How Rudraksha Help to Gain Everything in Life?

What Is Rudraksha?

Whatever we see in this world has some energy. This is why those things have wave life forces like flowers, stone, tree, water bodies, human beings or animals. The waves of energy play an essential role in creating vibrations too. These vibrations lead to spirituality and a more powerful life. And this rudraksha is no different.

Rudraksha, a seed, is used as a bead in prayer, acting as a shield that safeguards people from negative energies and vibes.

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Original Rudraksha And The Shape

Rudraksha is additionally an appearance of a specific sort of energy that makes certain vibrations that can do something unique. Also, Rudraksha can be partitioned into equal parts where Rudra implies Shiva and Aksha implies tears. In this way, the name indicates Shiva’s tears.

It is said that Lord Shiva went into a profound supernatural reflective state with a means to make the prosperity of all animals in the world. When he opened his eyes, tears of joy poured down and fell in the world to turn into the seeds that developed into Rudraksha trees.

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Know About Rudraksha And Its Origin

Elaeocarpus ganitrus roxb is the Rudraksha tree’s scientific name, and they develop at a specific height, not very high and not very low, in the Himalayan area. They also fill in different world spots, like South-East Asia, Indonesia, New Guinea, Nepal, and Hawaii. Now 35 out of the 300 unique types of this plant are found in India itself!

The seed of this tree, likewise called Rudraksha, are of various types, and the name is based upon the number of countenances or clefts or Mukhis it has on its surface. Rudraksha going from one Mukhi or one face to fourteen Mukhis or 14 faces are available. Each has various and different benefits and can be used to fix many issues in your life.

Do you know about the 8 Mukhi Rudraksh ? 

A particular Rudraksha known as Gauri-Shankar is one of its sorts and is an outcome of developing two normally consolidated Rudrakshas. Moreover, each kind of Rudraksha is exceptionally distinct all alone, regarding which ruling planet it has a place with, God it addresses, and what Beej mantra is related to it. However, due to the association of each Rudraksha with a specific planet, the impacts of the specific Rudraksha can help reinforce a planet or invalidate its evil impacts.

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Pure Rudraksha 1 to 14 Mukhis

1 Face Rudraksha

  • Ruling God – Shiva
  • Ruling Planet – Sun
  • Beej Mantra – Om Hreem Namah

2 Face Rudraksha

  • Ruling God – Ardhnareeshwara
  • Ruling Planet – Moon
  • Beej Mantra – Om Namaha

3 Face Rudraksha

  • Ruling God – Agni
  • Ruling Planet – Mars
  • Beej Mantra – Om kleem namah

4 Face Rudraksha

  • Ruling God – Brahma
  • Ruling Planet – Mercury
  • Beej Mantra – Om Kleem namah

5 Face Rudraksha

  • Ruling God – Kalaagni-Rudra
  • Ruling Planet – Jupiter
  • Beej Mantra – Om Hreem Namah

6 Face Rudraksha

  • Ruling God – Kartikeya
  • Ruling Planet – Venus
  • Beej Mantra – Om Hreem Hum Namah

7 Face Rudraksha

  • Ruling God – Mahalakshmi
  • Ruling Planet – Saturn
  • Beej Mantra – Om Hum Namah

8 Face Rudraksha

  • Ruling God – Ganesha
  • Ruling Planet – Rahu
  • Beej Mantra – Om HUm Namah

9 Face Rudraksha

  • Ruling God – Durga
  • Ruling Planet – Ketu
  • Beej Mantra – Om Hreem Hum Namah

10 Face Rudraksha

  • Ruling God – Vishnu
  • Ruling Planet – None
  • Beej Mantra – Om Hreem Namah

11 Face Rudraksha

  • Ruling God – Hanuman
  • Ruling Planet – None
  • Beej Mantra – Om Hreem Hum Namah

12 Face Rudraksha

  • Ruling God – Shiva
  • Ruling Planet – Sun
  • Beej Mantra – Om Hreem Hum Namah

13 Face Rudraksha

  • Ruling God – Indira
  • Ruling Planet – Venus
  • Beej Mantra – Om Hreem Namah

14 Face Rudraksha

  • Ruling God – Hanuman
  • Ruling Planet – Saturn
  • Beej Mantra – Om Namah


  • Ruling God – Shiva-Parvathy
  • Ruling Planet – Moon
  • Beej Mantra – Om Shree Gauri-Shankara Ya Namah

The Hindu scriptures believe that there is a strong connection between Rudraksha and Astrology and that various remedies for the planets can be conducted with the help of these tears of Shiva, shed when he was at his peak of his blissful state that he had attained. Furthermore, the effects and uses of Rudraksha have been documented in various scriptures since ancient times, and it is also scientifically proven that Rudrakshas have bio-magnetic properties, dipolar nature, which invoke and invite good energies.

