Significance of Observing Rama Ekadashi Vrat

Significance of Observing Rama Ekadashi Vrat

Ram Ekadashi is an auspicious day to impress Lord Vishnu. Therefore, devotees perform Vishnu Puja and seek blessings from the Lord. This day falls on the eleventh day of Krishna Paksha of Chaitra month, as per the Hindu calendar. This day holds the extraordinary importance of worshipping Lord Vishnu. It is believed that Kesahav Swaroop of Lord Vishnu was loved by Rama Swaroop of Goddess Lakshmi. It is the last Ekadashi of Chaturmas (A period of four months). Individuals who pay contributions to God may get their wishes fulfilled. Let us discuss in detail about the story and significance of Rama Ekadashi.

Rama Ekadashi 2024: Important Dates and Time

Rama Ekadashi 2024Date and Timings
Rama Ekadashi Vrat TithiMonday, October 28, 2024
Ekadashi Tithi Begins05:23 AM on Oct 27, 2024
Ekadashi Tithi Ends 07:50 AM on Oct 28, 2024
Parana Time On 29th Oct, 06:11 AM to 08:33 AM
Dwadashi End Moment on Parana Day10:31 AM

Significance Of Rama Ekadashi

As stated in Brahma-Vaivarta Purana, the one who observes fast on this auspicious day may get rid of their past sins or wrong deeds. A person worshipping Lord Vishnu with a pure heart may achieve salvation by Lord’s grace. On this day, if you recite Lord Vishnu’s mantras or ancient tales, you may make tremendous progress in your life. Some of the devotees also organize Vishnu Puja or Lakshmi Puja to appease the Lord. By organizing these Pujas, one may wash off their sins and may find ways to achieve success in life.

Ram Ekadashi's Story

According to ancient Hindu scriptures, once there was King named Muchukunda, who controlled a prosperous realm and had prime examples Indra, Varuna, and Kubera as his dear companions. He was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu. He had a girl named Chandrabhaga, who got married to Prince Shoban, the child of King Chandrasena.

Chandrabhaga was following the Vrat of Rama Ekadasi from her childhood days. So, she requested her husband to perform the Vrat. Shobhan kept her word but couldn’t control his craving and succumbed to death before dawn. Then, a Brahmin named Soma Sharma was passing through Muchukunda’s realm and saw the prince. When asked, Prince Shobhan requested Brahmin for help. Later, Soma Sharma informed Chandrabhaga and clarified the entire incident. He further added that if somebody can part ways with every one of their ideals for a lifetime from Rama Ekadasi Vrat, Prince Shobhan, and his realm will come to the real world. Chandrabhaga then parted ways with every one of her excellencies to brought her husband back. Thereafter, the couple restored the happiness in their life.

Importance Of Rama Ekadashi Vrat

Fasting is a significant custom upon the arrival of Rama Ekadashi. This ceremony begins from ‘Dashami, a day before the Ekadashi. On this day, devotees avoid eating food varieties and devour just ‘Saatvik feast’ once, before dusk. They conclude the fasting rituals (Parana) on the next day of Dwadashi tithi.

Devotees dedicate this day to Lord Vishnu by doing Vishnu Puja. They also offer flowers, fruits, incense sticks, and dhoop to the idol of Lord Vishnu. Some of them also keep Bhog near the idol of Lord Vishnu. Later, they conclude the puja by performing aarti and distribute prasad among other devotees.

Devotees offer supplications to Devi Lakshmi alongside Lord Vishnu to look for the endowments of flourishing, well being and satisfaction. Also, they stay awake till late at night, singing devotional songs or reading the holy book of ‘Bhagavad Gita’ or Vishnu Sahastranama Stotram.

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Benefits Of Rama Ekadasi Vrat

Devotees observing stict fast on the auspicious day of Rama Ekadashi may get below-mentioned benefits:

  • You may get relief from past birth sins, or any wrong deeds you unintentionally did in your life
  • You may acheive salvation for you and your ancestors
  • Observing fast is equivalent to more than 100 Rajasuya Yagnas or 1000 Ashwamedha Yagnas (Fire Rituals to accomplish force and power), so you may get postive results in your life.
  • You may restore peace and happiness in family
  • Lord Vishnu may protect you from evil forces and hidden enemies

Foods To Avoid During Ram Ekadashi Vrat

Below are the food items that one should avoid consuming during the Ram Ekadashi Vrat.

  • Food Grains, cereals and beans (beats) should be kept away from Ekadashi.
  • While flavours can be utilized for cooking, mustard seeds ought to stay away from.
  • You can’t utilize powdered asafoetida (hing) since it contains grains.
  • Taking everything into account, they may be utilized uniquely on Ekadashi.
  • One should also avoid cooking with grains. For instance, keep away from ghee which you have used to broil puris, and flavours which you have contracted with hands cleaned with chapati flour.
  • You can’t even take Vishnu-prasadam containing the above taboo food sources. Yet, such prasadam might be kept to be respected the next day.

Ending Note

We understood how observing the day-long fast on Ram Ekadashi help us fulfilling wishes. One must observe fast on this day and if possible, organize Vishnu Puja or Lakshmi Puja to please the Lord. Whoever recall Lord Vishnu with utmost sincerity may get divine blessings from the Lord. It is one of the most auspicious days in Hindu culture. With this, we wish you a happy Rama Ekadashi in advance.

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