Vastu Shastra for Plot Shapes – Vastu Tips for Plot Selection

Vastu Shastra for Plot Shapes – Vastu Tips for Plot Selection

Evaluation of land was an extensive project in the traditional Vastu Shastra. The land considered was deprived of rocks and drains, fertile soil, and smell. Still, it is important when buying property.

It would help if you considered the shape of the plot first before buying any property. As per Vastu shastra principles, the square shape is the stable, holy, attractive, and perfect form of land. It is because a square plot denotes peace, prosperity, and happiness in life.

The level of the plot plays a very crucial role here. The ground level must be higher in the South and West as compared to the North and East and lowest in the Northeast corner. It helps bring overall happiness and abundance in life.

Thus, Vastu procedures should be followed properly, as it gives positive or negative effects depending on location placements to the native. So, without ado, let’s delve into the key Vastu Shastra for Plot Shapes:

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Vastu Shastra for Plot Shapes

Here are some points that need to be taken into account as far as the location of the Vastu Shastra for Plot Shapes-

  • The plot, which is fertile and can grow fruit-bearing trees, flowering plants and grass, is considered suitable for construction.
  • You should avoid buying a plot that does not contain groundwater.
  • Also, avoid a plot that is nearby a temple, ashram, school, college, hospital, graveyard, or dumpsite as it is inauspicious.
  • It would be better not to buy a piece of land that is small and has big trees like Mango, Banana, Peepal, White Fig, etc.
  • However, if the plot is big, then the building area should be far from the tree, as per Vastu Experts.

Remember, for the direction of the plot; utmost care should be taken as there can be both positive and negative influence, depending on which direction the plot is placed in. For example, the best directions for the plot are ones that face the North or the East. These sides have an optimistic impact on the house.
According to Vastu Experts, avoid using plots that face the West or South directions.

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Effects of Irregular Shape Of The Plots

The shape of the plots plays a vital role in the selection of the plot. However, there are several options available that have a different influence on the natives of the house. So, walk through the effects of different shapes of plots:

  • Always remember that you must select a plot that is square or rectangular in shape. Moreover, rectangular plots should have a ratio of breadth and length, not more than 1:2.
  • The suitable option for the plot shape is Square.
  • Plots that have extended the North or North-East part are of great significance in terms of wealth, prosperity, and peace of mind.
  • Those plots whose West part is extended towards the North-West are favourable for women’s organizations and politicians. If the plot is extended towards the South-West direction, then the natives may suffer from the loss of wealth and mental problems.
  • Those plots having the North part projected towards the North-West have a negative impact on your house. Women suffering, mental complications, loss in business, and over-expenditure are the issues you may have to face.
  • You will experience problems associated with the government if your plots’ Eastern part extends towards the South-East.
  • Plots having Southern part extended towards the South-East or South-West may be adversely influenced the natives. As there are the likes of experiencing heart problems and struggles related to income. It also impacts women of the house with distress and health complications.
  • The Gomukhi Plot is very good for establishing a house, as stated in the Vastu Shastra for Plot Shapes. It is similar to the face of a Cow; the plot is narrow at the front side. But it is quite wide from the back side just like a cow.
  • The Singhmukhi Plot is the one that is wide at the front side compared to its backside. Although it is not suitable for constructing a house, you can use this plot for commercial purposes. However, this plot can be an exception for a residence if it faces the road on the Eastern or the Northern side. It is also referred to as a high-pressure plot.
  • The most favourable ones for both Commercial and Residential purposes plots are those surrounded by roads on all four sides.
  • If mountains or hills cover the plot in the South or West direction, then the plot becomes extremely advantageous.

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Things to Avoid for Vastu Shastra for Plot Shapes

You need to avoid some of the noteworthy points to buy a plot under the Vastu Shastra for Plot Shapes. These are-

  • Please avoid buying a plot that has a water resource in the South or West direction because it is inauspicious. However, you can surely buy a plot with a water resource like a well, borewell, lake, river, etc., in the North or East direction. But it should comply with the Vastu for plot shape.
  • Also, avoid buying a small plot that is between two bigger plots.
  • As per Expert recommendation, it would be better if you avoid buying a plot near a cremation or a burial ground.
  • Irregular plots Vastu suggest that the round, triangular, hexagonal, octagonal, or polygonal should be totally avoided.

So, now you have a clear idea of the different criteria in terms of Vastu Shatra for plots that can affect the house, and in turn, your living in either a positive or negative manner.