Parsi New Year Celebration

Parsi New Year Celebration

The Parsi community stays in our country for a long time. They have blended with other Indian communities and live peacefully in India. The Parsi people celebrate their Parsi New Year on the first day of the year, as per the Iranian calendar. The Parsi New Year has other names and also known as Navroz or Jamshedi Navroz. The Parsi community celebrates Parsi New Year 2024 On Thursday, 15 Aug 2024

The Importance of Parsi New Year Celebration in August

The Parsi New Year’s Day in India is not celebrated in the month of March like it is celebrated in other parts of the world. In India, the Parsi New Year date is different; it is Thursday, 15 Aug 2024 this year. The Parsi community in India follows the Shahanshahi calendar, and it doesn’t count for leap years.

History of Parsi New Year

The Paris people are natives of Persia; their religion is Zoroastrianism. It was discovered by Zarathustra in Persia itself. The Parsi New Year Festival is also famous as Jamshed-i-Nouroz. It is named after the King Jamshed of Persia, and he founded the Parsi calendar. Parsi people started with the Parsi New Year celebration 3000 years ago. The Parsi New Year Day is also known as Navroz. Nav means new, and Roz means day; the combined meaning is Navroz.

Parsi New Year Celebration

Parsis celebrate the Parsi New Year Day just like they celebrate the Navroz spring festival. The Parsi people start the celebration on the eve of Parsi New Year or Pateti. Parsis start the day early and take a bath. They dress-up with their customary cultural attire and visit the Agiyari or Fire Temple. Parsis offer milk and flowers to the god.

The Parsi community cleans their houses and meets their friends and relatives. Also, they give gifts to each other and enjoy the festival. Charity and donation are also an integral part of the Parsi New Year Festival. On this day, Parsi people sort out their issues with anyone, which helps them bring peace and harmony to the family.

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The Special Food Items for Parsi New Year

The Parsi people are food lovers and decorate their houses with colorful rangolis and lights. Parsi people greet the guests visiting their home by saying, Navroz Mubarak. They also sprinkle rose water to honor the guests coming to the house. Food is an integral part of Parsi New Year celebrations. Parsis make sweets and tasty desserts to celebrate the special occasion of the new year. Some of the best food served on Parsi New Year Day is Dhansak, Berry Pulo, Patra Nu Machhi, Farcha, and Salli Botti.

Parsis are fun-loving people and the celebration of Parsi New Year holds an essential place in their lives. May the Holy Fire bless the entire mankind on this Parsi New Year.