Vastu for Hospital & Clinic – Hospital Vastu Tips, Things to Follow, Architecture, Design, etc.

Vastu for Hospital & Clinic – Hospital Vastu Tips, Things to Follow, Architecture, Design, etc.

Vastu Shastra is known as the science of architecture, designing, layout, and structural infrastructure. There is still a delusion among people that the tips of Vastu Shastra can be applied only at homes and offices. Hence, hospitals and clinics are constructed without consulting any astrologer or Vastu consultant.

Though, Vastu is a vital part of designing and planning hospital buildings. Vastu Shatra generates positive vibes and improves the resistance power of the patient. Thus, help in the speedy recovery of patients. According to Vastu for hospital, the environment of the hospital should attract positive energy and make the patient feel cheerful and peaceful.

But it doesn’t happen. Most of the patients admitted to the hospital feel sad because the hospital building structure is being built without considering direction, location, the typography of plot, exterior and interior of the hospital building. Hospitals are such places that need healing vibes, positive energy and cheerful environments.
Hospitals should be Vastu-friendly so that the healing process works fast. Due to increasing awareness among people and as per requirement, nowadays, Vastu Shastra has been widely used while planning and designing the hospital. Hospitals and clinics should be constructed in such a way that patients should feel positive energy and happiness.

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Why is Vastu Shastra required for Hospitals and Clinics?

Choosing the wrong directions, location, and typography for office building and clinic might create problems and obliteration. Can you choose such a location and afford to construct the hospital and clinic where diseases cannot be controlled? To avoid such situations, Vastu Shatra for hospital provides best solutions. The amalgamation of medical science and Vastu Shastra helps in the speedy recovery and heals the mind and body without any complication.

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Vastu for Hospital

A good Vastu for the hospital will always welcome the visitors and patients through its invisible energy, which is helpful in balancing the environment with peace and good vibes. Hospital is a place where people who are unwell come with negative vibes. To lessen the impact of negative energies in the environment, Vastu for hospital building is beneficial as it helps in maintaining and bringing positive energy to the patient and the staff as well. Here are few tips that one should strictly follow while constructing the hospital building.

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Vastu for Hospital: Things to Follow

  • There are various rooms in hospitals that are divided as per the specialization. Surgeries, lethal treatments, and other major operations are done in the operation theatre. The location of the operation theatre should be on the West part of the hospital. Alternatively, operation theatre can also be constructed in the South-West direction. The South-East location is perfect for keeping machines and equipment; while entering the operation theatre, the head of the patient should be on the Southside.
  • A consultation room is a place where doctors meet their patients, discuss their problems, and treat them accordingly. According to Vastu Shastra, the doctor’s sitting area should be “L” shaped. The doctor’s sitting area should be in the South, West, or South-West corner only. Though, the East and North-East directions are the most preferred location for diagnosis.
  • According to Vastu for hospital building, the property should be well maintained, sanitized, and aerated so that people should not feel uneasy and suffocated. Rooms should be airy, and the entrance should be in the North-East direction.
  • Hospital has a storeroom for keeping medicinal stock, medical equipment, and unused stock. South, West or South-West directions are an ideal location for building a storeroom.
  • The emergency room should be built in the South-West direction.
  • Hospital buildings should face the East direction.
  • In the recovery room, the beam should be veiled with a false ceiling. East and Southern walls are perfect for placing the beds.
  • The western zone is ideal for building toilets.
  • The labour room should be in the South-West zone of the hospital.

In addition to the above, following tips should also be followed as per Vastu Shastra.

  • Drinking water coolers should be placed in the North-East corner.
  • The Bathroom should be constructed in the Eastern or Northern zone of the floor.
  • Medical books, thesis, and journals should be kept in racks and shelves in the South or West direction.
  • The South-East location is the most suitable zone for placing X-ray and MRI scan purposes.
  • The changing room and toilets should be in the South or West direction.
  • Quarters and restrooms for staff should be built in the South-East and North-West zones.

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Best Vastu Tips for Hospital Reception Area

According to Vastu for hospital reception, if the entrance of a hospital building is in the Northern or North-East, the reception counter should be in the North-East zone of the hospital building. If the reception floor has low flooring, then it will be beneficial for the hospital management. Many visitors and patients visit hospitals and enquire about hospital services, doctors, and best surgeons.

The receptionist sitting area should face towards the East or North location as this direction is preferable to have surveillance cameras. Also, the receptionist can keep an eye on activities and visitors as well.

Things to Analyse While Planning the Layout and Architecture

Vastu compliant hospital is built with necessary strategies and norms, location, the typography of plot, directions of rooms, exterior and interior of a hospital building. There are certain factors that should be verified as per Vastu for hospital norms are as follows.

  1. Location of Hospital building
  2. Exteriors and Interiors of hospital
  3. The direction of Operation Theatres.
  4. Emergency Ward and recovery room.
  5. Placement of patients
  6. The ambience and atmosphere of the hospital are very important for the well-being of the patients.
  7. The exteriors of the office are also vital, which includes shapes, slope and water level
  8. The direction & placement of the labour/maternity room.
  9. The colour scheme of the room
  10. The direction & placement of the medical machines.

Hospitals are such places that do exist but cannot be avoided. If you are facing any problems related to mental and physical health, then you must consult your doctor immediately. Are you planning to construct a hospital building as per Vastu for hospital guidelines? We are here to help you. Talk to our Experts. They will guide you with each detail on Vastu for Hospital.

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