Pros and Cons Of Sun Transit In Leo Sign

Pros and Cons Of Sun Transit In Leo Sign

Sun is known as the celestial father in our astrology. It is the significator of soul, energy and father. Agreed that, from our young days, we knew the Sun as the brightest star, but when it comes to Vedic astrology, it is just a planet. This is because the Vedic astrologers and pandits believe that all planets revolve around the mother Earth. In mid-August, the Sun will move to the Leo sign from Cancer. That’s true, on 17th August, Sun will enter Leo until 17th September, the day when it will move to the Virgo sign.

Here, the Sun itself is the governor of the Leo sign and therefore, it may not have a harmful impact on the significant areas of your life. Besides, the aspirants who are willing to pass the government exams may get assistance from the transiting Sun. The Sun blesses the natives to clear the competitive exams to get the job in the government department. So, how can we get the idea of Sun Transit in Leo meaning for individuals of the different zodiac signs? To get in-depth insights into Sun transit in Leo impact on areas of life, we summoned our best astrologers under one roof. So, below is what they have to say about the upcoming Sun transit in Leo 2021.


Effects Of Sun Transit In Leo On Zodiac Signs

Sun Transit in Leo, astrology states that this would be the favourable time for the individuals who are carrying the Leo sign. Apart from that, those who are born under other signs may also get similar results because of Sun transit in Leo. Below is what astrologers have to suggest about the natives along with the effective remedies of Sun Transit in Leo.

Sun Transit In Leo 2021 Effects On Aries Individuals

The natives with the Aries zodiac sign may need extra effort to complete their ongoing tasks. Also, you would be at your best for escalating your client’s queries. In short, professional workers may have a satisfactory phase until the Sun passes through the Leo sign. Some of you may get higher responsibilities from your seniors or boss. Those who are entering the business field may get assistance from this transit to earn stable growth. Besides, you may improve relations with your father. 

Things To Do: Offer food or grass to the cows and buffalos, especially on Sundays

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Sun Transit In Leo 2021 Effects On Taurus Individuals

Sun’s transit in the Earthy Taurus sign boosts a native’s self-confidence, but at the same time, it makes you stubborn. Taurus natives may spend quality time with their loved ones or family. On the professional front, you would be lazy to take any assigned task. Short trips around the nearby areas are possible for the Taurus-bound natives. In this process, you may lose your grip over the money expenditure. You may even spend more than your income. So, it is advisable for you to take care of your financial status.

Things To Do: After worshipping offer water to Lord Surya

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Sun Transit In Leo 2021 Effects On Gemini Individuals

This transit of the Sun may have something positive for the natives born with the Gemini sign. Gemini individuals may sharpen their speaking skills and may increase their knowledge. Also, they would wisely spend their cash. People who are working in the field of media, marketing or journalism may spend a favourable time in the office. You may stay busy convincing your clients throughout the day. Those who are professors or teachers may find stable growth in their professionalism. Overall, this would be a good phase for you to achieve your life goals.

Things To Do: You should carry a red cloth piece in your wallet or purse

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Sun Transit In Leo 2021 Effects On Cancer Individuals

For Cancer natives, this Sun transit defines the entry of Sun in its friend house. You would be scared to put trust in others. But, somehow you may make new friends around your workplace. You may find it difficult to be in a relationship because of your partner’s wrongdoings. You may like to stay inside your comfort zone. Those pals who are working in the hospital or running the hotel or restaurants may earn desired profit in the coming days. You may enhance your memory power and therefore it would be easy for you to make a decision in haste.

Things To Do: Take jaggery after having your meal, religiously

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Sun Transit In Leo 2021 Effects On Leo Individuals

Leo is ruled by the Sun itself, so it is safe to say that the Sun would be in its own house for Leo natives. This transit may make a kind-hearted person involved in the generous works. You would be ready to move mountains in order to achieve your targets. Entrepreneurs carrying the Leo sign may have a good time exploring their new business. You may not be shy to make bold decisions. You may put your new ideas into action. Leo students preparing for competitive exams may find the desired job in the government sector.

