Gemini Weekly Horoscope

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As the week begins, Mars will make your professional life very hectic. There will be some delays and difficulties in getting desired recognition. If you are doing business, keep patience. This can be a good time for small changes and minor adjustments. Some constraints can hold you from accelerating pace to achieve your financial goals. Venus will help you manage your relationship but, the complex influencer of North Node may not allow you to enjoy the true colors of love. You will be able to maintain your health during this week. You will need to work towards building a stronger immune system though. You will be able to maintain steady growth in your studies but, at times Mars may make you a little overconfident or reckless hence productivity may deteriorate to an extent around the midweek.

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About Gemini Zodiac Sign

In Vedic astrology Gemini is the third sign on the zodiac wheel that belongs to the Air element, accompanying Libra and Aquarius. It represents two different personalities in one and you bet you may never be sure which one you may face! Sociable, communicative, chirpy, and ready for adventure these natives are fascinated with the world itself! The famous quote -Curiosity is the mother of invention is the perfect definition of a Gemini! Gemini, the Caring Twins, have so much childlike innocence that relates to their tale of brotherhood, and endurance between two friends who are entirely opposites yet known to be identical twins! It is a combination of an intelligent, witty, and curious pair trying to explore and probe people and places in search of information. Obstacles seem to fade when they take over.

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