Water Dog Chinese Zodiac – Learn More About It

Dog people are the most humanitarian among animal zodiacs. Dogs represent equality and justice for the Chinese. They always try to give everything they can to the people whom they care for. Dogs are always ready to stand up to defend against any family member or friends who are attacked with words or deeds and are fiercely loyal to those they love.

The water Dogs tend to be overly worried and can sometimes have a pessimistic view over a given circumstance. Water Dog zodiac is not materialistic and is not worried about money. They are happy as long as they may support their family. Water Dogs should take professional assistance during investment. The Water Dog Chinese Zodiac is always admired by friends and colleagues, but because of their high standards and changing moods, it is very difficult to live and adapt to them.

While they do not want to trick or hurt anyone because of their good nature, they cannot stop sharing their love everywhere. Although they have many positive features, there are some weaknesses in their personality also. To solve any problems, water dog natives need to prioritise things in their lives and have a clear mind. These natives can do all they want if they are focused.

Types of Dogs and their characteristics

Chinese Zodiac Cycle Dog’s Years, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, and 2030… 2018 is classed as an Earth Dog year.

Chinese zodiac claims that 1982 is the year of the Dog and that the waters are based on the Five Elements. Thus, the people who are born in 1982 are known as the Water Dog.

After the Rooster and before the Pig, the Dog is 11th in the Chinese Zodiac. Chinese astrology is linked annually to a 12-year cycle of Chinese zodiac animals.

Types of Dogs, year, and their Characteristics

1. Gold Dog [1910, 1970] Conservative, desirable, careful, and always willing to help

2. Water Dog [1922, 1982 ] Brave and self-centred, and even apparently egoistic, knowledgeable in financial matters

3. Wood Dog [1934, 1994 ] Sincere, reliable, considerate, understanding, and patient

4. Fire Dog [1946, 2006 ] Intelligent, hardworking, and sincere

5. Earth Dog [1958, 2018 ] Communicative, serious, and responsible in their work

Water Dog Chinese Zodiac - General Info

Dogs, born with an innate sense of decency and a need for balance in a messy world, strongly denounce injustice and wrongdoing, giving generously useful and effective advice to the person around them. Dog Natives gain many close friendships through warmth, empathy, and genuine interest in others. Dogs inspire trust in others, and trust is justified. They will always do all they can for others, and they can make sacrifices for their dedication. Water Dogs Chinese Zodiac deserves the highest respect.

The Water Dog Zodiac makes faithful, honest, and brave friends with a profound sense of justice. These individuals are magnanimous as well as prosperous, but they may also be mulish, guarded, and defensive. They may sometimes appear bossy because they genuinely feel they know best. They achieve goals faster as a result of their hard work and intelligence. The water dog does not relax. Water Dog’s heart and mind are still jumping, despite seeming calm and restful.

Chinese Astrology Water Dog: Characteristics

The Water Dog Chinese Zodiac has an extremely straightforward personality and is a great communicator with friends, family, and colleagues. They are quite carefree in their behaviour, and they are not as systematic as they should be, which may sometimes work against them.

The Water Dog Chinese Zodiac is very generous and will ensure that their family and friends get what they want, and they would work very hard to get it. The Water Dog with children is usually an excellent parent.

Water Dog Chinese Zodiac: They are very straight to the point and very direct. They may sometimes be stubborn, but they always listen to other people’s views and try to be as fair as possible. You are always happy to advise, and you are the first to help if something goes wrong.

The Water Dog Zodiac is admired for his integrity and trust by all his friends and family. They are an excellent character judge. They are not the biggest fans of socialising. They do not like large social events or parties and would like to have a quiet dinner with friends. They are great speakers and can talk to other very easily. In times of crisis, dogs can keep calm, although they have a bit of anger when they are in that situation. Their outburst is mostly for a short period.

Water Dog horoscope for love and relationship

According to the Water Dogs Horoscope, these natives do not seem to believe in other people easily, although they are trustworthy. Water Dogs might need some time to feel comfortable with people around them. In addition, these water dog people are also known to judge and comment when their loved ones do not live up to their potential.

As far as love is concerned, these natives may face some difficulty because other people do not like to see them insecure, always worried and undermined. Water Dogs are not known to be emotional, not to mention that they tend to criticise all. In love, this native may become easy to control because it is natural for the natives to give themselves completely and not let go of their partner.

The water Dog natives may be very egoistic and focused only on themselves, especially if it feels pessimistic. It is important for natives to talk to their partner and to think more about their partner, especially if he/she wants to be accepted in their life. Water Dogs may find it very hard to talk about their personal relationships despite being very friendly. These natives may also end up having more than one relationship at a time, being very frank, and always telling the truth. As the water flows, their emotions also flow, so these water dog natives sometimes may find it difficult to be committed in a relationship for a long time.

Water Dog Horoscope Compatibility

In general, people with Rabbit and Tiger signs may get along well, depending on the Chinese zodiac compatibility chart. Male water dogs get along well with the women of rabbits, rats, and tigers. While female water dogs get well-matched by rabbits, monkeys, and pigs, a sweet married life will be created. But Sheep and Dragons are not recommended to be married.

Water Dog Chinese Zodiac: Career Aspect

Water Dog natives are highly appreciated at their workplace because they always help their colleagues to complete projects quicker and they always give a helping hand.

Employers really value this native, and water dog natives are suitable for legal, advice, interior design, teaching, political, medical, or even law careers.

Water Dogs may also choose from a long list of professions; these natives are highly sensitive and good communicators. They are compassionate, so being doctors, teachers, and social workers are easy for them. They may succeed as lawyers or scientists because their minds are sharp. Many of them may choose to write songs or scripts as they have an exceptional command of words.

Water Dog Chinese Zodiac: Health Aspect

As the Water Dog Chinese Zodiac are prone to depression and sadness, they may have to find reasons to be happy, and they are strong and resistant when it comes to fighting an illness. Water Dogs needs to be careful about kidney ailment.


The Water Dog of 1982 has a good fortune of love. They have a strong sense of responsibility and loyalty to their spouse. They should not ignore personal life because of work pressure and should avoid being over-emotional. This native should learn to communicate with their life partners to work together to resolve the problem.