How Mars Transit In Sagittarius 2022 May Form A Challenging Phase?

How Mars Transit In Sagittarius 2022 May Form A Challenging Phase?

The red planet Mars holds the utmost significance in terms of Vedic astrology. It is the planet that manipulates anger, aggression and passion in the individual’s life. Those who have debilitated Mars may easily get frustrated, while exalted Mars may lead to the fulfilment of desires. If Mars can make you strong and courageous, then turning the tables, it may also make you short-tempered and furious. Mars transit in the Sagittarius sign may have impacts on area of life.

In early 2022, Mars will leave its own sign Scorpio to enter into the Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius sign. That’s why the transiting Mars is likely to turn things upside down for the natives. Professional workers may see more challenges in their ongoing projects. Some of you may go beyond the limits to achieve your targets. While Mars makes a transition, you may show more dedication. But at the same time, you may have to control your aggression.

Mars is considered as one of the malefic planets, which is responsible for forming Mangal Dosha in the native’s kundali. Therefore, it is necessary to check the placement of Mars. In the zodiac circle, Mars is the ruler of the Aries and Scorpio signs. Let us dig deeper to study what changes it may bring in the natives life. Below are pros and cons of Mars in Sagittarius 2022.

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Astrological Event Of Mars In Sagittarius Sign 2022

  • Date: Jan 16, 2022
  • Time: 4.50 pm

Effects of Mars in Sagittarius 2022 On Aries: Good Days To Come

Individuals with the Aries sign may need to be careful regarding their health. Past issues may come alive to hamper your fitness. Since Mars will be transiting in Sagittarius, you may experience relief from your injuries. Financially, you may have a better time, so you can expect a stable income. There are chances that you can earn monetary gains.

Aries students are likely to see a rise in their careers as they may meet new opportunities. Job seekers may find the desired workplace. In this phase, you may even plan for abroad studies. In love and relationships, singles may receive proposals as they are likely to enter into a new chapter.

Effects of Mars in Sagittarius 2022 On Taurus: Some Major Changes Ahead

This transit of Mars in Sagittarius will be in the 8th house for Taurus natives. You are likely to see unwanted changes moving into the new year. Healthwise, female natives may experience gynec problems. Those natives who are expecting babies may undergo an operation. During this phase, you must drive with caution, else you may have an accident.

Financially, those who have pending matters related to loaned money may get resolved. This would not be a good time to involve in the speculations as you are likely to suffer loss. Careerwise, it’s an average time, so those who are looking for promotion may need to wait a little more. In the romantic area , impress the love of your life as this phase is likely to be perfect to do so.

Effects of Mars in Sagittarius 2022 On Gemini: Love Life Seems Shaky

The transiting Mars in the 7th house for twins may bring major changes in your daily life. Regarding your health, Mars may bring troubles, especially related to the kidney. Some of you may complain of back pain too. Elderly natives should stay under the doctor’s supervision. Otherwise, problems may get worse. On the financial front, sudden money expenditures may arise, which possibly hamper your monthly budget.

In this phase, you should not begin any new work. Investors should refrain from making new investments. The 7th house Mars for Gemini born natives, may bring relationship issues. Therefore, you may decide to part ways following an exchange of arguments. Lovers may have difficulties in moving to the next level of their relationship.

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Effects of Mars in Sagittarius 2022 On Cancer: Visit To Hospital May On Cards

The transit of Mars will occur in the sixth house of Cancerians. In terms of fitness and well being, you may have small health issues in the coming weeks. Also, you are likely to meet a sudden accident, so you must take care while driving. Issues related to intestines are likely to occur. This would be a suitable time for those who are willing to take a loan. You may soon find a new source of income.

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In terms of career and education, it would be a good time. Job seekers may clear the interview to get placed in the desired workplace. Students who want to take higher education in foreign lands may get a green light. Professional workers may have an excellent chance of getting a promotion during this phase. There may be few difficulties in your love-life as arguments are likely to happen between you and your partner.

Effects of Mars in Sagittarius 2022 On Leo: Perfect Time For Finances

Leo individuals will have Mars transit in their 5th house, which may bring bad times for your health. You may complain of stomach aches or back pains. In fact, health may get worse for those who already have these issues. Elders are advised to have regular check-ups. On the financial front, this would be the beneficial phase, where you may have sudden monetary gains. Those who are connected with activities related to staking money, may get positive results.

This would be a favourable time for Business owners as they may get immense profit. Working individuals can expect a pay rise in the coming days. Job seekers are likely to enter a new workplace. In love and relationships, this would be a perfect time for lovers. Making a proposal to your loved ones may work in your favour as you can expect the desired response.

Effects of Mars in Sagittarius 2022 On Virgo: Watch Out For Your Health

Natives who are carrying Virgo signs will have Mars transit in the 4th house. It indicates that you may suffer from mental health problems especially, stress and anxiety. People with Virgo signs may complain of breathing issues or pain in the lungs. Financially, this phase is suitable, where you may discover a new source of income.