Things To Do: You should apply tika or tilak on your head

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Sun Transit In Leo 2021 Effects On Virgo Individuals

Virgo pals may continue to progress on the path of self-improvement. You would be on your toes to achieve your goals. Natives who are associated with teaching, writing or educational fields may fulfil their wishes in the upcoming phase. Healthwise, you may maintain a healthy diet to increase your fitness levels. You may join yoga classes for inner peace. Professional workers may stay focused on their work for a long time. You can expect support from your colleagues or boss moving further in your task.

Things To Do: You should read Vishnu Sahasranama on daily basis or do Vishnu Puja

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Sun Transit In Leo 2021 Effects On Libra Individuals

Libra-bound natives may indulge in social activities to put their ideas into action. You may develop new contacts by expanding your social network. You may build long term relations with the ones you meet in your life. Those who are working in the corporate world may lose their focus by observing the success of their colleagues at the workplace. In this process, you may live life on the edge. This is not a good placement of the Sun as it gets debilitated in the Libra sign. Therefore, you may get a challenging phase ahead.

Things To Do: Distribute fruits like pomegranate inside the temple.

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Sun Transit In Leo 2021 Effects On Scorpio Individuals

When Sun moves to its own-ruled sign, Leo, it is the Scorpio natives who become the truth-seekers. You would be busy justifying the true colours of others no matter how good you know him or her. Those who are connected with the management department or research field may perform well in their work. Investors, as well as stockbrokers, may enjoy a favourable time earning great profits. However, married couples may hit barricades in regards to their love life. Professional workers may have hidden enemies to deal with in their office. Overall, it is a decent period for you.

Things To Do: Install a rose plant inside your home and take care of it

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Sun Transit In Leo 2021 Effects On Sagittarius Individuals

Sagittarius born natives would be responsible individuals, who are keen to enhance their knowledge and learning skills during Sun transit. There would be a short trip on the cards. In this process, you may fulfil your travel goals. You would be honest and dedicated to completing your projects. But, you must take care of yourself when someone goes against you. Otherwise, you may lose your cool only to fall prey to them. In this period, you may give maximum respect to your father. And this may strengthen your relationship with him.

Things To Do: Start wearing gold in any form

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Sun Transit In Leo 2021 Effects On Capricorn Individuals

Capricorn natives may not be at their best during this phase. This is because the Sun has unfriendly relations with Saturn, which is the ruler of Capricorn. You may not get desired success without doing hard work. You may find it difficult to accomplish the target. However, you may receive appreciation from your colleagues or boss. In married life, you may stay loyal and honest with your partner. You may make long commitments to your life partner. This transit of the Sun in Leo would end up in disappointment for the Capricorn pals unless Saturn shows some mercy. Overall, you may have a challenging time.

Things To Do: You should come out in red-coloured clothes on Sunday

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Sun Transit In Leo 2021 Effects On Aquarius Individuals

Aquarius natives tend to be lazy and unmannered in the coming days. This is because Sun transit in its enemy’s (Saturn) sign may create hurdles for natives born under the Aquarius sign. On the professional front, you would be the leading person to accomplish your project work. Slowly, you may expand your friend circle via social media platforms. But, while making progress, you may become stubborn and seek freedom. In terms of finance, you may achieve your financial goals because of money savings.

Things To Do: Give utmost respect to your father and seek his blessings

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Sun Transit In Leo 2021 Effects On Pisces Individuals

This placement of the Sun in Jupiter’s sign, Pisces may do wonders for the individuals who are associated with Pisces. The fish would enhance their listening and learning skills. You may have better understanding and management abilities. This would be possible all due to the union of two friends, Sun and Jupiter. On the flip side, Pisces business owners may fall short of their target amid the challenging times. You may incline towards spirituality in your life. Overall, it would be a good time to boost your personal skills.

Things To Do: Follow Aditya Hridya Stotra on a daily basis

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So, this is how experts predict about the future prospects of all zodiac sign natives. To survive the tough phase, you should follow the below-stated remedies. By doing so, you can remove the negative impact of the Sun.

Wrapping Up

Folks, this is how Sun presence in the Leo sign may affect your important areas of life, suggests our best astrologers team. In short, it would be a decent time for the individuals. Those who are appearing in government exams may have a strong chance of getting a positive result. Hope you have cleared all your queries with this.