Deadly Curses In The History of Hindu Mythology

Deadly Curses In The History of Hindu Mythology

“Every blessing ignored becomes a curse.” – Paulo Coelho

Nowadays, whatever people think, they just speak out. Sometimes filtered or many times unfiltered or completely raw. But hey, thousands of years back, there was no Twitter or any social media platform in which you can just share your views with a click. People used to think twice before speaking. Because there was a thing called ‘Curse’. Just as one throws harmful words straight from the heart. Cursing others with anger is a very common thing nowadays. But speaking about some of the famous curses in Hindu Mythology, well, be prepared to read many wonderful stories which became unforgettable.

Bhrigu Acharya Curse To Lord Vishnu

There are stories of the battle between Devas and Asuras in Matsya Purana. No matter what, the Devas would always end up defeating the Asuras. With this, Shukra Acharya- The Guru of Asuras was very upset and wanted to please the god of all gods – Lord Shiva. And as we all know, the great power of Mahadev. With a wish to have mritasanjeevani stotra, or mantra to make Asuras invincible, Shukra Acharya continued to do meditation or Tapasya. In the meantime, he requested the Asuras to take refuge in the ashram of his father Bhrigu.

The Devas noticed that the absence of Shukra Acharya was the most appropriate moment to target the Asuras again. However, when Bhrigu himself was away, the Asuras sought the help of his wife. Now here comes the climax. She used her abilities to render Indra invisible. Indra, in addition, prayed to Lord Vishnu to get rid of her. Vishnu chose to cut her head with his Sudarshana chakra. Crack! When Sage Bhrigu saw what had happened to his wife, he cursed that Vishnu would be born many times on earth and suffer the pain of worldly life. And as we all know, Vishnu’s avatars like Ram & Krishna suffered just as what Sage Bhrigu cursed.

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A Curseful Episode of Jaya & Vijaya

In Bhagavata Purana, the gatekeepers of Vaikuntha Jaya and Vijaya saw four Kumaras heading to Vaikuntha. Unknown to their true identities, Jaya and Vijaya blocked them from entering. They were Brahma’s manasaputras who got extremely angry and cursed both of them to leave the Vaikuntha. But naturally, they were both scared and pleaded to Lord Vishnu to reverse the curse.

Vishnu was helpless to reverence the curse, but instead, he gave them two options. Here comes the twist. They can either be born as devotees of Vishnu in seven births or as enemies of Vishnu in three births. Unable to be separated from Vishnu for seven births, Jaya and Vijaya decided to be born as his enemy. They were indeed born as Hiranyakashipu and Hiranyaksha; Ravana and Kumbhakarna; and Dantavakra and Shishupala. And the rest is history.

Sage Bhrigu’s Curse To Lord Shiva

Sage Bhrigu wished to visit the Tridev (Lord Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva) one day in order to announce the best of the Tridev to the entire Universe. With this thinking, he goes to Lord Brahma (Brahma lok), but finds him busy with his creation.

He then flies to Mount Kailash to visit Shiva and Goddess Parvathi. Nandi stops the sage at the entrance gate before he can reach Kailash. Nandi said that the Sage is not allowed to go inside as Shiva & Parvati are in a private chamber. Even though Nandi apologized for not letting the Sage go inside, the Sage got terribly angry.

He cursed Lord Shiva saying that he is too busy in his private life because of his beauty, now people will worship Shiva in the form of pashaan (Stone). As a result, Shiva has been worshiped in Linga or stone form since that time.

Gautam’s Curse to Indra and Ahalya

We are sure that this is one of the most unheard stories in the list of ‘Curses in Hindu Mythology’. Ahalya-the daughter of Lord Brahma and indeed the most beautiful woman in the world. She was married to Maharishi Gautam. Once when Rishi Gautam was not in their house, Indra took his form and entered his hut, pretending to be Rishi. Sadly, Ahalya could not understand the trick of Indra and lost her chastity. Later, when the actual Rishi entered, he saw Indra in his shape, and he got instantly angry

In the heat of the moment, he cursed him to have 1,000 vaginas on his body, as he was so obsessed with the body of the woman. Oh my Lord! After Indra begged, he changed his curse and made those vaginas into his eyes. It was not yet. Rishi even gave a curse to his wife. He made her a stone until lord Rama touched her and made her pure again. A dramatic tale of Curses in Hindu Mythology, isn’t it?

Curse to all Woman from Yudhishthira

Wanna hear a short story in Hindu mythology curses? Here you go. After the epic battle of Kurukshetra, Yudhishthira performed a funeral ritual for all his lost family members and dear ones. When he was doing Karna’s rituals, he was so disturbed that his mother had been hiding the truth from them for so many years about their elder brother Karna. While wiping his tears, he cursed all the women that no one would ever be able to keep a secret.

Parashurama’s Curse

According to Hindu mythology, Karna is the abandoned son of Kunti, and the Sun for the earlier part of his life was unaware of his reality. One day, he went to Parashurama to study the art by lying that he was a Brahmin. But actually, he was a Kshatriya. He knew that Parshuram would never teach him if he goes to learn there as a Kshatriya. However, one day, when Lord Parashurama rested his head in his lap, a Scorpio bit Karna.

In spite of the deadly pain of the insect bite, Karna did not flinch or cry, so that his guru’s sleep would not be disturbed. When Parashurama came to know this, he realized that only Kshatriya could handle such pain. Curse alert! He, therefore, cursed his Karna that his knowledge of Brahmastra would fail him when he needed it the most. As a result, he was defeated in the epic battle of Mahabharata.

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Aren’t these curses scary, huh? Ok, you don’t need to be scared. But we hope that you just imagine the level of these Hindu mythology curses. They are tragic. This is what a range of pain, anger, & frustration can do.

So, we are done telling you about ‘famous curses of Hindu mythology’. So many curses for today, time to spread smiles and peace.