What is Numerology Number? – What Numerology Numbers Mean?

What is Numerology Number? – What Numerology Numbers Mean?

Numerology Numbers has always been fascinating to everyone in this world. And it even helps to get connected with people of the same number and sound compatibility. Knowing about these numbers can be great fun and more helpful when you will connect them to your life experiences. You will understand your personality, tastes, preferences, health, finance and about your career.

Numerology Number Meaning has got hidden significance for everyone. Some find it symbolic for some, it presents your whole personality, but for some, it reveals the past and predicts the future.

The connection between the numerology number and one’s life is supernatural and religious too. But according to pessimists and non-believers, there is no such way to know and relate things to numbers. It is not a contemporary concept but more of present-day culture. In the good old days, not many people used to believe in it or, were knowing even. But to a certain extent, they do have an impact on our lives. These numerology numbers are taken in different formats of Life Path numbers, Destiny Numbers, and Soul Urge numbers. Life Path numbers, in Numerology numbers, are believed to be the numbers, which reveal the truth of your life, and the challenges that are going to come next. Let’s see how to find your Numerology Number and know its importance in the following sections.

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Numerology Numbers and their Formation

Numerology number gives you a unique identity concerning the number you hold as per your life path number. It also, along with identity, tells you about your good and bad events in life, past and future. So to know more about yourself with the help of numbers, you should know your number.

To know your Life Path number, your birth date (mm/dd/yyyy) is required. For name number, your complete birth name, with your last name, and if you use any second name, that too needs to be included. From your name number, you will come to know about your destiny number. The other two numbers that are taken out with the help of birth name are the Soul Urge number and Personality number. Soul Urge Number is taken from the sum of the numbers of the vowels in your name. The Personality number is taken from the sum of consonants in the birth name. When they are being taken out, making use of all the required assessments, the last one-digit number that we will get is the Numerology Number.

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Numerology Calculation Method

Before getting started with the calculations, first, let us know some basic rules of the Numerology Number. As it is understood that Numerology Numbers are single digits and vary from1 to 9, there are three numbers 11, 22 and 33, which are considered Master Numbers. So, in any calculations, if the last two digits come out to be 11, 22 or 33, they are not reduced to a single digit as they are special numbers, and they possess more power than any other number. All other numbers are reduced to a single digit at the last stage. Below is the Method to calculate.

We need to start by taking the birth date and adding all the numbers, and reducing the last number to a single digit. This will be your Life Path Number, and you will understand your strength, hidden talents, goals of your life, and weakness also.
By taking an example, one can find the Life Path number, supposing your date of birth to be July 15, 1995. Now we will need to reduce it to a single digit by adding all the numerology numbers for the date. July, being the seventh month of the year, taking it as 7 in number format. So, it would be 15.7.1995

Next step, let us add all the digits starting as
(1 + 5) + (7 ) + (1 + 9 + 9 + 5)
(dd) + (mm) + (YYYY)
= ( 6 ) + ( 7 ) + ( 2 + 4)
19 = 1 + 9
10 = 1 + 0 = 1

This last single digit that we get from the birth date 15/07/1995)
With this simple way, we can find our Life Path Number and make use of it to know what is hidden in the pack of life that we have got.

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About Single Digit Numerology

When you work out your Numerology number, you will get a single digit as the end. All these numbers have got some speciality of their own, which needs to be known individually. If you have got some number as your Life Path number, then it is sure that it has some definite urge behind your existence on this Earth, on that particular date.

To know the facts about numbers 1 to 9, we need to know the meaning of these numerology numbers. As mentioned, they will exist in single-digit numbers only, except for 11 and 22, and in some studies, 33 is also considered as a Master Number. So let us understand the facts about numbers 1-9.

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Numerology Number 1 (1, 10, 19)

Numerology Number 1 denotes Sun, representing an individualistic, powerful, creative approach. These people are very devoted to their focus and are brave as well. They are faithful and optimistic, full of life, natural leaders, and very honest to whatever commitments they make. They are straightforward, and due to this reason, their life may get complicated.

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Numerology Number 2 (20, 11)

They represent Moon, as Numerology Number2 is the number of the Moon in the chart. They flourish in an attractive, calm, and quiet atmosphere. The one who has this number shows a lot of characteristics of the Moon of being romantic and nostalgic rather than being active. They live in a dream world. Although they are kind, thoughtful, intuitive, and luxurious, by characteristics, the best quality of the number2 people is, they adapt easily to various conditions and circumstances without any complaints. They find difficulty in taking any firm decisions or taking responsibility, which shows a lack of confidence. Despite all, they love to live life peacefully and try to make things go easy.

