Oodh Sandalwood Incense Sticks: What Is It Beyond Its Fragrance?

Who doesn’t like to be in a beautifully scented room? The human body reacts to smells in different ways. Some fragrance activates the mind while others irritate it. But more than that, a smell can enhance or hamper the positivity and peace of the place!

The reason behind it is well elaborated by Vedic astrology. Everybody and place are affected by the energies radiated by the cosmos. Planets, stars, their combination, position and their ruling deities are all together responsible to make your life happy or stressful. But by simple astrological remedies, one can amplify the positive aspects and nullify the negative aspects of these planets and stars.

Ooda Sandal wood Incense Stick: An Astrological Remedy

As above mentioned that many astrological remedies are used for a happy life, mind, and body. One such remedy suggested by Vedic astrologers is the use of Incense Sticks. It is used by various cultures across the globe for ages. Their usage is recorded in the memorial time of Buddha too. Earlier, people thought that Incense Sticks are used just to make the place smell good. But as time passed and the astrologers studied the significance of incense stick in pooja, they concluded that it has healing properties. If one is looking for a shelter with peace and tranquillity, then the best place would be the one that has an illuminated incense stick.

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And to keep calm and peace, the best-suggested smell is that of the Ooda Sandal wood Incense Stick. Let’s delve into more information about Oodha Sandalwood Incense Stick and know its importance and benefits. Before that, let’s know a little about Oodha and Sandalwood.

Oodh – The Expensive Agarwood

Oodh is also known as Agarwood and is one of the most expensive wood. It is because Oodh is formed by a fungus on trees that appears only on 2% of trees in Asia. Oodh has many Ayurvedic and medicinal benefits. With the regular use of its powder, one can get glowing skin and it also helps in curing digestive issues too. It is also helpful in treating migraines and asthma. It has a rich and musty smell.

Sandalwood – It’s Magical

Sandalwood, commonly known as Chandan in India, is not a new word for us. It is used in various religious acts and also in daily rituals. Its beautiful smell acts as an instant fuel for the mind and soul. Its paste is used to treat many skins related issues and stomach problems. It is also called a natural coolant.

Oodh Sandalwood Incense Stick – A Combination of Divine Fragrances

Oodh and Sandalwood, both are known for their fragrance that triggers peace instantly. And when both get combined in an incense stick, their influence is doubled. The astrological significance of the Oodh Chandan Incense Stick gets evident when the native starts feeling relaxed immediately.

The native might have been under stress due to an unfavourable planetary position. But with the use of Oodh Sandalwood incense stick, he/she will feel at peace. The use of oodh sandalwood incense stick in homam or daily prayers pacifies the malefic planets. It infuses positivity in the atmosphere and makes people experience bliss.

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Due to malefic planets, people often suffer from respiratory issues. The lighting of oodh sandalwood incense stick helps in relieving those issues by nullifying the malefic energies of the planet. It helps in connecting with the divine power through meditation as it clears the mind and soul and makes it feel bliss.

The Last Note

The oodh sandalwood incense stick is believed to remove stress from life and appease Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati. Its fragrance makes it possible to meditate better and improves concentration power too. It helps in healing and has medicinal benefits too. The best part is that it wards off all the negative vibes from the place and fills the air with a sweet smell full of positive energy.

So what are you waiting for? Get a pack of Oodh Sandalwood Incense Sticks today!