Saturn Transit in Aquarius 2023 – Is Shani’s Wrath Over Your Career and Education?

Saturn Transit in Aquarius 2023 – Is Shani’s Wrath Over Your Career and Education?

Saturn is considered one of the strongest and the most feared planets, as per Vedic astrology. It is a general belief amongst people that, if they will worship Shani Dev by offering him oil, wearing black clothes and going to the Shani temple, it is going to please him and he will remain soft with them and also save them from any adversity in life.

When the Shani Sade Sati period commences in any native’s life, that period is considered the most challenging phase. Natives are not forbidden from the rage of Shani dev, and this stern teacher does not leave any part of the native’s life unaffected till the end.

Saturn is the slowest moving planet, and once it enters into a sign, it doesn’t leave it for a period of two and half years before moving to the next sign. The Shani Dev is going to transit in Aquarius from Capricorn on January 17, 2023.

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Effect Of Saturn Transit In Aquarius Over Aries: Lets Party Business Buddy

The Saturn transit in Aquarius will place Shani in the eleventh house of the Aries sign. The Saturn Transit Aquarius may come out to be a good time for business or those who are seeking jobs. There are possibilities that one may get a promotion in the current job or might get the support of your boss or colleagues. Those who are in business have a probability of getting a new order or some big financial gains. During Shani Sade Sati 2023, natives involved in business have a good chance of adding some new projects to the existing ones. Students preparing for competitive exams and other opportunities are advised to add extra efforts to get the desired results.

Effect Of Saturn Transit In Aquarius over Taurus: Its Time To Relocate

The Saturn transit in Aquarius will assign the tenth house of the Taurus sign. This period is expected to introduce new and unexplored areas in the lives of Taurus natives who are involved in business or any jobs. It is advisable to not choose any of the fields that you find risky. There are possibilities of some changes in your workplace, and there may be a change of job or even a transfer. Natives in business are likely to get proposals from abroad or other regions for expansion or some new work during Saturn Transit in the Aquarius period. For students, this phase of Saturn Transit 2023 would require them to put in a lot of hard work and extra effort, especially for those who are going for higher education.

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Effect Of Saturn Transit In Aquarius Over Gemini: Overall A Good Period

Saturn will occupy the ninth house in the Gemini sign when it transits into Aquarius on January 17, 2023. Saturn Transit 2023 seems to be a good period from a career point of view for the Gemini. Those who are in jobs or business could expect to find a new trend this time. If you are searching for a job during this period, there are possibilities to get some good news. Business people might get a chance to explore some new options in foreign goods, but there are possibilities of getting troubled by their employees.

Extensive travelling for business or a job, maybe overseas, seems to be on the cards. Those who are seeking admission to some foreign University or want to join some course abroad, the phase of Saturn transit looks favourable. There are probabilities of getting admission to some international institution. But this would come only with great efforts.

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Effect Of Saturn Transit In Aquarius Over Cancer: Challenges May Haunt You

The Saturn transit 2023 will put Shani dev in the eighth house of Cancer sign.
The Saturn transit in Aquarius for the Cancer natives is expected to be a bit challenging. In some cases, it may be a period filled with troubles, especially career-related. Those who are in service or work will need to increase their efforts to get the desired success. There are possibilities for a few natives to lose their jobs or face some other kind of risk. So, it is advisable to work carefully and cautiously.

There are chances of getting into arguments with seniors or bosses. For those in business, they are advised to invest money with great care. They should start any new venture with proper planning and budget; else, there is a great possibility of facing loss during this Shani Sade Sati 2023. It is advisable to delay or postpone any new projects. During Saturn Transit 2023 natives in the education field need to be focused and work very hard. This may bring them success.

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Effect Of Saturn Transit In Aquarius Over Leo: All Seems Fine!

Saturn transit in Aquarius is important regarding your career. Shani will occupy the seventh house of the Leo sign. During this period, natives might get promotions in their jobs. Those who are searching for a new job may get one as per desire. There may be changes in work pattern or you may get transferred to some new location. For the natives in business, they are likely to get new orders. But those who are in the partnership are advised to be careful else there may be conflicts amongst them. You are advised to refrain from involving in any new partnership deal. Students would have to work harder to prove themselves, especially the ones who are in higher education.

Effect Of Saturn Transit In Aquarius Over Virgo: That Dream Job May Finally Be Yours

The career of the Virgo natives would be quite significant during Saturn transit. With Saturn transit in Aquarius, Saturn will be placed in the sixth house of the Virgo sign. Changes may take place in this period with regard to work. There are bright chances of acquiring a new desirable job. The natives would be under stress with increased work pressure, and one may also remain in tension for some of the other reasons.

