Vastu Tips for Marriage – Vastu Shastra for Marriage

Vastu Tips for Marriage – Vastu Shastra for Marriage

It has always been said that marriage is a bond between two people. A blissful relationship between two individuals can transform one’s life. Therefore, it is very crucial to put all your efforts and consciousness into choosing a life partner. As per Hindu tradition, marriage holds an important stage after childhood and education. As mentioned by Vastu Tips for marriage, this holy relationship is being made in heaven.

This beautiful amalgamation of two individuals plays a vital role in life. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to find a groom or bride. Most of the time planetary issues in horoscopes create marriage problems. It has been observed that Vastu defects in your home are another major reason for delayed marriage.

Vastu Shastra is associated with our life in many ways and marriage is among one the prospects in life. A delay in marriage or an unmatched partner might be the reason behind Vastu dosh.

If your children are unable to find a life partner, then you must opt for the best Vastu tips for marriage as mentioned in Vastu Shastra. It is important to analyze and match the horoscope to get married. It is said that location and changes in planetary movement could be responsible for your marriage delay.

Vastu Tips for Marriage

Vastu Shastra eliminates the bad effects and makes your home a positive place to stay in. A positive and harmonious ambience helps in blooming your love and increases a strong bond between couples. According to Vastu Tips for Marriage, if you execute and follow Vastu Tips strictly, you can lead a better life and help in removing troubles from your life. Below are certain important tips for a healthy and happy married life:

  • Vastu Shastra suggest should be lucidity and simplicity of thoughts among the couples. Transparency is an important tool for a happy married life. Hence, to make your relationship better, you can place blue or purple interiors, wall colours, or furnishing in the North-East corner of the house.
  • The South-East location is perfect for a kitchen. This direction is known for fire elements. Hence, it helps in keeping the woman’s mental and physical condition steady. Use orange colour paint on the kitchen walls.
  • The master bedroom should be constructed in the Southwest corner of the house. The man should sleep in this direction as it is good for mental health and keep the mind calm and stable.
  • According to Vastu Shastra, dark blue and grey are the best options for a kid’s room. You also decorate the guest room in blue or purple colour. You can use these colours in furnishing or painting the walls of the room.
  • One should choose soft shades or pastel tones for lighting your lampshades. Pink and light floral colours are ideal for decorating your room, as recommended by Vastu tips for marriage.
  • The Southern corner is perfect for constructing a master bedroom. So, the bed should be placed in the South zone or southwest corner of the room. According to Vastu Tips for Love Marriage, the bed should not be placed in between these two regions as it might cause clashes among the partners.
  • Vastu for marriage also recommends that sharp edges or corners are not ideal for a couple’s bedroom. The shape of the bedroom should either be right-angled or quadrangular.
  • Avoid sleeping on metal beds as it brings negativity, and you might have sleepless or disturbed nights.
  • Single or queen-sized beds are ideal for the room. But, two adjoining beds or mattresses are not recommended in the bedroom.
  • The Southwest corner is perfect for locating the bedroom. Decorate the wall with pink or peach colours. The light shades are soothing and create a sense of romance and a harmonious look in the room.
  • Avoid placing the mirrors in the master bedroom or opposite the bed. This is because it may create tension among partners and drain out good energy from the room. However, if you have mirrors in the bedroom, keep them covered.
  • Keep the North-East zone of the room clean and tidy. It should not be cluttered with unnecessary things. Keep the journals, magazines, and electronic devices in the proper place.
  • Keep some indoor plants to enhance your relationship with your spouse. White flowers are ideal for placing in the North-East zone. While red and purple roses are best for the South-West zone. Flowers add beauty to a room, and fresh fragrance keeps the ambience calm and soothing.
  • Electronic devices such as computers, television, and laptops should not be kept in the bedroom. These devices generate heat and create bad effects on health. Make a separate space for your workstation. Also, you must cover the electronic devices at night.
  • Do not place a single-piece decoration in your room. Keep pairs of beautiful butterflies, ducks, and frames. Pair represents the essence of love and affection between couples.
  • Decorate the West walls with a couple’s photo frames in the Southwest corner of the house.
  • Keep crystals in your room for peace, calmness, and better understanding with your spouse. Rose quartz is ideal for placing near your side table or around your sitting area.

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Vastu Shastra Guides Singles To Find Life Partner

There is a strong belief that marriages are made in heaven. So, to find the true love of your life, Vastu Shastra for Marriage can lend support to bring two soulmates under one roof. Unmarried or single girls should follow certain Vastu Tips for Quick Marriage. This will help them in finding the best match.

Marriage is an association of two individual souls. A beginning of new life, strong bonding, love, and support helps in blooming the relationship. Late marriage and other marriage-related issues are quite strenuous for the parents of unmarried boys or girls.

According to Vastu Shastra and old scriptures, marriage is a religious tradition and a holy relationship. Both partners should follow and bear the responsibilities to make their relationship healthy and happy.

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Vastu Tips for Single

  • The North-West corner of the house is an ideal location for a room for unmarried girls. Avoid living in the South-West corner room.
  • If the room has an attached toilet, then doors should be kept closed when not in use.
  • Decorate the room with pastel shades as recommended by Vastu Remedies for Marriage. Do not paint the room with dark colours such as black and brown.
  • The singles should avoid sleeping under the beam. Even all family members should avoid sleeping below the beam. It may create excessive pressure and might affect the health of members living in the house.
  • Vastu Shastra recommends that girls should wear red coloured clothes and accessories to attract love in their life partner. It also helps in inspiring the wish to get married soon.
  • Avoid placing mirrors where the bed is visible or imitating the bed from any corner of the room.
  • The South and West walls are ideal for placing mirrors in the room. It has been advised to cover the mirror if you wish to place them in your room.

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Vastu Remedies for Marriage

As suggested by experts, if your marriage is getting delayed, you should keep your footwear outside a room while meeting your partner.

Fridays are considered holy days in Vastu Shastra. So, it may give you positive results if you worship Lord Shiva by offering prayers. You should continue worshipping Lord Shiva for at least 7 Fridays.

Single boys or girls should apply some mehndi during the marriage ceremony. This remedy is considered the best of all Vastu Remedies for Early Marriage and is highly recommended by astrologers as well.