may also assist you in improving your speaking abilities. You may lend a helping hand to your colleagues to achieve your work targets. Cancer aspirants who are taking higher studies may get positive results. Cancer natives are likely to find a new source of income, but it also denotes that you may have extra working hours. You may plan to go on a family trip with family members. In short, Cancerians may have an excellent time ahead.

Solution: Worship Surya Lord by chanting the Surya mantra.

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Sun Enters Virgo 2023: Effects On Leo Moon Sign

The transiting Sun will be in the 2nd house for the natives representing the Leo sign. This would be a quite favourable time to achieve your wealth and prosperity. You may get profit through speculation or investing money in the stock market activities. Investors are suggested not to make decisions in haste. Otherwise, you may regret it afterwards. Leo-bound lovers may see a sudden rise of issues in their relationship. It is advisable to stay honest and loyal to your partner. You should be careful while driving as planetary movements suggest that you might get into accidents. 

Solution: Bow down to the rising Sun and offer holy water. 

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Sun Enters Virgo 2023: Effects On Virgo Moon Sign

Sun’s entry into Virgo sign reveals that Sun will pass through the 1st house of Virgo individuals. This would be an unfavourable time for you as far as financial matters are concerned. Business people may fall short of their success. Your newly-developed strategies may not meet your expectations. Job professionals may plan to change their jobs in search of higher income. Natives who are in a marriage relationship may have a fair time. Moving on, you need to be serious about your health status as you may complain of skin-related diseases.

Solution: You should make donations of sweets and food to the poor, especially on Sundays.

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Sun Enters Virgo 2023: Effects On Libra Moon Sign

Libra individuals may give a finishing touch to their ongoing projects. Sun transit will be in the 12th house, which denotes that you may earn monetary gains. Libra students may get distracted from their studies. Investors and business owners should act with caution before making any financial decision. Natives who are planning to settle abroad may receive green singles. In this phase, you may spend more money than your income. Married natives may face challenges in love life. Sun will aspect the 6th house, so there are chances that you may plan to borrow money.

Solution: You should respect your father and seek his blessings. 

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Sun Enters Virgo 2023: Effects On Scorpio Moon Sign

Scorpio natives are likely to remain socially active during these days. In this process, you may find new contacts. Sun transit in the house of gains may help you earn a name and fame in your profession. Business owners may earn great profits through new strategies. Job professionals may receive appreciation from their boss or chief. This would be the best time for you to claim career growth. Married couples may find peace and harmony in their love relationship. Moreover, in terms of health, you may continue to maintain good health and fitness levels.

Solution: Make donations of clothes and essential items to needy people. 

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Sun Enters Virgo 2023: Effects On Sagittarius Moon Sign

Job professionals born under the Sagittarius sign might get appreciation from their seniors. In this phase, you may achieve career growth at a slow pace. This would be possible due to Sun transit in the 10th house. Your past investments may bring desired profit to you. You may have control over your money expenditures. Lovers who are connected with Sagittarius signs may enjoy some quality time with their partners. Those who are struggling to recover their bad health may have a favourable time. Overall, you may find relief in the coming period.

Solution: You should wear suitable gemstone after consulting astrologers. 

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Sun Enters Virgo 2023: Effects On Capricorn Moon Sign

Capricorn pals are likely to spoil relations with their close ones. This may happen probably due to trust issues between you and your friend. Sun is passing through the 9th house for Capricorn natives. And therefore, it is suggested that you should not reveal your career plans to others. Or else, you may find it difficult to progress on the right path. Those who are willing to change their business or job may run out of luck. It is advisable that you should postpone your plan for a while. Also, you may go on business trips. Those who are committed to their partner should take care of their relationship as you two may indulge in conflicts. 

Solution: You should perform Surya Namaskar in front of the rising sun. 

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Sun Enters Virgo 2023: Effects On Aquarius Moon Sign

Sun transit in Virgo may adversely affect your personal and professional life. You may have to settle for monetary loss during this phase. Aspirants representing the Aquarius sign may face hurdles in taking higher education. Job professionals may have difficulties in achieving their work targets. Some of you may plan to invest time in doing generous work. Those who have spoiled relations with their family in the past may have opportunities to resolve them. In regards to health, you may complain of weakness or body pain. So, it is suggested that you should do exercise regularly.

Solution: You should do Surya Puja and make a donation at a nearby temple. 

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Sun Enters Virgo 2023: Effects On Pisces Moon Sign

Pisces individuals may find enemies, who may create obstacles for you in achieving your goals. This would be an unfavourable time for you to be in a relationship. Transiting Sun of 7th house indicates that you may have ego clashes with your life partner. It is advisable to be careful while talking to your partner, or you should avoid an egoistic attitude. Job professionals may face delays in their work. Also, you need to be attentive while talking with your superior. You may go on a business trip, but it would be an unsuccessful one, as you may get negative outcomes. During the Sun transit, you may feel an increase in mental stress.

Solution: You should donate copper materials or things on Sundays. 

The upcoming Sun transit in Virgo sign may come up with changes in your areas of life. We understood what Astro experts predicted and suggested that we survive the transition of the Sun. Those who have Mars and Sun in the same house as their kundali are advised to conduct Surya Mangal Angarak Dosha Puja to reduce the negative impacts.

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Wrapping Up

Well, it would be difficult for all of us to move on, especially when the Sun enters Virgo 2023. Thanks to Vedic astrologers who really have their say before we find ourselves wrongfooted. On a conclusive note, one should follow the remedies and wear suitable gemstones related to the Sun. Otherwise, it might be difficult to survive a hard time. If you have any questions popping up in your mind, directly reach us to our best astrologers. May you get the immense blessing of Lord Sun.