How Mangal Ketu Angarak Dosha Puja Is Effective For Native?

Angaraka yoga happens in a person’s horoscope when Ketu or Rahu comes together with Mars in any same house. When it happens, the native will struggle a lot in life. Vedic astrology says that all the bad things would happen if Ketu or Rahu unites with Mars in a malefic house. In this article we are going to understand the conjunction of Mars and Ketu that forms Mangal Ketu Angarak Dosha. Also, we will shed light on why it is considered inauspicious for its native, along with its remedies. So, read carefully to know the details.

Mangal Angarak Dosh: Meaning And Impact

Not all the houses where the conjunction between Mars and Ketu are inauspicious, but in some houses, the natives would have to face many problems in life. Due to this dosha, the natives may become more aggressive, negative and violent, and would have bad relationships with friends, family and everyone. If the dosha is very bad in the horoscope, the native may become a criminal and might face imprisonment for quite a long time for performing illegal deeds.

The nature of a person can’t be predictable if the horoscope has Mangal Ketu Angarak dosha in the horoscope. Whatever he does will be out of his control. There is a chance of getting road accidents or may suffer from enemies black magic, poor marital life, business etc. If a person has Angarak yoga in the horoscope, natives may have conflicts with their family members.

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Favourable And Unfavourable Outcomes Of Angarak Yog

  • Mangal Ketu Angarak yoga can be identified from a person’s behaviour as they would be very angry towards everything and anything that comes in their way.
  • The native will not be able to make any good decisions in their lives and whatever they take people will not accept it too.
  • The native has a chance to get appointed as the administrative agent in a government sector.
    Angarak yoga is a fire factor and the native will be completely under the control of anger.
  • The native may suffer from accidents, skin issues, blood related diseases etc.
  • Angarak yoga can be both auspicious and inauspicious based on the placement of other planets in the horoscope. If it is in an auspicious place, the native would earn more money by hard work. However he would also have to face many ups and downs in his life.

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How Does Angarak Yog Affect Different Houses?

Below are the effects of Mangal Ketu Angarak Dosha Puja

  • Angarak yoga in the first house of horoscope brings stomach related issues, liver issues, cruel mindset and no emotions.
  • Second house angarak yoga in the horoscope makes unstable financial status, uncontrollable speech, fights with family members etc.
  • Third house angarak yoga is quite bitter with all the relations in life.
  • Fourth house angarak yoga means the native might have land disputes, tribulation, miserable things may happen etc.
  • If a native has angarak yoga in their fifth house, female natives may have trouble in giving birth to children, dissatisfaction with children, interest in gambling and all sorts of illegal activities.
  • Angarak yoga in the 6th house makes best sense, an individual can turn into a borrower, an advance producer, an unfriendly, a ridiculous, person
  • Having Angarak yoga in the seventh house additionally brings despondency – questioned marriage life, ill-conceived relationship, fierce soul mate, widow or single man and double dealing in organization.
  • Financial misfortune, pain underneath the knees, wounds, and accidents are outcomes due to having Angarak yoga in the (eighth) house. Also, there is likewise the expansion of familial property to meet and loot.
  • Delays in advanced education due to having Angarak yoga in the ninth house, fatless, pathetic, moderate and enjoying Tantra mantra, are cold blooded reviled, and experience the ill effects of kids. He faces a ton of issues.
  • By having Angarak yoga in the tenth house, the individuals who break the customs, maddened by the dad’s riches, can offend the guardians, however such individuals can be exceptionally dedicated, officials, working individuals, athletes and profoundly fruitful.
  • Angarak yoga in the eleventh and twelfth house, early termination, infertility, improper pay, criminals, double mindedness. However, one may gain profit with the property.

Significance Of Mangal Ketu Angarak Dosha Puja

Mangal Ketu Angarak Dosha puja is one of the best remedies to nullify the bad effects of the dosha. The puja comprises Kalash puja and puja to other five gods like Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva, Navagraha, Matruka and Pradhan Devta. The puja will be done along with chanting of mantras for Mangal 10000 times and for 17000 times for Ketu, which is known as a Beej mantra.

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Puja can be done during the birth month or at the earliest when a native is found with this dosha. So, in order to know if the baby has this dosha, it is advisable to analyse the horoscope in detail by approaching an expert astrologer. It is suggested to do puja on Tuesdays.

How Is Performing Mangal Ketu Angarak Dosha Puja Beneficial?

Here are the advantages of conducting Mangal Ketu Angarak Dosha Puja.

  • It wipes out negative issues caused by the Angarak dosha.
  • It helps you maintain healthy relationship with spouse and other family members.
  • It saves you from road accidents or other misfortunes that were about to come.
  • You may improves relationship with friends and at workplace.
  • You may control anger and would find it easier to make important decisions.

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Wrapping up

Mangal Ketu Angarak dosha happens when Mars and Ketu are present together in a house of a native’s horoscope. If the dosha is not nullified, it will cause many adverse impacts on the native’s life. Yagya or homa must be done by reciting the Mangal-Ketu mantra, and this will show great results in the native’s life. For a more effective solution based on your birth chart, you can even consult our Expert Astrologers.