Benefits of Offering Water to Sun

Benefits of Offering Water to Sun

Sun or Surya holds great importance among the deities of the Hindu religion. The Sun God is also known as Surya, Aditya or Bhanu and Suryanarayan. The Rig Veda, which is considered to be one of the most ancient Indian scriptures, speaks about the majestic powers and abilities of the Sun.

Worshipping the Sun is not just limited to Hinduism. Many other people around the world pray to the Sun god for his might. The Sun is also considered to be the ultimate source of life and light in the entire universe. Also, many people believe that there are benefits of offering water to the Sun or Surya Arghya.

The Sun (Surya), Who He Is?

According to the mythological context in Hinduism, the Sun rides a grand chariot with seven powerful horses driving it. The seven horses hold very deep meaning, and they signify the seven chakras in the human body. There are some interesting details about the portrayal of the Sun in the Hindu religion. It is believed that he has a lotus in his hand that symbolises the possibility of life. He also has Sankha (concha), Chakra (discus) and a Gada (mace).
Often in Hindu mythology, Sun or Surya is given a prominent place in the Navagrahas (the nine planets). He is also one of the most worshipped gods worshipped by saints and humans, asuras and rakshasas.

Many Names and Different Forms of the Sun

People worship Surya or the Sun God in a variety of forms. The two commonly worshipped forms of Sun are Arka and Mitra. The Arka form of the Sun is worshipped in North and East India. People in India and many other places know the importance of the benefits of giving water to the Sun. It is also stated by the ancient scriptures that there is a great significance of offering water to the Sun.

In Hindu Culture, to receive the benefits of offering water to the Sun, people also chant 108 names of Sun along with it. The Sun is worshipped at every corner of the country, with many names like Aditya, Adi deva, Angaraka, Arka, Bhaga, Brahma, Dhanwantari, Dharmadhwaja, Dhatri, Dhumaketu, Indra, Jaya, Maitreya, Prabhakara, Ravi, Rudra, Savitri, Soma, Teja, Vaisravana, Vanhi, Varun and Vishnu.

Sun Temples in India

There are many temples dedicated to the Sun or Surya in India. One of the most famous and prominent temples of Sun is the Konark Temple in Bhubaneshwar, Orissa. Other important temples of Sun are Lolaraka Temple in the state of Uttar Pradesh, Balaraka Surya Mandir in Rajasthan and Sun Temple of Modhera in Gujarat.

In Gujarat, the Mitra form of the Sun is worshipped. People in Gujarat understand the benefits of offering water to the Sun for their betterment and growth.
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The Benefits of Surya Arghya and Ways to Worship Sun God

Worshipping Sun every day in the morning is the routine of many people in India. It brings the vigorous force of energy in the body, but then there is much more in the list of offering water to Sun benefits. People also consider that worshipping the sun and offering Surya Arghya helps them mellow down the effects of Grah Dosh.

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Along with chanting Surya Prayers adding to your life force, there is a scientific significance of offering water to the Sun. The benefits of Surya Arghya also includes prosperity in health and wealth. It also adds the qualities of courage, strength and successful life for every individual who worships the sun.

Before worshipping the Sun god and receiving the benefits of offering water to the sun, let us understand the method of Puja. Only after following the proper steps the benefits of Surya Arghya is realised. In the beginning, start your day by taking a bath with clean water. Bathing will help you concentrate while performing Surya Puja. It also helps in purifying the thoughts in the mind.

Many people prefer to keep fasting with Sunrise and follow it till the next day in the morning. Fasting also helps to utilise the optimum benefits of giving water to the sun. There is a very important fact about Surya Puja, and people worship Lord Ganesha before starting with Surya Puja. Things like Surya Yantra, Ghee, Hawan Kund, Coconut and Kumkum are used to worship the Suryadev or the Sun God.

The Step by Step Guide to Worship Sun

  • Bath in Clean water in the morning.
  • Don’t forget to put on fresh and clean clothes before getting ready to receive the benefits of offering water to the Sun.
  • Start your worship at the Sunrise in the morning.
  • Look in the East direction while performing Surya puja.
  • Sprinkle the water of Ganges and purify yourself.
  • Pray to Lord Ganesha before beginning with the puja.
  • Take a copper vessel and fill it with honey to offer it to Lord Surya.
  • Offer Honey in a Copper Vessel to Surya Dev.
  • To get the best benefits of offering water to the sun, Face the sun and pour water on the ground at the time of Sunrise.
  • Generally, Lotus is used for Surya Puja, but any other flower is also allowed.
  • Put a Tilak of Kumkum or Chandan on your forehead and chant the names of Surya Dev.
  • You should chant Gayatri Mantra or Aditya Hriday Stotram eleven times while performing puja.
  • Meditate in Sunlight for five to seven minutes.
  • Lastly, touch the water of Surya Arghya poured on the ground and feel the peace after puja.

After following the above steps, the Surya puja is considered completed. If you want more benefits of offering water to the sun, repeat these steps every morning. The Surya Puja will provide you with the perfect balance of body and mind. The daily performance of Surya puja is the secret of a successful life.

The benefits of giving water to the sun are mentioned in our ancient Indian scriptures like Rig Veda. The supreme powerful Sun God or Surya Deva grants immeasurable strength to those who worship him. Apart from the benefits of offering Surya Arghya, regular puja makes you intelligent. It also helps you to get rid of negative thoughts, ego, hatred and greed. An effective voice is also one of the important benefits of offering Surya Arghya in the morning. You’ll find immense physical as well as mental strength to overcome daily life obstacles and problems.