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In today’s world, almost 90% of people face health issues due to their lifestyle choices. Due to the fast-paced life, we have fallen prey to various diseases like hypertension, diabetes, insomnia, depression, heart and psychological problems. When we go deeper in analyzing these problems, we see a common source: the imbalance among our mind, body, and soul. Our ancient texts hold a magical remedy for these self-inflicted human problems, and that is – Rudraksha.

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Rudraksha beads are regarded as significant from ancient times. It is mentioned that Rudraksha cures various diseases and has a therapeutic effect on the mind and body. Rudraksha strengthens our mind to fight all odds in life. Due to ignorance, people associate Rudraksha with any other religious product.

Still, various scientific research conducted worldwide have time and again proved that Rudraksha, due to its Electro-Magnetic properties, works magically on our body. It channelizes a positive energy flow and leaves a rejuvenating and calming impression on our mind and body. Hence, it is worshipped and worn for seeking the benevolence of Lord Shiva and the benefits it holds.

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How Rudraksha Is Scientifically Beneficial For Health?

  • Stabilizing Benefit: Our body is like a machine with an in-built bio-electric circuit. Each body part connects with a continuous flow of blood from the heart to the brain and then to the rest of our body.
  • In regular courses of events, our body’s circuit works perfectly, but a stressful lifestyle and environment play havoc on its flow. This disturbance leads a person to various illnesses. Rudraksha beads help resolve these problems by stabilizing our bodies and having a calming effect on our hearts and senses.
  • The Rudraksha exerts the proper force around the heart, which improves its performance, controls the heartbeat and maintains blood circulation. It prevents heart attacks and high blood pressure.
  • Magnetic Benefits: Rudraksha beads act as a magnet due to their property of Dynamic Polarity. It clears all the interferences and blockages in our body circuit like closed/ blocked arteries and veins due to its magnetic effect and makes the blood flow in our body smooth. It removes any waste, pain and illness from the body and hence has an anti-ageing effect.
  • Personality shaping benefits: We often come across people who exhibit particular personality traits like confidence, intelligence, patience etc. The reason behind the showcase of such dispositions lies in the effective control and mechanism of the brain. The people who can control their mind and body are more substantial.
  • Rudraksha’s beads of certain Mukhi or face act as a personality shaper and help its wearer send restricted or only calculated (desired) positive brain signals. This helps the human in achieving and modifying the desired behavioural qualities or characteristics. Like 1 Mukhi Rudraksha bead makes the person more patient, 4 and 6 Mukhi Rudraksha beads enhance the intellect of a being, 9 Mukhi Rudraksha beads increase the confidence level of the wearer.
  • Dielectric Benefits: Rudraksha beads infuse us with a positive attitude. Scientific studies prove that Rudraksha beads have dielectric properties, which means that they act as a storage unit for excessive or deficient energy.
  • Whenever we are stressed out, physically or mentally, our body produces more energy, if not stored or burned, creates problems in our body. It can lead to hypertension, anxiety, and other disorders. Rudraksha beads stabilize this unwanted energy source and improve our nervous system and balance those excessive hormones.
  • Anti-Inflammation Benefits: Rudraksha beads have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Drinking the water of soaked Rudraksha will build your resistance to various diseases. It is a rich source of Vitamin C.


In other words, Rudraksha can have a significant influence on both our psychology and nervous system to a great extent. So, yes, Rudraksha does work, but how it works is a phenomenon that is difficult to explain. However, know which Rudraksha is suitable for you by consulting our Expert Astrologers.

No matter what, the mystery behind our existence is way more profound and more intense than what science can decipher using the approach that it undertakes through its intellectual and logical understanding. Can our existence be framed in such a remote system where we cannot go beyond logic and intellect?

Therefore, life is not understood with one word or one deed. This magic floats beyond logic, and it transcends all that is physical!

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