At the same time, you may have expenditures regarding pending property matters. In regards to your career and education, you may have mixed results. Those who are working for a long time in the same company may receive their transfer orders. In the love life, it is a perfect time to tie a knot with your loved ones. Singles may meet someone special, so marriage may be on cards.

Effects of Mars in Sagittarius 2022 On Libra: May Opt For Healthy Lifestyle

Mars will be transiting in the 3rd house for the Libra natives. Healthwise, you may have pain in your shoulders or palms. Your mental stress would be reduced in this phase. You may slowly find interest in performing yoga. Financially, it would be a suitable time, so you can expect to earn monetary gains. You may invest money in charity works.

During this phase, professional workers may get promotions in their offices. You may travel abroad for business purposes. Students willing to take higher education from foreign lands may see opportunities. Those who are in a relationship can expect unconditional love and support from their partners. Singles are likely to receive marriage proposals.

Effects of Mars in Sagittarius 2022 On Scorpio: Lot In Store Financially

Individuals representing the Scorpio sign will have Mars transit in the 2nd house. Healthwise, you may have to be careful as you may have issues related to mouth, teeth or neck pain. You are advised to perform meditation and yoga activities. Financially, it is a good time. Therefore, those who are willing to take a loan may get instant approval. Furthermore, natives may earn monetary gains. Job professionals may enjoy a beneficiary phase where you may get a promotion from your seniors. Business owners may establish connections with new partners. In a love life, you may have communication gaps with your partners. Married natives may experience ups and downs in their relationship. Thus, you are advised to deal with patience.

Effects of Mars in Sagittarius 2022 On Sagittarius: Right Time To Propose

Sagittarius sign natives are likely to experience fresh energies due to Mars moving into Jupiter’s Sagittarius sign. You are likely to maintain your fitness level. You may find interest in yoga and meditation. In terms of finance, you may have a better time as you are likely to make progress. Professional workers may earn monetary gains. Also, your past investments may bring profit to you.

Those who are looking for a job change or searching for a new job may have new opportunities. Students may have a good time making remarkable progress in their choice of field. In love and relationships, this would be a fair time. If you want to propose to your dating partner, you should make a move. Married couples may have small conflicts, so it’s better to deal with patience.

Effects of Mars in Sagittarius 2022 On Capricorn: Manage Finances Wisely

Capricorn born natives will have the transition of Mars in their 12th house. It indicates that your physical or mental health may get hampered. You may have small injuries while playing or travelling. Elders may complain of leg pain or muscular pain. On the financial front, you may have sudden money expenditures. Therefore, you need to control your spendings.

You may need a money loan to balance your financial matters. Job professionals need to be careful in their ongoing work. Or else, there may be a quarrel with your seniors. You may go on business trips. Those who want to pursue higher education from foreign land may get success. In love and relationships, you may not have mutual understanding with your partner. Married natives must respect their partner’s decision as there would be relationship issues.

Effects of Mars in Sagittarius 2022 On Aquarius: Professionally Bright

Individuals with the Aquarius sign will have favourable Mars transit. Healthwise, you may have a mixed phase. There would be no big health issues, but you may deal with minor issues. You would be more worried about your health. In the coming days, you may incline towards spiritual life. In terms of finance, you may get monetary gains. You are likely to get immense profit from your recent projects.

Job professionals may get promoted to their desired position. You may discover an extra source of income. Professional workers may get more responsibility in this phase. Aquarius students may get help in choosing their choice of field. Freshers may get new opportunities to work in the corporate field. In the love life, you may get worried about your dating partners. You may dislike his/her behaviour and decide to move on a separate path.

Effects of Mars in Sagittarius 2022 On Pisces: Count On Your Partner

Natives who are holding the Pisces sign will have Mars transit in their 10th house. During this time, you may complain of muscular pain. So, you are advised to avoid eating outside foods. There may be some minor issues regarding your health. Financially, you may complete your long term pending work, which was paused due to lack of money. Investors would have a perfect time to make big investments.

Entrepreneurs may have an excellent time exploring new start-ups. Those who are in search of a job may get opportunities. Students who are appearing for exams will have to work hard, else you may settle for less marks. Aquarius born lovers can expect unconditional support from their dating partners. Married couples can experience intimacy with their spouse. You two may prepare for conception.

Mars In Sagittarius 2022: Effects On India

The transiting Mars occupy the 8th house, as per the Republic of India’s kundali. During this phase, there would be natural calamities like fire or earthquake in certain regions. There would be a political crisis, which may erupt protests from the civilians. Countrymen would be more frustrated with the decision of the ruling government. There could be the demise of well-known celebrities in India. Also, aircraft or helicopters may crash in one of the states.

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Wrapping Up

We saw how the upcoming Mars transit in Sagittarius 2022 might shake up things in our life. Mars represents aggression and passion, so natives may try everything to fulfil their desires. We may see mass gatherings in many parts of our country as there would be issues in the political world. Hope you have a clear view of the picture.