Taurus Monthly Horoscope

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The benevolent Jupiter will bring good times as the month begins. There are chances of promotion at your work place. You will have strong positive momentum, if you are doing business. However, Venus indicates that there will be some misunderstanding, doubts or insecurity in your love life. The best remedy to resolve the problems will be a meaningful communication. Your strong support system may help you to make good progress in your studies this month. As the month advances, North Node may bring an opportunity from relatively far away. A tangible increase in profits is possible around the mid of this month. Long distance travel opportunities with friends and beloved ones will come your way. Some leisure in nature will benefit your health. Venus will bring ease of working during the latter half of this month. The North Node will be tempting to take ambitious decisions or participate in dubious transactions which can be detrimental to your financial growth. Also, Mars will bring some disruptions and heated arguments in your relationship. So, you will have to keep a cool head during the latter half of month. The impact of stars will make you understand how important doing regular exercise for health. However, it will be very much important for you not to overdo it: The impact of Mars bring disruptions at your work place around the month end. It may bring with some confusing situations hence not to take risks to earn money. The impact of Venus may boost your love prospects as the month reaches its end. Also, it will bring major improvement in your health status. Mercury will bring a lot of balance within yourself which can help your studies.

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About Taurus Zodiac Sign

Taurus is the fixed zodiac sign of the Earth family. Perhaps that translates them to be grounded, stable, and logical. Yaas, they are the stereotypical stubborn but rock-steady and goal-oriented. But of course, there are plenty of other elements in the zodiac world but being an astrological bull has a big say in shaping your personality! Taurus is considered the anchor of the zodiac. Hufflepuffs! Yeah, they are well equipped with the quality of being patient and determined that helps them to excel in everything that they do! No wonder they have several trophies and accolades showcased in their luxurious living room! Careful and low-risk the Bull follows the fable slow and steady wins the race! Read More

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