Venus Debilitated and Mercury in its Own Sign

In Vedic astrology, Venus and Mercury are considered to be good friends. Venus is associated with the beauty, personality and love life of the natives, while the second hottest planet, Mercury, is the significator of speech and logical mind of its natives. This won’t be the first time that Mercury and Venus come under one roof. Both the planets require nearly a month to complete their transition in the one zodiac sign. On 26th August 2021, there will be a reunion of Venus and Mercury in the Virgo sign. In other words, we can say that Mercury would be pleased to welcome Venus in its own sign. This transition of Mercury Venus in Virgo may impact on the area of life.

It means that this combination may bless you with peaceful love life. Single natives may get a proposal to enter a new chapter of their life. Also, you may improve your communication skills by Mercury’s grace. Later in the first week of September, Venus will be moving to the Libra sign. Thereafter, Mercury too will transit in the Libra sign after leaving its own sign around the 3rd week of September. Now, follow us to know what are its effects and remedies of this transition.

Pros and Cons Of Mercury Venus In Virgo Sign

This placement of Venus in the Mercury-ruled sign, Virgo, may bring disappointments to the natives. This is because the feminine planet Venus becomes debilitated in the Virgo sign and gets exalted in the Pisces sign. So, this debilitated Venus may have an impact on the marriage relationship. Lovers may fail to take their relationship to a higher level, predicts our experienced astrologers. Below are the effects on natives of different zodiac signs and Remedies of transit.

Effects On Aries Moon Sign

The placement of Venus and Mercury in the Virgo sign may ask natives to indulge in court-related matters. Those who are married may create communication gaps with their spouse. And therefore, it would be difficult for you to have an equal footing in your marriage relationship. Also, your partner may need your attention during this phase as he or she might be struggling with health issues. This transition may have adverse effects on your financial matters. This would not be a good phase to lend or borrow money.

Remedial solution: Start your day by drinking lemon water.

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Effects On Taurus Moon Sign

Taurus individuals may face hurdles in their career growth due to this transition. Students connected with the Taurus sign may lose their attention from their studies. Hence, it may affect your score in the exams. Those who are dating their partners may have a confrontation or small fights. You would not be ready to accept your partner’s decision. However, job professionals may get the strength and ability to attract new clients. You may find ways to earn more money. Besides, medical officers and nurses may have a favourable time.

Remedial solution: Recite the Shukra mantra on a daily basis.

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Effects On Gemini Moon Sign

Gemini natives may enjoy more or less time with their family members. You may seek your partner’s support during these days. There are chances that you may invest money in buying a new vehicle. Those who are willing to buy new land or property should wait for a perfect time. Investors may earn profit via stock market activities. You may take your time to invest in the generous works. Doctors or other natives associated with the health department may have positive outcomes from their work.

Remedial solution: Plant a basil tree and put rose quartz crystal in your house.

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Effects On Cancer Moon Sign

Natives with Cancer signs should be careful about their financial plans. You should think twice before making any financial decision. Also, you may need efforts in minting and saving money. Your monthly budget is likely to hamper due to the combination of Venus and Mercury in the Virgo sign. Other than that, you may have a misunderstanding with your mother. Moreover, professional workers may need more attention and hard work to achieve their work targets. You may need efforts to attract more clients.

Remedial solution: Worship Maa Parvati and recite the Budh mantra.

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Effects On Leo Moon Sign

For natives of Leo, this combination would be harsh on your professional life. Venus transit in a second house for you would create hurdles in your projects. Hence, your work may not get recognised by your seniors. You may need hard work to achieve your work targets. In terms of finance, you are likely to lose control over money expenditures. However, with Mercury’s grace, you may improve your intellectual and speaking skills. This would help you deal with new clients or colleagues at your workplace.

Remedial solution: Keep Maa Saraswati in your prayers or organise Puja, especially on Fridays.

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Effects On Virgo Moon Sign

Virgo and Mercury transit would make natives judgemental and conscious about their work. You are likely to invest money in expensive clothes and garments. You may see a decline in your personality. You may feel insecure about your wealth and money savings. Married natives lack their partner’s support to build a strong relationship. You would be dissatisfied with your sensual relationship. Those who are running the eatery shop or selling the food items may have favourable times. You may earn desired profits in the coming phase.

Remedial solution: Start wearing a white sapphire from Friday.

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Effects On Scorpio Moon Sign

Native with Scorpio zodiac signs may find it difficult to achieve growth regarding their career. Those who are associated with the client’s service department may complete their work target by convincing them. There are chances that your spending would be more than your earnings. It is advisable to take care of your relations with your elder cousins. Or else, you may indulge in arguments with them. You are likely to stay busy in your social life and in this process you may develop new contacts. Some of you may go on business trips. Overall, it would be a decent time.

Remedial solution: Put rose quartz stone in your master bedroom.

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Effects On Sagittarius Moon Sign

The combination of Venus and Mercury in the same sign may form hurdles in your professional life. Sagittarius natives may not earn appreciation from their seniors. Professional workers would be poor while managing their work standards. Even you may lack your leadership qualities. As a result, you may not achieve your work target on deadline. This combination indicates that you should be attentive to your words. Otherwise, you may indulge in difficult situations at your office. During this phase, you may have disagreements with your family. And which is why you may feel annoyed.

Remedial solution: Read Saraswati Vandana or worship Lord Ganesha on Wednesdays.

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Effects On Capricorn Moon Sign

This placement of Venus and Mercury would bring negative outcomes for the students representing Capricorn signs. This would probably be because they may distract from their studies. They may run out of self-confidence, and it might affect their score in the exams. Professional workers may indulge in a verbal spat with their seniors. It is advisable to be careful about your father’s relationship. Otherwise, you may spoil it due to the union of two planets in the Virgo sign. In this phase, you should refrain from making an important decision. Or else, you may regret it in the near future.

Remedial solution: Offer sweets to Maa Parvati and worship her with devotion.

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Effects On Aquarius Moon Sign

Aquarians may have an unfavourable time in the coming days as Venus and Mercury’s union may hamper their day-to-day activities. Those who are looking to invest in new property should wait for some time. You may need efforts to form a stable income. You may need more money to undergo any educational course. Regarding love life, singles who are getting ready for marriage may experience marriage delays. Natives who are willing to perform any religious or auspicious works are advised to postpone till the next month.

Remedial solution: You should wear opal to strengthen Venus. 

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Effects On Pisces Moon Sign

Venus and Mercury’s transit in the Virgo sign is no less than blessings for Pisces natives. Here, Venus is exalted in the Pisces sign and hence, natives may have peace and harmony in their love relationship. You may find interest in performing yoga and meditation. Job professionals who are connected with the corporate world may be unable to complete their tasks on time. Those natives who are running partnership businesses are likely to lose their partners. As a result, this may impact your business. Entrepreneurs may face tough times ahead. Lovers may decide to enter a new chapter of their life.

Remedial solution: Every day, read Durga Chalisa or burn camphor on Fridays.

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In general, Venus and Mercury would be transiting in the Virgo sign, and this would be a fair time for its natives. Since Venus and Mercury are good friends, you may not have any serious harm to your areas of life.

Wrapping Up

This is what astrologers believe about the upcoming transition of Venus and Mercury in the Virgo sign. Venus is also known as the benefic planet, so those who have strong Venus may have positive results in terms of their love life. On the other hand, Mercury is known as a neutral planet, which governs the Virgo sign. Therefore, you can expect a decent time in your life. Those natives who have weak Mercury or Venus should follow the above-stated remedies or else directly talk to our experts. May you enjoy a joyful phase ahead.