Maa Kushmanda 2024: Significance and Saga of Celebration

Maa Kushmanda 2024: Significance and Saga of Celebration

Maa Kushmanda is one of the nine forms of the divine Goddess Durga. She is associated as a creator of the earth with her divine smile. However, Maa Kushmanda form is celebrated on the fourth day of Navratri. This avatar of Maa Durga is also known as the smiling goddess. Her name signifies her role in the world as the ‘Ku’ word means small. ‘Ushma’ word refers to heat and energy. At the same time, the ‘Anda’ word means egg. Combining these three words derives the actual meaning of her name can be a little cosmic egg as she is the one to create the little cosmic egg called the universe. She, with her angelic smile, generated a universe for us to live in.

The Appearance of Maa Kushmanda

Goddess Kushmanda appears to have four pairs of hands as she is known as Ashtabhuja Devi. In each hand, she is holding a sword, a hook, a trident (Trishul), a bow, an arrow, a disc, a mace, and a pot in which she has an elixir in it. By the way, her mount is a lion that symbolizes fearlessness and strength. However, this is conveyed to her devotees too.

Maa Kushmanda Origin

There’s a fantastic story behind the creation of the Universe according to Devi Purana through Maa Kushmanda. When the Universe was non-existent, and there was no source of light as the whole space was surrounded by darkness, Maa Kushmanda created a “little cosmic egg”.

Like a ray of divine light, it spread across the whole space. Every corner of space now looked illuminated with millions of light. That light took a definitive form when it spread across space which looked like a celestial deity. That was how Maa Kushmanda was formed during the creation of Brahmand(Universe). She gave life to the cosmic egg with her radiant smile that illuminated the whole Universe leaving no corner of it in the dark.

The process of creation of stars, galaxies, planets, earth all brought after this event. But the sustain of life was only possible when the Sun was there with the perfect temperature suitable for life. Maa Kushmanda, with herself as a source of light and energy, decided to take matters into her own hands. She placed herself between the core of the Sun radiating and became the source of energy for the Sun and life.

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Maa Kushmanda is the source of energy for Lord Surya’s radiance. She’s the one directing the Sun God, Surya. The Sun loses its power, and its light fades away quickly and becomes incapable of forming energy as she is known as Shakti(energy). It all happened when her smile outlined a body full of energy from her which then formed light. This light was offered to the whole Universe. Gods, celestial deities, and humble people who honoured Maa Kushmanda would receive greetings from Mata with a warm smile.

After the creation of life, she formed three supreme gods and goddesses. It is said that with her right eye, she created a kindhearted and extremely compassionate Maa Saraswati. From her centre eye on her forehead, she created a ferocious form named Mahalakshmi. Lastly, from her left eye, her extreme terrorizing and destructive form was created who is called Mahakali.

Maa Kushmanda then absorbed all the energy from supreme gods and goddesses in herself as a Maha Shakti of a celestial body with the never-ending energy source. Therefore, it is believed that she was the prime source of energy in the Universe and the first life in the Universe. The deities she gave birth then went ahead and made life on earth and other Universes possible. However, the colour associated with Maa Kushmanda is Red.

Furthermore, it is said that those who worship her regularly are blessed with strength, fortune, success, and redemption. She releases her faithful followers from obstacles, illness, and misery.

Timings And Muhurat for 4th Day Navratri 2024

  • Date: 4th Day Navratri Sunday, October 6, 2024

Maa Kushmanda Puja Mantra

Maa Kushmanda puja is performed on Chaturthi, the fourth day of Navratri. This year Tritiya and Chaturthi are on the same day. This is why the puja vidhi of Mata Kushmanda will be performed on, Sunday, October 6, 2024

Kushmanda Devi Mantra

सुरासम्पूर्णकलशं रुधिराप्लुतमेव च । दधाना हस्तपद्माभ्यां कूष्माण्डा शुभदाऽस्तु मे ॥

Meaning – The urn, which is filled with liquor, is blood, splashed in blood. Goddess Bhagwati has put such an urn in both her lotuses. May such mother Kushmanda allow me auspiciousness.


या देवी सर्वभू‍तेषु माँ कूष्माण्डा रूपेण संस्थिता। नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमो नमः॥
Ya Devi Sarvabhuteshu Maa Kushmanda Rupena Samsthita।
Namastasyai Namastasyai Namastasyai Namo Namah॥

Maa Kushmanda Aarti

कूष्माण्डा जय जग सुखदानी। मुझ पर दया करो महारानी॥

पिङ्गला ज्वालामुखी निराली। शाकम्बरी माँ भोली भाली॥

लाखों नाम निराले तेरे। भक्त कई मतवाले तेरे॥

भीमा पर्वत पर है डेरा। स्वीकारो प्रणाम ये मेरा॥

सबकी सुनती हो जगदम्बे। सुख पहुँचती हो माँ अम्बे॥

तेरे दर्शन का मैं प्यासा। पूर्ण कर दो मेरी आशा॥

माँ के मन में ममता भारी। क्यों ना सुनेगी अरज हमारी॥

तेरे दर पर किया है डेरा। दूर करो माँ संकट मेरा॥

मेरे कारज पूरे कर दो। मेरे तुम भंडारे भर दो॥

तेरा दास तुझे ही ध्याए। भक्त तेरे दर शीश झुकाए॥

May Goddess Kushmanda keep her blessings on you and your family for the years to come. Enjoy good health and happiness – the real wealth, which you can’t buy. Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!