Rahu In The 2nd house: Impact on Personality, Career & Marriage

Rahu In The 2nd house: Impact on Personality, Career & Marriage

The shadow planet, Rahu, is known for creating illusions, dissatisfactions, fear and losses in natives’ lives. This invisible planet is named as ‘head of the dragon’ in the celestial cabinet. The placement of the Rahu plays a vital role in your life. Astrological theories suggest that whichever house is occupied by Rahu may lose its significance. Or if Rahu is associated with the lord of this house, then negative impacts are what you get from this conjunction.

The presence of strong Rahu in the 2nd house can convert ragpickers into billionaires and billionaires into a beggar. Also, this placement may negatively influence your wealth and prosperity. And hence, you may experience a shortage of money, and your financial goals may remain not achieved.

Nevertheless, we got a team of the best astrologers to shed more light on this placement of Rahu. So read carefully about its impacts before we reveal its helpful remedies to you.

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What Does The 2nd House Represent In Astrology?

The 2nd house relates to the native’s wealth, financial status, family and communication skills. This household the significance of wealth and prosperity. Thus, it is commonly known as ‘Dhana Bhava’. Rahu is the inauspicious planet in astronomy, which may form hurdles on your way to success.

If Rahu is in 2nd house, you are likely to have speech-related problems or unstable financial growth. But it won’t stop you from getting essential life comforts. Some of you may receive valuable assets from your in-laws. Besides, the 2nd house Rahu may damage the relations with your family members. This can be possible due to your poor communication skills.

However, Rahu sitting in the house of wealth may help you find good prospects in your path. This placement may give you unsatisfactory results until you turn 34. Thereafter, you may earn unexpected monetary gains. If there is an affiliated Rahu in the second house rahu you may have to wait longer to come out of difficult times.

Influence Of Rahu In The Second House

  • Wealth
  • Income
  • Speech
  • Marriage

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Impacts Of The Rahu In The 2nd House On Your Personality

Individuals with this combination may have issues while having conversations. You may unintentionally hurt others’ feelings by using harsh words. You are a kind-hearted person who believes in traditional values, but these qualities of yours may not recognize by others. And because of this, you may create gaps in the relations with your family members. Natives of Rahu in the 2nd house often live far away from home.

At the age of 25-30, you may see a downfall in income. And to get the upper hand on your financial status, you may choose illegal ways to earn money. You may find it difficult to have a stable source of income. Experts suggest that you should refrain from making big investments or taking money loans.
However, things may get reversed if Rahu is under the aspect of any benefic planets. This may help the invisible planet gain its strength, which may bestow desired wealth and sweet family relations.

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Impacts Of The Rahu In The 2nd House On Your Marriage

The 2nd house placement of Rahu may not provide good results in terms of your marriage. Your life partner may not remain faithful to you. You two may lack trust, loyalty and honesty, which can create large gaps in your understanding. Natives with this placement may find their partner cheating on them. You may see the entry of a new person into your love relationship.

Your love partner may betray you as they may crave sexual pleasure with an outsider. This could be the worst position of Rahu in terms of your marriage relationship. Also, you may have speech issues which means your words may hurt your partner. Rahu in second house marriage life could be filled up with sadness, anxiety and depression.

Impacts Of The Rahu In The 2nd House On Your Career

Individuals of Rahu in the 2nd house may not have any serious damage in their career. You may do exceptionally well in the field of coaching. You may become a yoga instructor, Zumba instructor, gym trainer, or health dietician. If Rahu is favourably-placed in your 2nd house or if it is aspected by auspicious planets, you may improve your speaking and listening skills. Furthermore, these abilities may help you learn foreign languages.

Natives of the second house Rahu may break the norms to earn heavy wages. It also includes their involvement in illegal activities. Individuals of 2nd house Rahu are good at speculation, and therefore they can earn more profit through investments in the stock market. However, experts advised you to refrain from making large investments as it may not give your favourable outcomes in the future.

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Rahu In 2nd House Remedies

Below are the remedies to reduce the effect of Rahu in 2nd house

  • Carry a silver ball in your pocket
  • Refrain from accepting electronic gadgets from in-laws
  • Respect your mother or elder women
  • Wear yellow colour clothes to reduce Rahu’s negative impact
  • Wear gold in any form

Wrapping Up

We learned about the 2nd house Rahu which may wreak havoc in the native’s personal life. It may ruin your good image in society due to your rude behaviour and poor communication skills. In regard to your marriage life, you may find a partner of your choice. But in the later stages, you may not form a long-term relationship. There would be more chances of betrayal from your partner in your marriage relationship.

On the flip side, you may get positive results in your professional life as Rahu of the 2nd house may help you proceed towards career growth. You may choose unrighteous ways to earn money, which may help you in expanding your wealth. Ultimately, this combination indicates that you should be careful with your financial matters. Also, you should try to develop love and trust in your marriage life.

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