There is a possibility that businessmen might have to face the lack of cooperation and support from workers. Even in these times, one may perform better than his competitors. You are advised to remain extra-cautious if you work with foreign delegates or inter-state people. The students are advised to put extra effort to get something. Those who are planning to go abroad for higher education might face problems in securing admissions.

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Effect Of Saturn Transit In Aquarius Over Libra: Time To Move For Green Pastures

The Libra natives will experience the Saturn Transit 2023 through their fifth house.

Shani Sade Sati period for natives in business and jobs is expected to bring good times ahead. There may be changes in work. Your performance is likely to improve, giving you new opportunities or promotions in the same organisation. For those in business, new orders may come in the basket. The time seems good to expand the business. For any kind of new agreement, you are advised to think twice and then only move further. It is advisable to not get tempted about earning through short-cuts. Students are likely to get good results with hard work and a focused mind.

Effect Of Saturn Transit In Aquarius Over Scorpio: Be Alert For The Unpredictable

Saturn transit in Aquarius will keep Saturn in the fourth house of the Scorpio sign. For those in jobs or business Saturn Transit 2023, might turn out to be a little challenging. There are possibilities of transfer. One needs to be alert regarding the job or there are chances of losing it. Those who wish to change their present job or switch over may expect to get some news from another city or a different place. Those involved in any business need to be alert and cautious. They are advised to avoid beginning any new task during Shani sade sati. Those who are in higher education need to put extra effort into getting their goals. Those who are studying abroad are likely to get success with Saturn transit.

Effect Of Saturn Transit In Aquarius Over Sagittarius: Get That Start Up Idea Going!

Saturn will occupy the third house of the Sagittarius sign. Saturn Transit 2023 is expected to be positive for the natives involved in some businesses or jobs. The employed people are likely to get promotions at the current place. Those in search of a new job might also get one. There may be new orders waiting for the natives in business with the hope of business expansion. There are chances of the native going abroad or any other place for a work trip. The phase seems favourable for those who wish to set up a start-up. The Shani Sade Sati effects would be visible on students who are likely to get the desired results. Those who wish to go abroad for further studies might also get some news.

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Effect Of Saturn Transit In Aquarius Over Capricorn: New Opportunities May Knock On The Door

When Saturn transits in Aquarius on January 17, 2023, it will be positioned in the second house of the Capricorn sign. The period looks good for businessmen. They probably could get success in their work. Those who are expecting a promotion, the time looks good for the same. With the Shani Sade Sati effect, one might get a new opportunity or job. There are bright chances of achieving success in some venture that you might be planning. Students are advised to work harder during Saturn transit. It is likely that those who wish to go abroad would have to wait a little longer.

Effect Of Saturn Transit In Aquarius Over Aquarius: Too Much Pressure On The Way

Saturn transit for the Aquarius sign would be quite significant as Shani will occupy its first house and also because this is Saturn’s own house. Shani ki Sadesati is expected to bring challenges for natives in business and jobs. Natives in jobs are likely to feel an increase in work pressure. Lack of cooperation will be seen from the end of colleagues. You are advised to save your current job for the time being. Even if you are willing to leave the job, keep the pace stable. While making a new investment in the business, one needs to be wise and careful.

People in partnership for work may find the Saturn transit in the Aquarius period filled with tensions. For natives in education, they need to be more focused to achieve their targeted goal. You are likely to face problems in selecting your desired line.

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Effect Of Saturn Transit In Aquarius Over Pisces: Time To Find A New Job

Saturn will occupy the second house of Pisces sign when it transits in Aquarius from Capricorn. Saturn Transit 2023 is likely to be a period of despair and disappointments for the natives in jobs or businesses. The time seems to push you to change your current job. You are likely to get transferred to some new location or may switch to another job. One may need to go abroad or outstation for work. It is advisable to refrain from getting into new ventures. The Sade sati effects might make the students work hard. But those who desire to pursue education abroad are likely to get good news.

Summing Up

The shani sade sati effects may fill the life of the natives with numerous challenges. As per the Saturn transit in Aquarius 2023 predictions, when Saturn will enter Aquarius on April 29, 2023, things may turn out to be difficult for natives. They need to be extra careful in their business or job and have more patience and control. The burden can be reduced by constant prayers and keeping calm in adverse situations. Vedic astrology has many remedies to reduce the negative effects of the Saturn transit in Aquarius. One can follow them to get relief.

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