Vastu for Children Room – Children Bedroom Vastu – Kids Bedroom Vastu

Vastu for Children Room – Children Bedroom Vastu – Kids Bedroom Vastu

Vastu Tips for Children's Bedroom Introduction

Children’s room is perhaps the most important aspect of any home. It does not only serve one purpose, but several and this is why a child spends more time in it than any other room. Not only is it a place for rest, but also a place for creativity and fun, and therefore, it needs to have a sense of positivity, growth, and peace altogether. In short, a child’s room should have an inspiring environment to achieve personal success and development.

When it comes to designing a child’s bedroom, several factors should be kept in mind to ensure that there is no hurdle between a child and his or her growth. With the help of children bedroom vastu, not only will you be able to understand the process of placement and alignment of furniture, but also the use of colour and other materials that will help in your child’s personal development and induce positive thinking.

Whether you are renovating or starting from scratch to design your child’s bedroom, following the Vastu tips for a kid’s bedroom will help you all the way to attain complete wellness and harmony for your child.

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Kids Bedroom Vastu Tips

1) Direction and placement of furniture

When it comes to Vastu Shastra, direction plays a major role. Every direction has its characteristics and the location of children’s bedroom as per vastu should be in the west direction. The entry door to the bedroom should be facing the east direction and the motion should be clockwise as it attracts positive energies.

For a goodnight and peaceful sleep, the bed should either be facing the south or the east direction. However, the bed should not be kept in the opposite direction of the door. Apart from this, no mirror must be in front of the bed as it brings in negative energies causing sleeplessness and hypertension leading to mental disturbance and lack of concentration. There should be no beam on the ceiling where the bed is placed.

As per Kids Bedroom Vastu, no television should be present in children’s bedroom. However, if there is any need for a TV, then it should be kept in the southeast direction. The computer should be placed in the north direction of the room.

2) Ample of Light

Vastu for Kids Room suggests that there should be an adequate inflow of natural light for health benefits. Getting enough sunlight ensures the calmness of the body, mind, and soul. Apart from this, sunlight brings in positive vibes.

However, if there is a lack of natural sunlight, you need no worry as vastu can overcome this with artificial lights. Avoid using sharp light for ambiance. Sharp light causes distraction and mental strain. However, a focus light should be placed on a study table. Overall, the kids bedroom should be well-lit.

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3) Study Area

Perhaps the most important area of the children’s bedroom. Every parent wants to see their child attain great success in studies and therefore, it is very crucial to see that proper care is taken in this particular field. Vastu for Study Room suggests that the table should be placed as such, that the child is facing the east or north.

Facing this direction helps the child by enhancing memory and concentration. Furthermore, it is also advised that the study table should always be clean and clutter-free. This allows the child to have clarity of mind.

Children’s study room as per vastu also suggests that no bookshelves should be attached to the study table. Having an attached bookshelf can cause your child to be distracted, stressed, or even pressurized by the amount of study that needs to be done.

If you do require a place to keep books then it is advised to have shelves as a separate object altogether. Moreover, it is recommended by Vastu for Children Room study that the chair should be a high back and that the height of the table should be aligned with the navel. This brings in positive vibes while studying.

4) Cleanliness and Clutter-free room

There is an old saying that cleanliness is next to godliness. This is because a cleanroom has a different aura altogether. It reflects positivity, a sense of calmness, and energy. However, it is often seen children’s bedrooms are always messy. It is up-to the parents to ensure that their child’s bedroom is always neat and clean.

Child bedroom as per Vastu rule says that to avoid a negative flow of energy the room should always be clutter-free. Furthermore, you should refrain your child from eating on the bed. This leads to unwanted nightmares.

Any form of unwanted objects whether it is old books, used-up stationery, old non-working pens, broken toys, broken pencils, pencil shavings, or anything that is of no use should be immediately removed. Shoes or sandals should not be kept under the study table. Toys should be kept back in their respective place after use to avoid distraction. In short, to avoid any form of negativity a room should always be neat and clean.

5) Colours

Choosing a colour scheme for a room is an exciting process, especially when it is for a child’s bedroom. According to the Best Color for Children’s Room Vastu have an energy that can play a vital role in our lives and our moods. Children Room Vastu recommends the use of green colour on the walls. The colour green is considered a cool colour giving an aura of freshness and tranquility. It also aids in increasing brain power. Moreover, it is a very soothing colour for the eyes.

Another colour that the Children Room Vastu recommends is blue. This is mostly used in case of hyperactive kids. It provides a sensation of calmness, which is very useful in controlling the temperament of a child. Provocative colours should be avoided at all costs in children’s bedrooms. These colours include orange, purple, and red.

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6) Good Luck Charms

To further decorate the room you can add objects that are considered to be lucky and auspicious. According to the Kids Room Vastu placing a statue of goddess Saraswati enhances concentration. The statue should be kept on a stand while a candle or diya should be lit near her feet. You can also place a Ganesh idol or picture frame in the children’s study room. Lord Ganesh is known for knowledge and wisdom.

Keeping or decorating the walls with achievements such as trophies and certificates will give the child a sense of inspiration. Indoor plants are also a good source of growth and rejuvenation. It is also said that keeping images or toys of wild animals brings about an aggressive behavior pattern in a child and hence, avoiding them is the best option.

7) Wood over Metal

When buying or making custom furniture, one should keep in mind that it should be made of wood and not metal. Kids Bedroom Vastu rules that furniture made of metal can bring about negative impact in the ambience.

Remember, always keep a certain amount of gap between furniture when placing them in the room. This allows positive energy to flow without any hindrances. Do not place any heavy objects in kids’ study rooms as these objects block the flow of positive vibes in the room.

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8) Avoid too much Electronic Equipment

Although electronic items cannot be avoided in a child’s bedroom. However, it is recommended not to use too many of them. The reason for this as per Vastu for Children’s Bedroom is that they emit certain radiation that can affect concentration and bring about harmful effects.

These are a few simple tips that you can use while designing or renovating your children’s bedroom. According to children’s Room Vastu there should always be a flow of positive energy that helps bring about a sense of development, wellness and closure between a child, its parents and day-to-day life.

Using the art of ancient knowledge of Vastu Shastra, you can provide a nurturing environment in your child’s personal space and rest assured that his or her wellness is properly taken care of. If you still have confusion in mind, please visit our website and book an appointment in advance for a customized solution.

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