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Numerology Number 3 (12, 21)

The Numerology Number 3 people are the people who have taken birth to enjoy their life to the fullest. They are ruled by planet Jupiter, the Guiding planet. They tend to enjoy a beautiful environment with their youthful, magnificent zest for life. They love making friends and want to remain in fun mode till the time they can. They are very good communicators, entertainers. They love being loved and appreciated for their talent in serving people. They like to learn new things throughout their life and accumulate knowledge. But at times as excess of everything is harmful, they do not like to face the reality of life.

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Numerology Number 4 (13, 22, 31)

Numerology Number 4, ruled by planet Uranus, associated with Earth, they are sensitive, down to Earth, full of strength to face the odds of life. They seek pleasure and are more materialistic, enjoy experiencing life more in pleasurable ways. As they are full of ideas and have opinions for different kinds of work, success is sure. They are trustworthy in all aspects.

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Numerology Number 5 (14, 23, 32)

Numerology Number 5 has Mercury as its ruling planet. Being influenced by its power, they are full of passion for life, making them loved by people, as they try to brighten up other’s moods also. They easily adapt if there are changes required in the lifestyle or changes need to be made in some ways due to some reason. They are intelligent and keep challenging themselves by testing their limits.

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Numerology Number 6 (15, 24, 33)

Numerology Number 6 is ruled by planet Venus. The number of stability, harmony, peace, charity, luxury, and glamour. These people are trusted, caring, romantic, passionate, experimental by tendency. They love their family, home and love to serve others. They are friendly but take care of social boundaries.

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Numerology Number 7 ( 16, 25, 34)

Neptune is the Ruling planet of Numerology number 7 and loves to travel a lot. They lack emotions and are insensitive as well. They are spiritual, mysterious, intuitive, and clever. They know the truth of life and seek knowledge in ways no one else could do. These people are shy, introverted but lead a dramatic impact on the people around them. They are deep thinkers, and so they differ in ideology, attracting others to take advice as they are considered to be intellect and have philosophical mindset. They never show what is going on in their mind, no one will ever come to know.

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Numerology Number 8 (17, 26, 35)

Numerology Number 8 is all related to planet Saturn being individualistic, eccentric, and rebellious. These negative aspects also have qualities that achieve success in wealth and materialistic life. They are focused, organized, and goal-oriented, making them achieve their goals in life. They are natural leaders and can manage things easily. They are good decision-makers, imaginative and creative, helping them to take the challenge and work it out.

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Numerology Number 9

These Numerology Number 9 people are associated with planet Mars. They are holistic, can easily get into the minds of people, and can dig out everything from them. They are affected by 3s, which is spiritual, sensitive, and sympathetic. These features make them a little different from others, and they find it difficult to get a partner easily. They are creative, artistic, and intuitive, and at times barbaric, making people think twice whether to maintain a relationship or not, especially in the case of marriage and relationships.

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Good Numerology Numbers

Good numerology numbers are generally considered to be 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9. As per the specific features of these numbers, they are considered as good numerology numbers. But as per the analysis, no number is good or bad. All the numbers have some specific purpose on this Earth, and so one takes birth accordingly. So as per all the studies made, everyone from 1 to 9 has some strengths and some challenges to accept. Every number is important in various senses. What one possesses others may not have the same, and as such, no one is perfect in this world, and so is the same with numerology numbers. If there is some good in life, then bad will also be there. Take it gracefully, and don’t think too much. Know the compatible numbers for you today.

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The Most Magical Numerology Number

Above all, numerology number 3 is considered the most magical number as it is the number ruled by planet Jupiter, the head of all the planets. So whatever is there, it is taken up by the number 3. They are good listeners, caring, devoted, fun-loving. They believe in living together. Artistic, good counsellors, passionate and have the zeal of learning something new every time. Knowledge is their asset which they make use in helping others.

We don’t say that other numbers are not magical, but numerology number 3 has little extra potential. Otherwise, all numbers are alike, with some plus at one end or minus at the other. Numerology and numbers have deep connection numerology have formed with numbers only. Every number has got some speciality and features which makes it important to know.

With the help of numerology and numbers, one can understand his past and future. One can make changes in the way of living and get the best in life.

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