Three of Cups Meaning, Love, Upright and Reversed – Complete Guide

Three of Cups Meaning, Love, Upright and Reversed – Complete Guide

Three of Cups Meaning

Let the good times roll! The Three of Cups Tarot are the best example of this phrase as it means a cause for celebration and reunion. If it’s a baby shower, a family reunion, a reception, or some similar gathering, when this card arrives, a party will follow soon.

The overall mood of the Three of Cups Tarot is exciting and enjoyable, so you’re likely to be in great spirits and ready to have a wonderful time. If you’re going to a party or other family function, this is an excellent omen as it indicates that things will go well. It will surely be a day to remember!

  • Element: Water
  • Astrological Sign: Cancer
  • Planet: Mercury
  • Date: 2nd to 11th July
  • Three of Cups Upright: Happiness, celebrations, good conversation
  • Three of Cups Reversed: Frustration, gossip, cheating, neglected social life.

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Three of Cups Upright

The Three of Cups Tarot is a card of joy, fellowship, sisterhood, and artistic collaboration. Your family and friends are here to help you and raise you to even higher levels of achievement. Celebrate with them and appreciate their togetherness. When the Three of Cups Tarot appear in a Tarot reading, you are invited to come together with your closest friends and have a good time together to chat, laugh, & create some memories.

Together, you give and receive from each other the love, care, and compassion that each of you wants. The energy is intense, and you’re here to do some extraordinary things around.

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Three of Cups Reversed

Although the Three of Cups Upright is a card of friendship and social gatherings, the Three of Cups Reversed means that you would prefer to go alone. Or sometimes, you might find yourself on the ‘outer side’, excluded from people’s circles and feeling isolated. Honor the urge to get out of the social scene for a while. If you are participating in a creative project, it might be time to work alone rather than in a group.

When it comes to Three of Cups Love reading, you could be engaged with someone who’s already in a relationship with someone else. Shocking, isn’t it? Do what your soul actually says & walk wisely in life. Don’t hesitate to take a break from the social scene and get some much-needed rest. Lastly, be aware of the longer-term effects of your decisions and ask yourself if this lifestyle is sustainable.

Eat, Sleep, Learn, repeat. This is what we can say after a whole learning ride of this famous tarot card. You, too, better get this in your way & act accordingly. Cheers!

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