Saturn in 11th House – Good and Bad Aspects Of Kundli

Saturn in 11th House – Good and Bad Aspects Of Kundli

According to Vedic astrology, the 11th house is the highest of the Trishadaya houses, implying that it contains the most significant amount of greed, desires, temptations, and desire for materialistic gains.

What happens when Saturn, the disciplinarian and procrastinator, sits here?

Common sense dictates that it should postpone the fulfilment of your desires and gains, as well as cut you off from your network circle and elder siblings. But that is not how it works. It is a very favourable placement for Saturn, in fact, one of the best placements. Why is this the case?

Aquarius, Saturn’s Mooltrikon or power sign, rules the 11th house in the natural zodiac. Because Saturn in the 11th house karma is the second from your Karma house, it is the place where you reap the benefits of your hard work and good karma.

The Saturn in the 11th house synastry is also a Upachhya house, which means that this house’s results improve over time. Saturn’s energy blends exceptionally well with the energy of the 11th house, which is why Saturn’s good fortune manifests most strongly here.

We must remember that, in addition to teaching lessons in detachment, Saturn also represents materialistic gain, which it facilitates when it is in the 11th house of Saturn.

Remember that with the proper placement, Saturn can bring immense wealth and power in his Mahadasha and even during Sadesati. Amitabh Bachhan and Indira Gandhi are two well-known examples. During his Sade Sati, our current Prime Minister Narendra Modi was also at the pinnacle of power.

Saturn in Eleventh House: The Plus Points

Because the 11th house is associated with gains and social circles, and Saturn is the eleventh house’s lord, it feels like home. As a result, it provides several advantages to its residents.

Saturn in the 11th house Vedic astrology ensures that they receive consistent income in the long run, regardless of the method. Their earnings may be low at first, but because Saturn represents patience, they may gradually increase.

Their partner may accompany them in terms of earnings. They may have at least two wage earners in their family and household. They may also benefit from speculative and investment activities. They have a good chance of accumulating a substantial amount of savings after the age of forty.

Saturn’s influence in the 11th house may cause natives to seek deeper meaning in life and commit to only one path. They might discover their true desires and wishes. However, they may try to break away from the group identity and forge their own. They may have lofty goals and aspirations, and they may work hard to achieve them. Also, they are likely to be patient and may have long-suffering.

They may have a sizable and genuine circle of friends. They may be looked up to and approached by their peers and friends during difficult times.

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Saturn in Eleventh House: The Downsides

Natives of Saturn in the eleventh house may grow bored and tired of socialising and may prefer to be alone at times. They may be afraid of being normalised and losing their unique social position and value. As a result, they may feel lonely and isolated from their loved ones. As a result, it may be difficult for them to relax or express personal feelings at times.

The 11th house represents blackmail, hoarding, smuggling, kidnapping, and other illegal activities. As a result, indigenous peoples have more opportunities to participate in such activities. It’s even more likely if Saturn is retrograde in your birth chart’s 11th house.

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They can be pretty deceptive at times and may outwit others for personal gain. Politicians are more likely to be born with a strong Saturn in their house and have favourable support from Mars or the Sun. They can become influential figures at all levels, from the “panchayat” (jury) to the national level

They may take advantage of their subordinates to increase productivity at any cost. They may also try to maximise profits by raising prices or lowering product quality. However, they are oblivious to the distinction between ethical and unethical means of earning a living. They may deceive and act cunningly to gain a significant profit from the situation.

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What does Saturn in the 11th house Mean?

Saturn in the 11th house is considered good in astrology, the eleventh house being the house of gains and mostly expected profits. Thus, in this context, Saturn represents earning through government, contracting work with government, and service in a government organization.

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Which Planet is Suitable for the 11th House?

Jupiter is the significator of wealth, destiny, and progress and is thus the best planetary omen in the 11th house.

In Which House Saturn Gives Good Results?

Saturn is considered reasonable in the second, third, and seventh to twelfth houses but wrong in the first, fourth, fifth, and sixth houses. Its enemies are the Sun, Moon, and Mars, its friends are Venus, Mercury, and Rahu, and its enemies are Jupiter and Ketu.

Ending Note

Saturn in the eleventh house is a good placement in general. As long as the native works hard and does not try to take shortcuts to money, they will be rewarded with abundant wealth and success.  Native would have excellent employees working for them. There would be few friends, but the majority of them would be trustworthy.

For disagreements with children, recite Lord Ganesha mantras, and for old age woes, recite mrityunjaya or mahamrityunjaya mantras. Some believe Saturn is the lord of the eleventh house. Saturn rules the eleventh sign of the zodiac, Aquarius. However, because it is the significator of scarcity, it cannot rule over the House of Gains (eleventh house).

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