Why we should not keep broken Idols of Gods or Goddesses in Homes and Offices

There is no denying that most people are aware of Vastu Shastra while building a temple or placing Idols of Deities in their homes or offices. If we wish to bring about positivity & good luck, we should be careful about the direction of the temple & the placement of the idols of the Gods and Goddesses in our spaces. While we make sure that the Idols that we bring in our temples are new and fresh, however, at times, we also let the broken ones stay for long. It can be harmful and can spread negative energy in our homes or offices.

Why are broken Idols of Deities an open invitation to negative energy? Know More

A house becomes a “Home” when it is an abode of positivity while every corner soaks in positive energy. The residents of such homes come under the influence of such energy fields, which can harm in one or the other way. Have you ever observed that your home’s robust positive environment can transform your mental & physical well being for good? On the days when we do pooja in our homes, do we feel a sense of calm and tranquillity?

With the help of "VastuShastra", we can also achieve this positive energy for homes & Offices

The experts believe that we should not keep god’s broken idols at home. If we get into the science of Vastu, we will know specific nuances that can go a long way in keeping our home or office spaces positive. Like the main door, the other rooms and the living rooms should face northwards. Easter wards or in the North-East direction. The temple should also be there in the North-East direction in your homes or offices. The Idol of the Deities should also face the same direction.

Along with the temple and the idol’s placement, we should also be very cautious that the idols placed in our homes or offices should not be damaged or broken. As per the Vastu Shastra, a broken idol of Gods or Goddesses is an inauspicious and unpropitious sign.

Likewise, worshipping or offering prayers to damaged or broken idol is not good and considered inauspicious. Faith says that such an act can bring about ill-luck to the residents of the office’s homes or occupants. It is because the broken idols do not contain “Prana Shakti” of the particular deity. Hence we should carefully remove such broken idols from our homes or offices.

How should we remove broken Idols from our Homes or Offices safely?

Broken or damaged Idols of Deities on whom “Prana Pratishtha” has been performed should not be immersed in the waters. They should be handed over to a guru or a pandit in the temple or place of worship. They are the ones who could come up with the best solutions for such broken Idols. However, we should inform them about the Prana Pratishtha once conferred upon the Deities’ Idols.

However, broken Idols that have not been conferred with “Prana Pratishtha” can be immersed in any river or lake near our residence or office. With this, we should also be considerate of the environment. We can decide to purchase mud or lay idols as eco-friendly and not pollute our waters while immersing them in any lake or river. We should also be aware of all the rituals we are supposed to follow before engaging the idols in any water body.

Besides, we could also keep such broken idols of god under a “people tree” nearby. “Peeple tree” is considered auspicious and holy. If you have torn photos of the deities in your homes or offices, you should consider removing them as well. One of the safest ways of removing them is to burn them in an organic fire. Fire is pious and most holy of the Five elements of nature.

Let us understand scientifically why broken idols of god are inauspicious?

As per our scriptures, the devotee should have a complete focus on the deity while offering prayers. The devotee should be able to build a clear picture of the god in their mind while praying. Hence a broken idol would not let the devotees be entirely dedicated while offering their prayers. They would make the devotees, quite fidgety and their mind could linger here and there. Hence the whole point of offering prayers won’t matter because the devotee will not be focused.
Another reason is that when you are wholeheartedly devoted to a symbol or a person, you naturally want their whole and perfect image in front of you. So when you see a damaged idol, your mind might run here and there, noticing the damage in the image or idol every time you pray in front of it. However, please understand that just because the image is damaged or the idol is broken, the deity will not lose its grace, glory or dignity. They are sitting there blessing every one of their devotees. However, for our convenience and focus, we should not be standing in front of a damaged image of a dirty and offering our prayers. Our human mind can get distracted pretty easily!

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Wrapping Up

As humans search for peace and joy and everything that brings us bountiful happiness, we welcome such things and events in our lives wholeheartedly. We have been following many rituals and customs in search of peace and satisfaction. We worship the almighty to bring us happiness and success. We find peace in our time of worship amidst the many disturbances of life. Hence, offering our undivided attention and praying regularly to the deity we worship will bring us back to our peaceful state. It can fill us with hopes & happiness. As mythology says, if we follow certain customs and rules and then offer our prayers, we are bound to experience immense joy, peace, and success in our lives and that too in a brief period. So always keep in mind that worshipping a broken idol or a torn image can make us lose our focus, which we do not want.