Rahu in 1st House: Is North Node Effective In The Lagna House?

Rahu in 1st House: Is North Node Effective In The Lagna House?

Analysing the placement of Rahu, a thought may arise in your mind, ‘How can it be so cruel?’ In fact, it’s an invisible planet. Agreed with you, but that’s what the body-less planets do to human lives. Phew! Welcome back patrons, here we are once again up with an interesting blog on the 1st house placement of Rahu.

As you know, demons crave disturbance and illusions. The same goes for Rahu, its presence in the house may restrict you to get the benefits of that particular house. However, Rahu in the first house could bring a twist to the tale. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s find out what stargazers has to say.

What Does Rahu In The Lagna House Mean?

The first house or ascendant house is related to self and physical health. If Rahu is in the first house, you may not suffer from any serious damage. Rahu may not be completely effective in the ascendant house, but it may dent your image in society. Individuals with 1st house Rahu may have a large forehead. You may not hesitate to take your chances during your work. And therefore, you are likely to risk-taker.

Rahu’s presence in the 1st house means that you are likely to be selfish and self-centred. This placement of Rahu may hamper your good health, and as a result, you may deal with mental problems or illness. Moreover, this combination may cause hindrances in your marriage relationship. You may have ego clashes with your spouse.

And guess what could be the worse? Affiliated Rahu. This north node of the Moon can be responsible for your long-term health troubles. Usually, you may suffer from health issues in your upper body part. Besides, if it is placed in the sign of Aries or Cancer, it may give positive results.

Influence Of Rahu In The 1st House

  • Self-attitude
  • Mental abilities
  • Risk-taking skills
  • Behaviour

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Impacts Of The Rahu In The 1st House On Your Personality

The invisible planet Rahu in the ascendant house means that natives may crave success. Your hunger to fulfil your desired goals could be endless. Others may recognise your work and may put your innovative ideas into consideration. Your positive attitude and efforts may help you to reach new heights in your field.

In short, it would be easy for you to achieve a higher position. You may influence others to enjoy life to the fullest. On the other hand, you may become jealous of others’ progress. You may find yourself arguing with others, or you may have a debate. Also, you may have a desire to win the arguments by hook or crook.

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Impacts Of The Rahu In The 1st House On Your Marriage

Individuals with 1st house Rahu may experience ups and downs in their marriage relationship. This combination signifies that you may get bored with your partner after some time. You may see the entry of a third person in your love life. Rahu in the 1st house means that you are likely to be unfaithful and dishonest with your partner.

Maybe, it would be the reason if you fail to build fun-loving connections with your better half. Furthermore, you may not enjoy a pleasant time of intimacy. Rahu in 1st house marriage life could be under the constant threats of separation. Lovers having 1st placed Rahu may find it challenging to move forward with their dating partner.

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Impacts Of The Rahu In The 1st House On Your Career

Rahu’s presence in the Lagna house may not affect your career growth. You may have big ambitions and dreams to develop a career of your choice. Also, you may have quests to achieve your career goals in a short time. But hang on! Here, you may find the ladder of success, but it won’t be easy to fulfil your wish. Minor ups and downs are part of everyone’s lives, so you too need to get through the struggling days.

However, if you play your cards right, you may achieve higher feet or may get a promotion at your workplace. This Rahu’s 1st house placement may send you to foreign countries in order to complete your higher studies. Ultimately, your dedication to your work may help you get success.

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Remedies For Rahu In The 1st House

  • Chant Rahu mantra of ‘Om Brim Rahave Namaha’
  • Feed pet animals or birds
  • Every day read Hanuman Chalisa
  • Refrain from accepting electronic gadgets from the in-laws’ house

Wrapping Up

Rahu’s sitting in the ascendant house means things may not stand as per your wish. This combination offers help to find success in your career. Job professionals with this placement may occupy a higher position at their office. But you may have a major setback in your marriage life. The malefic Rahu may not help you to establish a successful married life.

It is suggested that you should give time and space to your partner. Also, it would help if you listen to their words and offer support to them. This is how you may reshape your fun-filled love life. Or else, follow the above remedies to reduce the effects of Rahu. Overall, you should be careful in your life due to this placement of Rahu.

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