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Customer Testimonial

I started using this app last month. I was confused that predictions were given by pandits are accurate or not. So, firstly I started reading personalized daily horoscopes and was very accurate. So, after trying this for a month finally I had CHAT with an astrologer, it was my first online astrologer talk, and it was a very nice experience.


One of the best astrology apps I have used. The best feature is you can chat with astrologer and horoscope. I have also consulted two astrologers and their predictions were accurate and they are polite and knowledgeable.

Rakesh Nayi

I have chatted with an astrologer on the phone, and with the result, I’m super impressed. I would recommend all those reading this try MyPandit’s services at least once.

Walt Whitman

Best astrology service. This app has a lower price compared to other similar apps. I had chat with an astrologer and got accurate predictions. In love with this app.

Shah Pooja

Mypandit is one of the best astrology consultation app. Prices are pocket-friendly and all pundits jis have very good knowledge of vedic astrology and all predictions were accurate . Chat with an astrologer is the best feature.

Harsh Jobanputra

Superb online astro consultation app. One of the best features is talk to astrologer online and now we can also chat with the astrologer of our choice . When we want astrological guidance we get live astrologer 24*7.

Gaurav Nathani

Every app has chatting option now, and i feel that is amazing! It can be weird to talk to a stranger directly on call, so you can use the chat service then talk to astrologer on phone. i mean i follow that fashion, idk about the rest!

Aakash Raja

It was very satisfying to speak to astrologer on phone and I am grateful for their guidance about my future job prospects. Their chat service also works 24*7 which is another great thing! I could see the obstacles in my finances being removed with their remedies. Thank you MyPandit.

Haree Bhagvat

A phenomenal app of all, MyPandit has so many features like daily predictions, compatibility analysis, Janampatri and yearly reports. I have used their chat service and it has been super cool and easy to use. Must try for everyone who wants a 24*7 live astrology service.

The Legend

I am more of a chat person, so when i saw that MyPandit even has chat service - it was the best thing. i could text them at 3am and they would reply. The service is available 24/7. you should try tooo...


Okay, I don’t know about others out there, but I had a blast chatting with a MyPandit expert!! They seemed like a magician who took out hidden things and told me what exactly was the solution to my problem that I was dealing with for a few months! Totally recommend this one!

Man Power

I was really amazed with the service I got from the astrologers of Mypandit app. At first i was confused with the prediction, but after regular interactions and chats with astrologers cleared all my doubts. It was my first online astrologer talk and it was amazing.

Nanda Waghmare

Achieve All The Milestones of Life with Astrological Consultation

Are you standing at the crossway of life, not knowing which path to choose? Or are you in the middle of a life crisis? There can be various problems and difficulties on the smooth ride of life. However, success is achieved when you get guidance and clear directions.

Well, Chat with an astrologer and get guidance, clarity in all spheres of your life. Be it career, finance, business, marriage, education, health, love, children, new projects. Take advice and get clarity to lead a successful and wonderful life!

Online Chat With An Astrologer to Get Instant Solutions In Every Area of Life

Do you happen to make progress in your business or your career for a certain period and then again life becomes stagnant? Lots of frustration builds up when your life becomes stagnant or does not reach where you expect to reach. Well, you don’t have to let life reach a standstill as an astro chat online during your successful times will let you know how to keep the success flowing continuously and be always progressive.

Live Astro Chat For Your Ongoing Concerns

MyPandit offers live Astrology chat with the experts for your ongoing issues that need immediate attention and solution. You may have many concerns regarding your life and your future rides on the decision that you make today. It could be related to education, marriage, or any other area of life. You can get on-the-spot solutions by chatting with an experienced Vedic astrologer to make the best decisions.

Astrology Live Chat For Discreet Matters

MyPandit aims to provide genuine, logical, and relatable solutions. All the concerns that your share on the online Jyotish chat is highly confidential and discreet. Matters that you don’t find a solution to or cannot share with someone can be told on the Astro live chat. Astrological consultation is kept discreet and the astrology advice that is provided is a personalized solution that is specifically targeted at your problem.

Ask a Question to Astrologer – Any Time Anywhere

Success is determined not by obstacles, as obstacles can come any time, anywhere. Success is determined by how you turn obstacles into opportunities.

You can turn away all obstacles that come your way with effective solutions that you can receive through online chat with an astrologer which can be accessed globally at any time of the day. Your Vedic astrologers are here to help you 24*7.

Why Choose MyPandit?

MyPandit aims at providing astrological and quick solutions to all its customers. A leading astro consultant – MyPandit is a trusted platform for all your concerns.

We focus on providing effective solutions to all big and small problems of life, and our objective is to make astrology accessible for everyone without much hassle. You can easily chat with an astrologer online and get immediate solutions to improve the quality of life.

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