Recite her Divine Song and Experience the Divinity with Shree Durga Saptashati Puja

Not only humans but the Gods also have had their share of battles and wars which prove that good always wins over bad, truth over lie and divinity over evil thoughts. There are multiple episodes elaborated in the Hindu scriptures, Vedas and puranas that reveal the saga of Gods’ and Goddess’ valour and their divine desire to keep the universe safe from demons. And one such sacred text is the Shree Durga Saptashati.

Durga Saptashati in Sanskrit is a divine song that is sung and recited to celebrate the victory of Goddess Shakti, better known as Durga Maa or Maa Chandi. The main aim of the Shree Durga Saptashati is to know that Maa Kali is omnipresent and whenever there would be any mess created by demons of any size or number, she will appear to fight back. And no matter how many days the battle shall continue, Devi Shakti will not give up till each demon is killed. This article is dedicated to Maa Durga, whose radiant face leaves all her disciples and other Gods and Goddess mesmerised with her divine beauty and all keep praising the courage and valour that she displays while battling the demons. And the best way to do so is by understanding the significance of the full Durga Saptashati. We will also cover the Durga Saptashati benefits and the importance of following the correct Durga Saptashati vidhi and puja.

Durga Saptashati - The Different Avatars

The Durga Saptashati in Sanskrit is a compilation of stories of how Maa Durga took over the devils in fearful and fatal war, all by herself. This sacred Hindu text is also known as Devi Mahatmayam or the Chandi Path. Written by Rishi Ved Vyas, the full Durga Saptashati in Sanskrit language is a part of Markandeya Purana, which was composed between 400 CE and 600 CE.

There are around 700 versus in the Durga Saptashati admiring the supreme power that Devi Durga is known for. These verses are divided into 13 chapters. In every chapter, a new avatar or manifestation of Maa Durga is celebrated. In all these chapters of the Durga Saptshati, the names of the deadly demons and the fight that the mighty Goddess had with them, is mentioned. Many devotees worship her also as the Mother who created this universe. Many worshipers read the sacred Sri Durga Saptshati in Sanskrit on the nine days of Navratri to invoke Goddess Amba or Jagdambika.

How To Perform Durga Saptashati Puja Vidhi?

Every sacred text has a defined way of reading it. The Durga Saptashati Puja Vidhi explains the procedure to be followed while reading the holy text for maximum positive influence.

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There are two ways to recite the full Durga Saptasahti in Sanskrit. The first way is the Trayangam. In this, the reader has to read three prayers in sequence Devi Kavacham, Argala Stotram and Devi Keelakam with Navakshari mantra. After completion of these, the reader has to go through and recite the 13 chapters of Shree Durga Saptashati.

Another way is the Navangam, where the devotee reads nine prayers in the name of Devi Nyasa, Devi Avahana, Devi Namami, Argali Stotram, Keelaka Stotram, Devi Hrudaya, Dhala, Devi Dhyana and Devi Kavacha followed by the 13 chapters of the Durga Saptashati.

The chapters from 1 to 10 elaborate on the battle between the Demons and Devi Shakti, while chapters 11 to 13 are about the positive blessings, benefits and fruits of reading and worshipping Devi Maa. Chapter 1 of the Durga Saptshati is a vivid description of the fight between devils Madhu and Kaithabh. Chapters 2, 3 and 4 describe the battle between Goddess Durga and the most dangerous demon Mahishasur, after whose death, Maa Shakti was named as Mahishasurmardini.

The 5th and 6th chapter of Shree Durga Saptashati is about the killing of the Dhumralochan demon. And chapter 7 is all about the killing of the devil brothers Chand Mund by Maa Kali. The 8th chapter explains how Raktabij devil was licked all by Maa Kali and finished leaving her tongue red with blood. The war between Amba Mata and the evil brothers Shumbh and Nishumbh is the last story revealing the strengths of Mata Rani, elaborated in chapters 9 and 10.

Chapter 11 praises Narayani, 12 is about the fruits and benefits and chapter 13 which is the last one is about how Devi Maa blessed the two merchants. Shree Durga Saptashati ends with the Shama Yachana or the Devi Aparadha kshama stotram.

Significance Of Durga Saptashati

In the previous section, we mentioned all about the chapters showing the fight of the Supreme Goddess with various demons. But in real life, we face many such demons and evils like greed, pride, lust, rage, evil ambitions and others. With every chapter that follows through Sri Durga Saptashati in Sanskrit, the devotee can fight with the devil that resides within him. This is the main significance of the sacred Durga Saptashati.

The first two demons were Madhu and Kaithab, which means all the sweat and bitter experiences that we have in life. We should not get affected by too much sweetness or bitterness around us. The next demon was the Mahishasur, who is known for showing lust and anger towards Devi. His lust and rage became the reason to annoy Mata Rani and this resulted in his end. This shows that we need to have control over our lust and anger.

Dhrumlochan signifies our eyes are the filters. We should stay away from distractions and illusions. Chand Mund brothers signify passionate violence and one has to practice self-control in this area. Raktabij demon multiplied with the drop of blood that fell on the ground. It reflects the desires that we have and that never ends. And Shumbh Nishumbh reflects good and bad and tell us not to segregate experiences into pleasant or unpleasant. They are all learning tools.

With a deeper understanding of the Durga Saptashati, it is for sure that the recital of the Sri Durga Saptashati benefits the worshippers, who read it with a pure heart.
• It reveals the path to self-realisation and enlightens the reader.
• The devotee is blessed with immense joy and prosperity by Goddess Durga.
• It prevents calamities and other problems in life.
• It is also read to negate the malefic planets’ energies.
• The reader stays away from poverty and ill-health.
• There is no shortage of grain and children are blessed with education and health.

You can even perform Durga Saptasati Puja to attain the divine blessings of Goddess Durga and attract health, wealth and prosperity in life.

Ending Note

One can get the Durga Sapshati puja online and also get the Durga Saptashati Yantra for amplified benefits. One can read the Durga Saptashati for free too online and help invoke Mata Rani. It’s very easy to please Maa Durga and feel blessed by killing all the devils residing inside your heart and mind. And read it without fear on any day from Monday to Sunday and especially during Navratri.

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