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The Tiger is always keen to engage in a challenge, and everything he thinks has an interesting future or something that captures his imagination. They are willing to take risks. They do not like to be bound by convention or by what other people dictate. They like freedom and act according to their choices, and they may have a spontaneous breakdown at some point in their life. Occasionally the Tiger can be restless. Fortunately, Tigers are lucky in most of their projects. If things do not work out as they had hoped, then they may be depressed, and it might take a lot of time for them to come out of it. Tigers are very adaptable natives who are adventurous, which seldom cause them to stay too long at the same place. They are likely to try several jobs that will make them move around.
The personality of the Tiger is of firm determination. They may not change it easily once they move forward. Water tigers are never going to regret what they said. They have been born with stability and trust, so people are always impressed with their power image. They are open-minded, willing to express their feelings, and hence they easily gain the confidence of others. They have problems accepting failures, and as a result, they are hard on themselves to succeed. They are very well equipped, full of a sense of justice and fairness to solve the problems of others warmly.

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Types of Tigers & their Characteristics

Chinese Zodiac Cycle, Tiger’s Years: 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2022, 2034
Chinese zodiac claims that 1962 is the year of the Tiger and that the waters are based on the five elements. Thus, the people who are born in 1962 are known as the Water Tigers. In the Chinese zodiac cycle, the Tiger is the third position. The animal sign that occurs in a 12-year cycle is associated every year, according to Chinese astrology.
Types of Tigers, Years and their Characteristics

1. Fire Tiger [1926, 1986] Independent and optimistic, with poor self-control.
2. Earth Tiger [1938, 1998] Realistic and adventurous, with strongly believed.
3. Gold Tiger [1950, 2010] Women are very enthusiastic. Men are indecisive, stubborn, and feminized.
4. Water Tiger [1962, 2022] Has a strong sense of self-respect and the ability to learn.
5. Wood Tiger [1974, 2034] Compassionate, expansive, and open.

Water Tiger Chinese Zodiac: Tigers Represent Calmness, Attentiveness, & Ambition

Water Tiger Chinese Zodiac Personality: Chinese Water Tiger people born in 1962 are calm, attentive, and ambitious. They have a great ability to learn and like something new. Water Tigers are always passionate about the achievement of their objectives. Water Tigers are helpful to their friends. As a result, they also get help from their friends when they are in trouble. However, Water Tigers are probably emotional. They often make irrational choices due to their impulse characteristics, and they think of their prestige very much. Water Tiger is not likely to accept, even if they realize their mistakes.

The power of empathy in the Water Tiger Chinese Zodiac, in some sense, can be its biggest weakness. When the Water Tiger has too much regard for others, Water Tigers may become undecided and confused. The biggest challenge in life for the Water Tiger will be to overcome their defeat and to follow rather than lead. The Tiger is a born leader, heavily competitive, and never scared of fighting. Tigers often find themselves in dangerous and difficult situations because they live dangerously. Their greatest defects are their narrowness and suspicion.

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Water Tiger Chinese Zodiac: Characteristics

The Water Tiger Chinese Zodiac takes part in various activities and is ready to experience new ideas and satisfy its adventurous personality by travelling around the globe to remote lands. They are adaptable, sensitive, and humble. In a calamity, the Water Tiger remains calm but may sometimes be extremely uncertain. They communicate with others very well and usually achieve their desire in life by their wide range of abilities and persuading nature. They are extremely inventive and often are exceptional writers.
The Tiger is a very audacious man. They have very charming characters and usually have very strong perspectives. They have a strong mind, determination and try to perform all important tasks with excitement. They are very alert and have a great sense of humour. They also tend to be philosophers.
Water Tiger may often be prepared to place 110% of their effort in a project, but they may soon lose their initial enthusiasm if they find something more attractive. As they might tell, Tigers can be quite impulsive, and later on in life, this may cause regret. If they sat down and were ready to stick with one project at a time, they would certainly be more successful.

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Water Tiger Chinese Zodiac: Love and Relationship

According to the 1962 Chinese zodiac element, natives who were born in the Tiger Year enjoy the sense of love. They are boring but handy in action. They have a special charm that makes them admirable. They are a little sensitive and tend to be overly enthusiastic about the relationship, which may frighten people away. They often have great luck in love, and with minimum effort, they can get true love, and they always have a lot of pursuers.
Water Tiger zodiac for males: Water Tigers are passionate about relationships and want to get their partners under control. They show their feelings directly on the face. They know how to make people happy, and so among the female natives, Water Tiger males are very popular. In married life, the Water Tigers may tend to be dominant. If their better half likes to depend on them, their relationship may be well preserved.
Water Tiger Zodiac for females: Women born in the Tiger Year pursue romantic affairs like in films and novels and look for perfect relations. They also hunt for freshness, and they hate to be bound by household life. They could allow their husbands to devote themselves, independently financially and psychologically. In their homes, they are used to making decisions and managing money, which saves husbands many difficulties. But once ditched, they don’t easily give up but take a serious vengeance on betrayal.
Water Tiger Compatibility: In general, People with a Chinese zodiac tiger sign can get along with people who can be their best partners in their marriage life by showing dragons, horses, and pigs. They will have a sweet, eternal relationship. Meanwhile, Ox, Tiger, Snake, or Monkey people are not compatible.

Water Tiger Chinese Zodiac Horoscope Compatibility

Tigers are very conversational, so people around them need to learn to be patient listeners if they are going to make friends. They are also quite confident. People should not publicly point out their mistakes or defects. Otherwise, they will rebel and take vengeance. Even in a very small competition, they like to win and never lose. They are also familiar with a dominant decision-making role. It is better to express thoughts convincingly and tactfully when offering advice.
As per the 1962 Chinese zodiac element, the perfect matches for tigers are Dragon, Horse, Pig. The Complementary matches for Tiger are Rooster, Dog. The acceptable Matches for Tiger are Rat, Rabbit. The Intimate friend for Tiger is Sheep. The Tiger should avoid Ox, Tiger, Snake, Monkey.

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Water Tiger Chinese Zodiac: Career Aspect

Few of the Water Tiger may be easily led by their hard work within political and business circles. Their career luck improves and improves for most Water tigers over the next few years. They are also highly appreciated by the leaders and easily promoted.
Tiger natives are prepared to combine their interests with their businesses. While they are not patient in doing business, they are not willing to withstand customers in equal favour. Water Tigers love adventure and sport, so they are dedicated to this area. It also facilitates and makes it easier for customers to talk about these matters. In addition, they can organize customer loyalty outdoor activities in the client area.
They could have great results, based on Tiger’s fortune prediction, in their businesses.

Water Tiger Chinese Zodiac: Health Aspect

Water Tiger must take good care of themselves based on their poor health in 2021. Even if Water Tiger is busy at work, they should take time to work out. Water Tiger should also take their family members outdoors occasionally to enhance their fitness, but the relationship between members of the family also improves. Take particular care when driving on the road. Although there are no serious problems with health, stomach and intestines issues may arise. Water Tiger must take care of food hygiene and avoid eating more than required.

Hints for Water Tiger Chinese Zodiac

Water Tiger should avoid investing in fields that they are not conversant with. Before investing for their friends, try to maintain a healthy connection with others and be aware of their credit and liability. Take the advice of elders to save money and investment humbly.