All About Chinese Zodiac Elements And Why You Need To Know Yours

All About Chinese Zodiac Elements And Why You Need To Know Yours

The Chinese Zodiac chart has 12 Chinese Zodiac signs: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. Like these 12 zodiac signs, there are five Chinese Zodiac elements: Fire, Earth, Metal, Wood, and water. Each of these Chinese Zodiac elements plays an important role in people’s lives. Each Chinese zodiac sign is associated with one of these 5 Chinese zodiac elements known as the Zodiac Sign’s fixed element.

Here is the list of fixed Chinese zodiac elements

1.Wood is the fixed element of Tiger and Rabbit
2.Fire is the fixed element of Snake and Horse
3.Earth is the fixed element of Ox, Dragon, Sheep, and Dog
4.Metal is the fixed element of monkey and rooster
5.Water is the fixed element of Pig and Rat

The Chinese zodiac elements classification is based on the theory of creation and destruction. Each element has a co-relation with the other constructively and destructively, just like their impact on people’s lives. Like wood catches fire, Fire has created Earth & Earth possesses Metal inside; Metal carries water, Wood (Plants and Jungle) absorbs water all in a constructive manner. While Fire destroys (melts) Metal, Metal cuts Wood; Wood separates the Earth, Earth soaks water, and water puts the Fire out in a destructive manner.

The 5 Elements theory of the Chinese Zodiac Elements

  • As per the five Chinese zodiac elements theory, each year has an element that keeps on revolving and repeats the same element with a particular zodiac sign after a cycle of 60 years.
  • Wood element completes a cycle from Rat wood in 1924 and will repeat itself after 60 years, that is 1984.
  • Fire element completes a cycle from Rat fire 1936 and will repeat itself in 1996.
  • Earth elements happen to occur with Rat, that is Rat earth in 1948 and after 60 years in 2008.
  • Metal element with Rat zodiac sign in 1960 and again in 2020.
  • Water and Rat in Zodiac Year 1972 and then will happen in 2032.

If you understand, the same thing happens when in a cycle of 12 Zodiac years with each Zodiac Sign and 5 Chinese Zodiac Elements combined.

  • The year 1960 was the year of the Metal and Rat
  • The year 1972 was the year of the water, and Rat
  • The year 1984 was the year of the wood and Rat
  • The year 1996 was the year of the fire, and Rat
  • The year 2008 was the year of the Earth and Rat
  • The year 2020 was the year of the Metal and Rat

So from the year 1960 to 2020, after a cycle of 60 years, a combination of the element Metal and the Rat Zodiac sign occurs again.

The 5 Elements of the Chinese Zodiac and How They Affect Your Personality

All the five Chinese elements work together, so each person has distinct personality traits, likes and dislikes, habits, nature, behaviour, and fortune. Like other Zodiac Signs and Sunsigns, as we believe, the 5 Chinese zodiac elements also influence a person’s characteristics concerning their associated fixed element and Chinese Zodiac sign as per the 12-year cycle.

The element wood influences the people born in the wood years. They are stable, warm, always growing, patient, compassionate, understanding, social, and very focused. Sometimes while focusing on their success, they may cross boundaries too. Therefore, these people must understand their limitations. They are very good planners and good decision-makers. Birth years ending with 4,5 are wood years.

Fire, the people born in the fire years love to live a thrilling life. They like to do creative work. They get bored if their work becomes too monotonous and always seek excitement in life. Because of their nature, they get problems like anxiety and insomnia. They are spontaneous in life and always enjoy a change. Birth years ending with 6,7 are fire years.

Earth years are those ending with 8,9. People born in these years are peace-loving and responsible. They like to help others and can go up to any limit to help others, but they want equal credit for their help. However, sometimes they are self-centred to some extent. They should concentrate on meditation to control and maintain harmony around themselves.

The people born in the metal years are rigid, self-disciplined, loyal, and protective. People who belong to the Metal element are hard like metals. If one messes with them, they can easily cut their enemies. They possess high moral standards. However, they have a soft heart inside a hard metal exterior. Birth Years ending with 0, 1 are metal years.

People born in water years are very soft, kind-hearted, easy to get along with, understanding, creative, and very intelligent. These people need a calm environment and are very sensitive. However, sometimes they are misunderstood, as they keep so many things inside and cannot reveal the fact. They are not very social and mingle only with people of their type. Birth years ending with 2 and 3 are water years.

How To Find Out Your Chinese Zodiac Animal And Elements?

Depending on the birth year and the associated fixed element, people can easily find their respective Chinese zodiac elements. For example, a person born in 1971 will possess a Chinese Zodiac Sign of Pig whose fixed element is water and the Chinese Zodiac element is Metal. So the person will be influenced by both the Chinese elements that are water and Metal. All you have to do is check your date of birth, then its associated Zodiac Sign, and then the fixed element for that Chinese Zodiac Sign. And thus, you will get your Chinese Zodiac Sign and element.


I hope you follow the Zodiac sign and Chinese Zodiac Elements calculation and find out how they may affect your life. Each Chinese zodiac personality is different with these specific characteristics and traits of a particular element and zodiac sign combination. Though each of us has our fate and fortune, these personality traits may sometimes surprise us. When something around happens to be the same way as depicted in these horoscope charts, we suddenly see the connection. So, let’s not bother ourselves much about the facts and just relax. We urge you to nourish the positive traits and behaviours mentioned about you and focus on improving yourself for the better. We are sure this might ease your life and the life of the people around you.

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All About Chinese Zodiac Elements And Why You Need To Know Yours