Shukra Graha Shanti Puja – An Effective Remedy for Venus

Shukra Graha Shanti Puja is a ceremony performed by priests to remove the negative effects of afflicted or debilitated Venus in your chart. Venus is the planet of love, relationships, passion, sensuality, enjoyment, artistic talents, creativity, music, beauty, growth, prosperity, luxury, wealth and happiness. It also represents semen and legacy. The strong effects of Venus can make you interested in the occult. Goddess Laxmi is the perfect embodiment of the qualities that a good Venus gives. It is a feminine and rajasic planet. Rajasic planets are those planets that give you material gains. The number associated with it is 6, the day is Friday, and the colour is pure white and indigo. Venus gets exalted in the sign of Pisces. The Mool-trikon sign of Venus is Libra.

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Role Of PLanet Venus In Your Life

The surface level of Venus can act as a distraction when it is giving material gains. This is a very clever planet. It teaches the native to develop the highest form of love in them, through pains of attachment that you think to be love. It can completely pull you in towards what you think is very beautiful, and when you are completely engrossed, other planets throw their tests on you.

Although Rahu represents smoke and alcohol, Venus represents intoxication. It acts like a love drug where you seek the intensity and pleasure of first love in other prospects after a breakup. Venus reveals how you love, what type of love are you attracting in your life or are attracted to. Where your intoxication is can be looked at by seeing the placement of Venus in your chart.

Then there is a deeper level of Venus which is devotion – to something which is higher than yourself. Venus is the only rajasic planet that can help you to reach the highest state of consciousness through unconditional love. Depending upon where Venus is sitting in your chart, it will dominate the energy of that house. It will show its results when Venus Maha Dasha activates that house and planets in conjunction.

How To Know If Venus Is Malefic, Weak, Or Debilitated?

Venus is a wonderful planet for both – people who are seeking material well being or liberation. When it is afflicted, it is very easy to sense it. However, one should always consult an astrologer to know the effects of Venus in their chart. Below are some of the indications of a debilitated or afflicted Venus:

    • The biggest indicator is that you have zero inquisitiveness about spirituality. Venus gets exalted in Pisces, which is the sign of Moksha. The extent you lack fulfilment in the higher source of energy, to that degree your Venus is debilitated.
    • You are always unhappy and miserable. You constantly feel there is something missing. You are not even satisfied with what you already have.
    • You lose money and wealth easily. There are financial difficulties in your life.
    • You are extremely selfish. Even when you can serve others without hampering your own comfort, you won’t lift even a finger. You are the taker. You hardly give anything but persistently take from others.
    • You make the wrong choices when it comes to selecting partners. You will say ‘Yes’ to the wrong people and ‘No’ to the right people.
    • You are not finding a life partner.
    • You run behind the opposite sex, which becomes the prime focus of your life. You will be trying to impress them and usually fall for people whom you have to chase.
    • You cannot persist through the difficulties of a relationship; hence you jump from one relationship to another.
    • You cannot fall in love. You are waiting for that perfect partner that does not exist. You are single because your expectations are never fulfilled.
    • You cannot forget those things that you should have let go of long back. You hold on to people or situations.
    • The horror of being single haunts you. Instead of being single, you are okay staying with someone not good for you.
    • You only choose partners based on their physical attraction.
    • You cannot accept people for who they are.
    • You complain, nag and criticise your partner a lot. You keep reminding your partner about the mistakes they made long ago. You are also broadcasting this to your friends. You try to prove to others how great you are by staying with such a downtrodden person.
    • You always dominate the other person. You try to impose your own thoughts over them.
    • You have unhealthy fears and insecurities in a relationship. You are suspicious and jealous when they talk to the opposite sex.
    • You change luxury items very frequently.
    • You behave indifferently in a relationship. You have lost sensitivity. You treat your spouse like he or she doesn’t matter.
    • Your clothes are dirty, especially your socks. You do not take care of personal hygiene.
    • You cannot stay without validation from the opposite gender. You are helplessly dependent on the affirmation from the opposite sex.
    • The opposite sex always cheats, uses, tortures, insults or hurts you. Or you could do this to the other person.

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Advantages Of Shukra Graha Shanti Puja

Life is not easy when Venus is afflicted. Being emotionally driven, human beings can suffer immensely. Shukra Graha Shanti Puja can prove to provide the following benefits:

  • Your relationships will improve. You will find more stability in it.
  • You will be more conscious about your associations.
  • You will find more accepting and inclusiveness in you.
  • Your inclination towards spirituality will take a pace.
  • Wealth will find its way to you.
  • You will start having insights and clarity over where you lack in relationships.
  • You will become more helpful, and the quotient of good deeds might increase.
  • Your compulsiveness towards lower forms of pleasures will tremendously reduce.
  • You will be naturally in a joyful and pleasant state.
  • You will attract more beauty, luxury and comforts in life.

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How To Strengthen Venus In Horoscope?

There are certain basic things you can do to attract and strengthen the positive effects of Venus in your life.

  1. Take care of spirituality, and all will be fine. Learn sadhanas and do them regularly. They cleanse your energy inside out.
  2. Be respectful towards women. Start it at home by respecting the female figures you are living or associated with.
  3. Appreciate others and recognise their efforts. When you are sitting with somebody, be with that person completely. Also, choose your associations very carefully.
  4. Regularly take darshan of the deity or Guru, to whom you are devoted.
  5. Wear clean clothes every day. Also, keep your mind, body and surroundings clean.
  6. Take care of your pancreas and consume less sugar.
  7. Always try to reciprocate. If you feel you have got something from someone, you give it back in the form you can.

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Wrapping Up

Getting the blessings of Venus is quite easy now. Priests can do it for you through Shukra Graha Shanti Puja without you being physically present in the venue. If you have been struggling a lot, especially in the matter of love and relationships, you should consult a pandit and get to know how your Venus is placed.

How to negate the effects of weak Venus? Consult astrologers for a solution.